Wednesday, 18 October 2017

It works

This carry thing is great, only had to do 20 laps or so of the house before she fell asleep. I may stay sane afterall.

No sleep

But at least I can catch up on the Pro Kabaddi.

Very kind

The nice guys at the Tonbridge Fire Station gave us a nice bottle of Chapel Down fizz. Poppet's there too photo bombing.

How many vets does it take to weigh a great dane?

 Too many.

I took Biscuit to the vets yesterday for a trim (she's not really looking after her self any more), whilst waiting this monster turned up.  Bloody hell.  Huge.  Surprisingly only 55kg. 

The Walking Dad

Yes, i'm going to be one of those dads.  The new season of walking dead starts soon, i'm pretty sure i'll be able to pass as a zombie if my lack of sleep continues.  

Step count

I've been doing a fair few walks recently, she seems to go to sleep for most of the journey.  I even saw a cat.

Family visits

We had my mum down on Thursday, my brother Steve came down with his wife and kids on Saturday.  Here's a video of me on the model train.

My Dad's down for a visit on Friday.

Random tired pictures of me and the baby

Urgh, pretty sure I didn't sign up to this..

Actually, I probably did.  I seem to have drawn one of the many short straws and do the coveted  12am to 3am slot.  I don't think there are any long straws.

Other than being tiring this actually looks quite pleasant.  Ask me again when she's been crying for the past 5 minutes.

First night at home

I think i'm out numbered.  4 girls vs 1 boy.  The cats are still trying work out what's going on.  Popped is especially nervous. Wait until she's a toddler. 

We have a lot of generous friends, amongst other things one set of them gave us their baby car seat (their daughter has out grown it).  Anyway, my friend helped me fit it in the dark a couple of weeks ago, when I went to the car park to get it before taking the baby home it took me 10 minutes to work out how to release it from the base.  I had to google / youtube it.  Doh!

Anyway, they eventually let us out.  Scary.  We're now in charge of a little human being.  Very scary indeed.

Obligatory cat pics

As promised, here's some photos of the cats.  I popped back home on Wednesday afternoon for a shower and to pick up some supplies (we didn't know were going to be let home that evening at this stage).  

The cats were fine, very vocal but fine.  Little did they know what was about to arrive later that day.

Well that's a life changer

Apologies in advance, the next few posts will be mostly baby related.  I reserve the right to still post about the cats, just a little less than normal.

Well, that was fun... My little baby daughter was born on Monday last week, here's a photo of her when she was about 3 hours old.  Plenty more to come.  

Everything went well and we were home by Wednesday evening, we've been home for nearly a week now but are still someway off getting into any form of normality.  We've been out for a walk or two and popped into town for a coffee or meal everyday and so far so good she's been good as gold.

Sleep's been hard to come by as she doesn't really like sleeping at 2 in the morning and when it's my shift and i've ran out of expressed milk i'm almost redundant.  This morning I put her in the car seat and drove around Kent for an hour or so.  She seems to like it and fell to sleep almost immediately.  Unfortunately she piped up as soon as I got her home so then took her out for a long walk.  This was good until half an hour in where she started to cry again.  Urgh.  Time to wake up mummy for a feed.

Friday, 6 October 2017


Here's some of the joint lists we've made using Google Keep.  I think it's a pretty useful tool, especially with a partner or group.  It's obviously also open to abuse, who would have thought that Spladney was still in the running for our first child's name???

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Blade Runner night

April was in London yesterday with Tricia, they went up the Shard for sunset.  I had a similar view but this one is from the opening scene in Blade Runner.  So far the reviews for the new one are very positive so quite excited.

3 days left

Only 3 working days left, not that you could tell with all my insane squiggles.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Most pain ever

I had a physio appointment this morning as I hurt my hand playing rugby about 2 weeks ago.  I played on after the injury (of course) and ended up playing the next week too as they were very desperate. 

Anyway I spoke to my private health provider last week and they slotted me into a local (to work) place this morning.  I was greeted by a small Indian lady and did not expect the amount of pain I was about to experience.  Ow!

Thankfully she doesn't think that my hand is broken (April is especially happy with this as I may need to change a nappy or two soon), she thinks it's more likely to be a muscle injury.

Half an hour in she asked me if I was okay?  I said I was fine but felt sick and was sweating profusely.  I think it was probably the most pain i've experienced in such a short period of time.

How does my hand feel now?  The same.

I'm due back in two weeks.  Wish me luck that it sorts itself out before then so I can cancel the appointment.

Friday, 29 September 2017

Well, that's a turn up for the books

Our HR department has just released revised paternity leave benefits.  What was going to be 1 week paid / 1 week statutory is now 2 weeks full pay.

It won't be much of a holiday but at least I will be getting paid in full for the privilege

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Starting the musical education early

We went for a meal in the West End courtesy of April's Dad, it was fairly close to the Crobar so decided to have a quick drink there first.  It was the bump's first trip.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Forcing positive semidefinite

I've been working on one of our correlation matrices this past week or so and it made me think back to this workbook I created 2013.  I think I was as bored then as I am now.

Biscuit's attempt at working from home

It's a hard life being a cat.

Not long

Only 2 work days left for April, 13 at the most for me.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Less than 3 weeks to go

Only 3 weeks till our due date.  Yikes!  That's gone quickly.  We're now pretty much set for it.  We've even got the car seat installed which was kindly donated to us by our friends.  Thank you!  That's a few hundred quid that we don't have to fork out on just yet.

Photos to send

Some photos to send to April's Dad

Tonbridge Comic-con

The guys came down on Sunday morning for a few board games and also to pop into Tonbridge comic con.  It was pretty funny.

With this level of acting ability I can see the Walking Dead's talent scout snapping me right up for the next season.

I think it suits me.

Maybe not

Friar tuck

Working from home

I had to work from home today as the trains were buggered with late running engineering works.  I don't think they were back up and running till sometime in the afternoon so just stayed at home.  Pretty boring really, but got a bit of work done.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Tuesday bomb scare at work

Bomb squad was called to Leadenhall Market on Tuesday lunchtime, we we told to stay in the Lloyd's building and away from the glass windows for an hour or so.  False alarm though.  Someone had left an unattended bag in a local Reise.

Monday, 18 September 2017


I had my first game of the season on Saturday and Sunday was a bit of an effort.  Other than still a little stiff today i'm now mostly fine.  I was supposed to be playing for the 4th team but ended up playing a full match for the 3rds in the division above from last season.  Urgh!  Hopefully there won't be too many of these as I was really blowing out of my arse.

I put some decent tackles in which was good including a quite spectacular double tackle.  I tackled one lad before he offloaded to his winger.  My skill / momentum took me bundling into him too and smashed him into touch.  Textbook.

T minus 4 weeks and counting

Only 4 weeks left before the baby arrives.  Each week it starts to feel more real.  Imagine when it actually happens.  Yikes.

19 work days left for me too.  April only has 5!  Very jealous.


Attacked by both cats on Friday night when I got in from work.

A nice surprise

I went to see The Bugle (podcast) get recorded yesterday somewhere not to far from Kings Cross. We ended up getting the same tube back as Andy Zaltzman, we were with a friend who knew him so we had a chat. Nice guy.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017


Gave blood for the 46th time this morning and hit the mother load.  A mint club.  If all goes to plan I will hit donation 50 in around 1 years time.

I'm expecting fan fares.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017


  Biscuit's been off her cat food recently so we've splashed out on chicken breasts.  She likes this much better.  She also prefers to spread it all over the floor first too.  Dickhead!


One of our neighbour's sons through eggs at our conservatory over on Saturday.  Little shit.  He was apparently annoyed that he wasn't invited to a party and then a sleep over at his own house (his twin brother was).  

The conservatory did need a clean though so wasn't too annoying.

Most middle class festival ever

 We went to the Blackheath food and music festival on Saturday.  It was very middle class.  Not quite Reading or Sonisphere but it was still great fun.

The event was put on by John Lewis.  I don't need to say much else.

Not sure what they're attempting to build in the space next to my building


But it appears to involve a lot of polystyrene.  Is that safe?

It's a trap!

Popped over to my brother Steve's house a couple of weekends to celebrate him turning 40 (a week early).  My nephew Sam had laid a trap for me.

I got him back later though by accidentally shooting him in the eye with a nerf gun.  Woops.  He was okay in the end though.  Luckily.