Friday, 18 May 2018

Great views

Although colder than expected the views were great at Cindy's.  The beer was pricey though.

I'd like the 1983 Bordeaux please

April had the half day off yesterday so we met her at a restaurant near her work.  She really enjoyed looking at the menu.

Why so expensive

I tried to get a data only sim for my new tablet but it looks like it's a lot more expensive that is worth it.

I was hoping to get something at $5-10 / month for 2gb or so but the cheapest I could get in the shops was around $40!  Why so expensive?  My fixed term mobile contract works out at around $24 a month and that has calls / texts and 5gb a month.  Ridiculous.

I think i'll just use my phone as a mobile hotspot instead.  The annoying this is that there is a constant notification that there is no sim in the bay.  It's not the end of the world I guess.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

New tablet

After finally breaking my last tablet a 6 months+ ago (water damage, cracked screen), and having a very nice laptop I thought I didn't really need to replace my tablet. However, in reality I don't dare use the laptop in the bath or just throw it in a bag and carry it around with me. It's still fairly heavy and far too expensive to abuse.

I've been looking at replacing it with a new one but couldn't justify spending a lot of money on a decent one so have just put up with not having it. I finally cracked last week when I saw the same one I had for sale on e-bay for $130 delivered.

I'm using it now to post this and am very happy with it. This one also has the capability to add a sim card for roaming data.

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Something's looking a little off with my weather app

Let's hope so, as Lesley and Stuart will have to bring quite a range of cloths otherwise.

Florence gets a remote too

New toy for Florence

She's fascinated by our TV remote so we got her one of her own.  We need to find a mobile phone too.

2nd night out in Chicago

We went to Q Chicago on Friday night

Aparently the head chef used to be Oprah's personal chef a few years back.  Decent barbecue food but far too much food!

A bit blury
Before the carnage
Irish bar afterwards, Kris seems to be having fun, maybe it was his round.

After that we went back home to relieve the baby sitter.  Myself and Kris popped into another Irish bar for an extra few.  I really wish I didn't.

I didn't leave the house the next day.  Must be something I ate, urgh.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

So cute

I must have had random strangers stop me in the street 100 times over the past few weeks.  They all feel the need to stop me and tell me how cute Florence is.  Of course I know this already, but it's always nice to get it reaffirmed.

The hat lasts about 5 minutes before she's had enough and it comes straight off.

Too much for some

Baby play time

Florence meeting her baby chums after a two week break

The Thomas Hughes Children's library puts on free classes each week, this is her second time. She really enjoys it.

I was the only guy there until another dad turned up late.

Breakfast of kings

They do do breakfasts well here.  And when I say well I mean a shit load of food.  Half as much would have been plenty.

Here's the menu of Yolk, a place in the building next to our apartment.  This is only side one.

Nutella crepes for me, red velvet french toast for April

Florence like it too.

Saturday, 5 May 2018

Should I drink it?

April thinks it's radiator fluid or antifreeze, I think it's more sinister.

I tweeted this to Marvel yesterday but so far no reply

@Marvel Can you confirm that if I were to drink this I'd turn into a mutant with supernatural abilities? #Chicago

I'm taking their silence as them not wanting spread the mutagenic properties of the green goop too far. If everybody was superhuman then they would no longer be super and their franchise would suffer.

Little and large

Florence has some way to go to match my stinky feet

Cinco de Mayo today

So our apartment block put on a Cinco de Mayo party (last night).

 food and booze and got to meet a couple of the other residents.  It's interesting to see the full mix of people we have in the block. 

Friday, 4 May 2018

May the Fourth be with you

Star Wars day on TBS.  All the films back to back.  I should have gotten up earlier, I missed the first two.

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Hottest day so far

Today was Chicago's hottest day of the year.  A whopping 29 degrees C.

Florence had the right idea, legs and arms out with a sun hat on top.

Another new record

Florence went 10h 48 between feeds last night and only one squeek / nappy change during the night.

Good girl Florence.

Monday, 30 April 2018

A street cat named

I forgot what he said but i've seen him twice now.

I've also met the street cat named Bob in London too.  He's the one that they made the film about a couple of years ago.

4 sock drops

Florence was bored in her pram today so decided to pull her socks of not once, not twice, not even thrice.  She did it 4 times.  I spotted it twice and thankfully kind passers by picket it up the other times.  Silly girl.  I guess it was quite warm today.

Thankfully just stunned

One of the draw backs of all of the huge glass skyscrapers (we think) is that there are also a lot of birds that fly into them and either die or like this little fella luckily just stunned.  Being in the middle of the city means at least there won't be any cats nearby to snap him up.

What a beautiful skyline

I was kicked out of the apartment this morning at 9 by the cleaners, here are some photos of the view.  Another beautiful cloudless sky, this time without the cold wind.  Around 20 degrees today.  About perfect.

These photos are from Milton Lee Olive Park

New record

Florence managed her best sleep yet, she managed over 10 hours between feeds!

Thank you Florence!  I'm the designated night  feeder during the week so April can go into work as refreshed as possible.  4 more of those and you'll get extra belly raspberries from me!

First barbecue of the year

Still a little chilly in the shade so we didn't stay out too long but it was nice.

Barbecue next week Kris?

Sunday, 29 April 2018

4 weeks done, 16 or so left

I've been in Chicago for 4 weeks now, let's call it a month and it's been fun.


Very variable, it's been feel like -16 a few weeks ago, this week it's supposed to be 27.  43 degree swing in less than a month.  Crazy.


Very friendly, overly so?  Strangers do talk to you more in Chicago (USA), two times that accentuate this were once today and once a couple of weeks ago. 

A couple of weeks ago whilst I was walking past a large group of very young school kids getting led to a park with their carers a random chap slapped me on the back and asked me if they were all mine.  Very amusing but to touch a random stranger I found very weird, it wasn't a small tap, it was a proper nudge.  All fine but living and working in London for the past 15 years I found very strange.

Secondly, April has recently knitted Flo a little bonnet.  We went to grab some breakfast this morning and were stopped by pretty much every person we walked past to say how cute our baby was.  One highlight was somebody winding (electrically) down their window as they were stopped at lights to say the same.  Yesterday was just as bad when people saw Flo wearing a cubs top and baseball cap.

I find it strange but I also think it's nice

Service is great in USA, it really is. Is 20% too much to pay for that?  Not sure, I still need to know what you have to tip for and what not to.  It's tough when back in the UK when generally you don't have to tip other than in a restaurant or cab.


We've got friends visiting next week (Kris and Kirsty), the Penney's the week after which will be nice.  I've said before that i've not really had any conversations with anyone for quite a while (a month other than April), i've been e-mailing and whatsapping more than I have in the past but i'm no longer on Facebook so that may be me  taking up some of the slack.

Blogger has had a boost too.


Ben's been running a remote dungeons and dragons campaign for us since i've been away which has been fun.  It's a little bit of a challenge juggling Florence whilst rolling dice as she wants to join in but I appreciate the effort.  It's worked well so far, I hope we can keep it going as the few hours I get to play with my friends really helps keep me sane.

For those interested...  I am currently a level 2 high elf monk...


Who knows...


April managed to get us 2 free tickets through work to see the Cubs play the Brewers on Saturday

I've never watched baseball before but it's a fairly simple game, at least for the layman (which I certainly am)

We had very nearly the best seats in the house, certainly better then the guys you can see at the back, stands have been build on top of apartment blocks outside the stadium.  It was probably around 5 degrees C yesterday and that didn't include the chill factor on a fairly windy day.  Brrrrrr 

The mascot was called Clark, probably not named after me, more likely that the Wrigley Field is on Clark Street, but you never know.

6 innings in it was 1-0 to the Cubs, zzz.  

I think it finished 5 nil.  Joking aside it was good fun.  A little weird sharing the box with 16 friends of a very senior chap at April's work but hey, there was free beer and hotdogs.

I'm due to go and see the White Socks (another Chicago team) in a couple of weeks and back to see the Cubs in August.  You never know, I may get into it.

Saturday, 28 April 2018

Crawl training

Not sure if I should be doing this as she will be a massive pain when she's mobile.

Free tickets

April's managed to get us free tickets in a suite for the Cubs game against the Brewers today.  Unlimited booze might make up for having to watch the US version of cricket.

Friday, 27 April 2018

All the toys

Florence choosing which toys to play with.

And which one did she choose?  The crinkly cracker wrapper. 

First night out in nearly a month!

We've found a baby sitter which means we can now do things together in the evening!  We went to a local bar then onto a fun Japanese restaurant.


Another trip to the zoo

Apparently a goat???

Pretzel time


Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Ribs and wine night


Wine was actually very good.
Ribs were good but far too much.