Thursday, 26 January 2012

Cheeky so and sos

Before going to see Pappy's last night we popped into a small chain Italian for a bite to eat just off Leicester Square.

April managed to fund a really impressive meal deal Half price food and a free bottle of house wine if you order a started and a main each. Not bad at all. Well...

The wine wasn't great, my starter of lobster ravioli was more hardly cooked than aldente. The rest of the food was canteen average at best. Oh well we're getting a lot for half price and it was quick.

Then the bill came and they'd added on the cost of the wine. No oroblem, they swapped our bill straight away. Then we spotted that they'd already added service. This isn't a problem, but they'd charged service at the full undiscounted amount. Nearly 10 quid! We ended up giving them 5 for a total bill of 35.

Quite reasonable in the end for the location. If very, very cheeky.

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