Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Crime scene

I really shouldn't let Florence eat raspberries unsupervised.

Girl and the Goat

No, this doesn't make me the goat.  We went to Girl and the Goat last night (baby sitter Jess to the rescue).  It's one of Chicago's best restaurants.  And was very good. 


We had roasted beets, roasted halibut, grilled chicken, fired lamb ribs, green garlic pierogies (I don't know so don't ask me) and goat belly with lobster.  Oh and we also had some cheese and pavlova.  Urgh.

It certainly wasn't cheap but I think it was probably good value.

Monday, 18 June 2018

Things I want to do whilst in Chicago

  • Eat a deep dish pizza. Tick!
  • Go to the baseball.  Tick!
  • Buy a hot dog from a street vendor
  • Fire a gun
  • Buy a news paper from one of those machines
  • Be involved in a high speed car chase through a narrow alleyway

I've found the alleyway... 

Gelato rose sculptures

On a walk after lunch on Saturday we found this ice cream shop.  They may the ice cream cones look like flowers.  It was pretty pricey but was impressive.   Style over substance though as it made not getting your hands covered in sticky ice cream virtually impossible.

New PB

New personal best!  Thrashed it.  And that's with a dodgy ankle.

Monday, 11 June 2018

No comment

There's an Indian restaurant near us called Gaylord.

Selfie photo in reverse for some reason.

Can I beat my lap time?

There's an athletics track close to our apartment so thought i'd do a lap.  I'll try and beat it tomorrow.

Allowed out to play

April's had a night out and an afternoon off the baby this past week so I was allowed out to play last night.  I decided to go to try out a few of the bars in the local area.

Some were good.

Some made me feel old

Some were great.

Ribs Sunday!

Is that a thing?  It is now.  We went to Southern Cut Barbecue yesterday for lunch and I had ribs.  We were supposed to go their on Saturday but decided against it.  With nothing in the house for lunch we popped in.

It was fine.  Not great, but fine.  The best part was the ability to order meat by the half pound. 

Saturday, 9 June 2018

How annoying

I think i'm suffering from this again


My ankle was a little sore last night before I went to bed.  I hadn't twisted it or anything it was just sore.  This morning I had a definite limp.  Just now, when I got up to get a glass of water I could hardly put any weight on it.  FFS.

I'm pretty sure it sorted itself out after a day but it's a little disconcerting considering I did nothing to damage it.  Maybe it was the years of rugby and weighing too much...

Friday, 8 June 2018

Secret weapon

This baby bouncer has been great these last couple of days.  Flo tires herself out, then falls asleep.  She did it twice yesterday and twice again today.

The secret weapon is also having old reruns of Star Trek Voyager on the TV.

Hmm, maybe I won't go outdoor swimming this week

I might get electrocuted

At least it's warm.

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Flo's been having trouble getting to sleep at night

So sometimes I take her out for a little walk as she usually falls asleep shortly afterwards.

It's not much fun as it's eating into my free / rest time, but on the plus side I get to see Chicago in a whole new light.

I wondered why it was a little quiet

This parenting lark is easy

New bar

We found a new bar on Tuesday.

April finished work a little early so we decided to make the most of the early evening sun.  We'd been meaning to go to this roof top bar for the last few weeks.  The wind was cool in the afternoon but when in the sun and in this sheltered spot it was really nice.

Expensive though.  Maybe not go there every week.

Before we leave

We've got a list of things we want to do in Chicago before we head back to the UK. 

Most are food or booze related, but seeing a show or two at Second City is one of them.

I wonder who she gets the cheeky face from

The coffee table in the apartment was a little wobbly so the leasing company swapped it out with this nice new one.

Someone managed to pull down April's knitting pattern.

Someone doesn't even look sorry.

Sunday, 3 June 2018

I wonder who she learnt that from?

Yet another swim

It was another hot one on Thursday, 24 degrees by 8am, so I took Flo for another swim (first time on my own).  I think we might do this every morning if the weather's half decent

Watching the football

England won 2-1, not a great game, but I got a nice break from the day job.

My favourite pump was the blue fist in the middle here.

Some other great beer pumps.

Walk, walk, walk, walk, sleep

Giving April a break yesterday I decided to take Flo on a little walk around the city.

New breakfast place found

Florence wasn't impressed by the menu.  

We liked it though

Another morning swim

The outdoor pool was a little cold for Flo (mostly April), so we popped inside to the jacuzzi. 25 degrees vs 38 degrees.

Up early

Up early (baby), thankfully she's gone back to sleep but unfortunately I can't so am up and wide awake.

Looks like we're in for a nice day weatherwise.

Friday, 1 June 2018

2 months down 3 to go

The 2 months we've been in Chicago has sailed by. I'm pretty much in a routine these days.

Get up when Flo wakes up
Fingers crossed April doesn't have to go in early
Oh shit. She does (again, I've checked, she's telling the truth...)
Get up
Feed Flo
Change Flo (probably should have done that at an earlier stage)
Go for a walk
Flo sleeps
Find somewhere suitable to relax for 5 minutes
Flo wakes up after 2 minutes
Feed Flo
Walk home
Feed Flo
Try to get Flo to sleep
Try to get Flo to sleep again...
Baby play
Lot of crying
Put Flo in a  baby carrier
Beg for April to come home early
Wait for response

But hey,  this sounds like I'm not enjoying myself. I am. There can't be many young fathers that get to share the majority of thier young child's life in such detail.

It's tough. I'm missing friends, things, things with friends.  Booze (20% of my usual intake)