Friday, 30 March 2012

Broken wrist?

I hurt my wrist playing rugby a couple of months back and it's still not much better.  It's generally fine in most everyday use but certain things cause a fair amount of pain.  April's fed up with me complaining about it so I went to the doctor last Friday to get it checked out.

He couldn't see anything immediately wrong with it but told me to get it x-rayed just in case.  I had my x-rays on Wednesday morning but they were inconclusive so were getting referred to a doctor.

The hospital I went to was amazing though, brand spanking new, Pembury.  I turned up at 8:30 and was out of there by 9:05, just missed out on free parking.

One thing that did annoy me though was the route from the car park to the hospital.  I had to go through a winding path all the way down turning at least 5 times till I got to the bottom.  I think it's fair enough to improve access of the disabled but to make everyone else walk 5 times that distance is ridiculous.  What about a set of stairs?

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