Saturday, 21 April 2018

Self service

I don't even have to hold it now. Brilliant.

Can't wait till she can wipe her own arse.

Friday, 20 April 2018

Face for scale

I've bought some ribs for dinner tonight.

I've used my considerably sized body for scale.  A bit pricier than i'd like especially as i've also had to buy a disposable oven tray to cook the monster in.

You guessed it

I couldn't resist.

I'll let you know what it tastes like tomorrow.

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Should I buy some?

I like Metal, I like red wine.

I haven't yet been tempted to buy Death Metal Red yet

3rd week nearly done

We've nearly completed our third week in Chicago and it's still fun and exciting.  I've not done a tremendous amount during the week other than go for lots of walks.  The weather's very changeable, one day sunny, the next snow.  It's apparently unseasonably cold at the moment so fingers crossed it will begin to warm up consistently soon.

One thing that i've noticed is that other than April, a brief chat with her boss and a short conversation with a family whilst watching Liverpool vs Man City in a pub  i've not had a proper face to face conversation with anyone else since we left.  Chat's with Florence don't count.

Fire alarm transport

There was a fire alarm at a local nursery so they wheeled out the younger ones in wheeled cots.

I walked past another group of babies later along my walk that were in 6 seater prams.

Tuesday's dinner

We popped into the Irish bar under our building on Tuesday night for teas.  And very nice it was too.

Florence was getting a little restless though so couldn't stay long, it's surprisingly hard to eat with a wriggly baby all over the place.

Session 2

The remote gaming thing seems to be working

A bit of controversy with my new dice, I rolled at least 5 natural 20s.  It's been suggested that rather than have the camera on me and Florence, that I position it on my dice rolls. 

Here they are in all their glory.

Only $7.99 from Dave's Dice

Monday, 16 April 2018


Yesterday was a bit wet and windy so we went for a bit of a walk around a couple of the department stores.  Here's a couple of photos from the ground floor in Macy's.

Another snow day!

Woke up this morning to this

And then got kicked out of the house at 9:30 as the cleaners were round.  I tried to go for a long walk along the waterfront but it looks like it might have been a little dangerous.

I went to the beach anyway.  Slightly different from my last beach shot when it was 20 degrees last Thursday.

I went to the pier instead this is a nice little park on the way.

Lost in translation

I don't think the term Minging crossed the Atlantic  A Chinese restaurant, 2 blocks from our apartment.

First time out

Saturday was the second time i've had some me time since moving to Chicago.  The first time outside on my own.  What did I do?  Went to a bar to watch the Liverpool game.

I originally tried to go to a new place but it was absolutely heaving at 11:30 in the morning.  So ended up just going back to the place I watched the other game.  I like it there but will try somewhere else next time.

Saturday, 14 April 2018

A request for humanitarian aid

We've just used our last tea bag

Can those that are coming to visit bring some over with them???

Thursday, 12 April 2018

I've still got it...

I finally got asked for ID today whilst buying some wine.

Florence got bored

Playing D&D remotely with the dweebs

I left my dice at home so have ordered some for next week.  The 6 ho.ur time difference actually works out fine.  1pm kick off for me means the guys have plenty of time to get home after work

Monday snow

Thursday sun and shorts.  It's back to negative degrees next week.  Weird weather in Chicago.

Obligatory shorts and sandals shot

Lake Michigan

Sears tower

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Well, the first week has been and gone

And we all seem to still be alive and well.

It's tough work looking after a baby full time but think i'll just about cope, after all it's only 5 months.

I've done a lot of walking during the day and have managed to catch up on a lot of podcasts.  Florence generally sleeps whilst in her pram but when she's not she's quite happy to have a look around Chicago's streets.

There's a point at around 4 or 5 where she starts to get a bit restless during play but have managed to calm her down by shoving a bottle in her face or feeding her some food.

Sleeping wise she's still a bit hit and miss but more hit these days.  Saturday night she did nearly 9 hours without a feed although this was broken up by a very heavy nappy change.

Overall i've really enjoyed my first week with Florence but it's also a great feeling when I know April's on her way home and I can hand her over for a little bit of rest.

Monday, 9 April 2018

3rd time lucky

The mat in our living room constantly shed it's threads so we were constantly having to sweep them up.  We got in touch with our service company and they arranged to replace it.

The poor chap came twice this morning, each time after he unfurled them we could see large black stains.  The third one he brought round was fine.  Let's see how long before Florence stains it.

Trying out the hot tub and pool

Saturday morning we tried out the hot tub and indoor pool.  It Brrr...

What are they thinking?

Saturday's lunch included cheese stuffed jalapenos wrapped in bacon.  Very nice but one of the dips was basically strawberry jam!  What were they thinking?

A very nice beer home made Australian Pale Ale though.

Sunday lunch turned into an extravagant afrair

After our walk on Sunday April was getting a little bit antsy ( you were honey) so we eventually picked this place

It was a fairly posh all you can eat Brazilian brunch.  And very nice it was too.
You could go up as many times to the salad and cured meat counters (starter, small plate), but then you're given a big plate (Alan Partridge style) where waiters come round with various cuts of mean on skewers where then carve bits off for you.  The also do below which although was very nice shouldn't exist.

Buffalo wing chicken on a waffle with syrup(???)

It ended up costing a lot more than we initially wanted to spend buy hey ho, it's only money.

Weather comparison

Other than cold, you can't really compare yesterday's weather to today's.

That's Sears Tower (now Willis Tower) in the background. 

 April in the foreground

Subway shot

The tube trains  go outside too.
This one line is up 30ft in the air.

No such luck

I got kicked out by the cleaners at 9:45.  And it snowed for the next 2 hours.

Not far from home

It's quite slippery in the snow

It's filling up

Quite a few of the big building have these signs outside them.  I wonder how often people get hit.

It's proper snowing again

It's quite cool being up on the 12 floor watching it snow.  Unfortunately it's cleaner day so i'm going to get kicked out of the apartment at any minute.  It can happen at any time between 9 and 5, let's hope it's when i'm out getting something for lunch.

Friday, 6 April 2018

Long walk today

I even found one of Chicago's beaches

A bit cold for a spot of sunbathing. 

There are quite a few beaches on the edge of the lake in Chicago

Navy Pier at the end of our street

One for Steve, remember Margaritaville in Vegas?

Skyline view from the East

Looking after Florence isn't just about keeping her entertained

I need entertaining too!

April thinks I can get £250 from You've Been Framed from this.  Worth a shot?

Thursday, 5 April 2018

Another thing ticked off the list

We've got ourselves a garbage (rubbish) chute.

We've also got a garbage disposal unit in the sink.  I'll take a photo of that once I get some rubbish big enough to dispose of down it.

Chinese takeaway

We had our first takeaway on Tuesday night, and the delivery driver came right up to our door.  Brilliant.  It was pretty expensive but they gave us loads of food which we'll be eating the rest of tonight so not too bad really.

The rice came in those boxes you see in US films, pretty cool.  That's another thing ticked off the to do list.

A new career?

I haven't had a lot of time to think about what I want to do for a living when I get back but I can safely say that this is not one of them.

We're 12 stories up.  The apartment building has 46 floors.  He's attached to two ropes and only carrying a bucket and a squeegee.   The building's only 10 years old or so, at least give the poor bloke an electric cage to go up and down in.

Incidentally it was feels like -9 this morning, and that would have been on the ground floor.  15 mph winds too!

Mmm... Cheese Dogs(?)

I don't think anyone has ever said that.  Don't worry I didn't buy them, I bought standard ones (for the extra lips and arseholes)

New decent super store find, it's on our street but a few blocks West.

Yum, yum!

That's more like it.  I'd better eat them before April gets home.  She's not a fan.  In other slightly hot dog related news.  April's managed to blag us free complimentary tickets to the baseball at Wrigley Park.  Now I need to work out what this fixture list means so that we can choose a game.

I bought this today too, not because I wanted some chocolate, because I like the Goonies.  It wasn't very nice.