Monday, 14 May 2012

Fingers crossed

I dropped our car off to get serviced yesterday afternoon and am picking it up this evening, hopefully it won't cost as much as last year (£800). It's due for it's 7 year 75,000 mile service, our car's only just done 33,000 so there can't be too much wrong with it.

Whilst waiting to get picked up from the garage by a friend I had a look round the forecourt. I was nicely surprised that our car’s value has held up very well with time.

Another 2006 MX-5 (although a better colour) was for sale for £8,300 we bought ours for £9,600 3 and a half years ago. Ours does have a couple of prangs and scratched leather seat but the low mileage must help keep it’s value up.

Anyway let’s hope we don’t have to fork out a fortune this time round and with any luck they’ll fill up the windscreen washer water. It ran out last month and I couldn’t be bothered filling it up again as I knew that it was due a service.

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