Tuesday 22 November 2005

SC Movie Review 4

Kiss kiss bang bang

A dark comedy murder mystery with a gay Val Kilmer. Very good film, made me laugh out loud more than once. Go and see it.

IMDb Rating: 7.9/10 (2,144 votes)
SC Rating: 4 potatoes (1 vote)

This is the way the world ends,
This is the way the world ends,
This is the way the world ends,
Not with a bang but with a whimper.
-- T.S. Eliot, "The Hollow Men"

Thursday 17 November 2005

Here's one for all those Jocks in Corby


Handy Stuarty

Fixed my cupboard and lights last night.

And that's without tools. Brute force and luck.

Plus, I made spaghetti bolognaise but unfortunately I don't have a tin opener so had to stab the can of tomatoes open with a knife. So if I don't manage to make Ben's birthday meal / drinks...

...think of me in A&E with internal bleeding.

Welcome thy neighbor into thy fallout shelter. He'll come in handy if
you run out of food.

-- Dean McLaughlin.

Tuesday 15 November 2005


The team I would have been playing in last weekend lost 138-0 to Peterborough 2nds.

Ha, ha, ha! I know i'm good...

... but surely I don't make that much difference.

-- What inner force drove this first athlete? Your guess is as good as
mine. Better, probably, because you haven't had four beers.

-- Dave Barry, "Sports is a Drag"

7 and a half days holiday left to use up this year

Any suggestions on what I should do?

I can't really take much off this month as it's probably the busiest time of the year. Plus we're in a transition phase with one of our data feeds. Basically all hands on deck.

One idea is to take all Mondays and Fridays off in the month of December. One downside of that is that they realise that i'm only needed on 3 days of the week...

I could take the christmas weeks off, I don't see the point of this as there aren't many people in at that point so I could get away with coming in late, going away early and taking long lunches.

I could just go away somewhere for a long week before the christmas season.

Suggestions? Sensible ones?

Once again, we come to the Holiday Season, a deeply religious time that
each of us observes, in his own way, by going to the mall of his

In the old days, it was not called the Holiday Season; the Christians
called it "Christmas" and went to church; the Jews called it "Hanukka"
and went to synagogue; the atheists went to parties and drank. People
passing each other on the street would say "Merry Christmas!" or "Happy
Hanukka!" or (to the atheists) "Look out for the wall!"

-- Dave Barry, "Christmas Shopping: A Survivor's Guide"

Monday 14 November 2005

It was close...


It is better to kiss an avocado than to get in a fight with an aardvark

My weekend

Friday night

Watched a few programmes on TV, notably

Have I Got News For You
Jonathan Ross

Saturday night

Quite heavily skewed in the way of sport. I watched some of the cricket and Soccer AM in the morning then watched England v's Australia at Rugby, then Argentina v's England at football. Incidentally one of the best games I have ever seen. I then went out in Greenwich with my German mathematician friend Markus.

Sunday night

I've finally put the required effort into Football Manager, finished 4th with Liverpool. Might start again this week and start the game unemployed. Graft in the lower leagues before taking up the challenge of world domination.

George Washington was first in war, first in peace -- and the first to
have his birthday juggled to make a long weekend.

-- Ashley Cooper

Friday 11 November 2005

The joys of Friday lunchtime drinking

How much work am I going to do this afternoon?

Fuck all...

So far I have sent an e-mail round the team to see if they want to go ice-skating on Tower Bridge in a couple of weeks. I've added a £1 to the price, so that we can have a sweepstake as to who falls over first.


In skating over thin ice, our safety is in our speed.

-- R.W. Emerson

Thursday 10 November 2005

Wow! A free weekend

My first free weekend in absolutely ages. What on earth is going on?

A handful of my old Bristol friends were supposed to come along to London this weekend but for one reason or another it's been put back a few weeks.

My question is, what do I do? I'm not going back home anymore to play rugby so what do normal people do at weekends?

I might do some more clothes shopping, but not sure if i'm mentally strong enough to stop myself punching random twats who get in my way in the build up to christmas.

I really should go to the gym, i've been slacking recently, too much on and far too tired in the morning or when I get back from work.

I've been neglecting football manager since I bought it a month ago. I haven't really invested enough time in my tactics so have been losing. I must persevere.

There's international rugby and football on TV this Saturday so I could watch both of them. Although watching rugby usually bores me, and whenever I pick a football game to watch I usually jinx the team I support.

It's a tough one. Any suggestions? Any sensible suggestions?

"Nuclear war would mean abolition of most comforts, and disruption of
normal routines, for children and adults alike."

-- Willard F. Libby, "You *Can* Survive Atomic Attack"

Wednesday 9 November 2005

GOD help us all...


"This is a great day for education"

Steve Abrams-Chairman, Kansas Board of Education

"We are all for intelligent design being discussed, but we do not want to see it in biology class"

Judy McIlvaine-School board Dover, Pennsylvania

Fucking spazoids!-Stuart Clark chief sceptic


... And malt does more than Milton can
To justify God's ways to man
-- A. E. Housman

Bored, bored, bored, bored, bored and fucking bored 4

Help me i'm drowning in my own boredom.

Anybody been told a funny joke recently?

To attack a man for talking nonsense
is like finding your mortal enemy drowning in a swamp
and jumping in after him with a knife.

-- Karl Popper

Thursday 3 November 2005

Christmas has come early

I've just had my new phone delivered.


Samsung D600