Thursday, 16 August 2012

Well that was interesting...

Just had a Turkish haircut. I booked my normal place for a haircut in the city and turned up 5 mins late after getting held up slightly at work. They'd already filled my slot which I felt was a bit cheeky. Anyway, not to worry I walk past another everyday on my commute so decided to give that a try.

It was quite an experience, the full works. Hair washed, hot towels on the face, rock on the radio which the proceeded to turn up when a decent track came on,  weird massage on my arms and to top it all off he dipped the end of a stick in paraffin, set light to it then proceeded to dab it on my ears! Ouch! I presume to get rid of ear hair... But could be wrong.

All in all very good and only slightly more expensive than my usual.  All this excitement nearly made me forget that they also gave me a bottle of beer whilst I was waiting / having the cut.


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