Friday 26 February 2021

Such a good dog

 Arwen's been on her long lead when we take her out for a few weeks ago now as all she wants to do is run over to other dogs to say hello and play.  It's quite frustrating as we'd like to let her off but when she has her mind set on it her recall has all but disappeared.

This week I brought out the ball chucker again and she's obsessed about it, it's the only thing she wants to do.  Now she's let off the lead and back in the good books.  Unfortunately she lost her first ball today when she dropped it and it rolled into the river.  Doh.  Not to worry, we have plenty more.

Thursday 25 February 2021

Finally got the laptop

 It arrived at 6:30pm on Tuesday.  With the wrong address.  FFS.

Well, all sorted now except my e-mail address is still wrong.  How's the week gone so far?  Pretty good.  Lots of reading, but i've also been able to help out with some reinsurance tasks pretty much straight away too which is good.

Tuesday 23 February 2021

I have access

 As of around 4pm I was able to log in.  Woohoo.  Still no sign of the work laptop though.

So, first day went well

  •  No work laptop (should be delivered today at lunchtime)
  • Incorrect spelling of user name and e-mail address (Clarke)
  • Managed to get me remote access but none of the needed applications like outlook
  • Still nothing this morning and waiting for my laptop
  • I'm still getting paid

Monday 22 February 2021

No longer the fastest Clark in Tonbridge


Wait till the end, poor Florence got upset that she didn't win.  Although not on film (straight after) she sat down on the floor and cried for not winning.  

Am I working today?

 It's kind of hard to tell.  Late on Friday I was told that IT will be in touch today to get me set up, what that means I don't know but my contract starts today and I will be billing them.

I'm on a good day rate, a little more than my previous contract but this role is inside IR35 so I will not be able to benefit from putting the invoice through my company.

Friday 19 February 2021

Contract update 301

 It's 'all' sorted, IT and payroll are going to be in touch today to finalise and organise delivery of a laptop.

Job update 300

 Still waiting for this bloody contract.  After thinking it was just a formality once my checks were complete yesterday they asked for more.  They wanted a photo of the back of my drivers licence (don't know why, i'm not applying to be a driver), and they needed me to fill in a new form that could have been sent to me 3 weeks ago!

It's very frustrating but should be all sorted.  My consultant who found me the job still thinks i'll be working on Monday, but that would mean they have the facility to log in remotely, this wasn't available at my last place and they gave me two laptops to use.

Tuesday 16 February 2021

Some good news

 My reference and background checks have finally come through clear which means I should get my actual contract shortly.  Which means i'm likely to start a week later than originally planned next Monday.


Monday 15 February 2021

Dog update

 I took Arwen to see the specialist vet again on Thursday and there's a small amount of improvement.  They actually blind folded her good eye and made her cross an obstacle course.  She managed it easily so that's good news.  

They've reduced her steroid intake now and i'm due back to see them again in 3 weeks time.

Car update 2

  Well, we have the car back now and it has a new smell, but it's better than the smell of a smoker.  We've also managed to get the hybrid part working and get it slowly charging from a normal plug.

So, we've decided to keep it.  It's a lovely car.  But I guess it should be at that price.

Interesting fact

Here's some interesting facts for you, I've been blogging on and off for 16.8 years.  And have a post for 90% of those 6,136 days.  On average I make 3 spelling or grammatical errors, and in a given month one of my posts is of interest to one of my few followers.

Although virtually pointless, it has come in handy on several occasions as most of the interesting things that have happen to me over of the years have been covered here and it's quite nice to go back and take a look at what I was up to in years gone by.

Doesn't like the big snowballs

 Took Arwen out to the Racecourse the other day and for some reason she didn't like the big snowball that someone had made.  

The day before I had to take April to A&E as she bolted and badly bruised April's hand that got jarred in by the dog lead.  It swelled up and bruised immediately so we took her in but the x-ray was clear and is only bruised.  Phew.  Can't have April shirking.

Job update 2

 It's confirmed i'm not starting today, a new start date has been pencilled in for the 22nd.  Frustrating but it is what it is.

Valentine's Day dinner by The Small Holding

We bought the Valentine's Day dinner by The Small Holding yesterday, not cheap but the quality of their food is very good.  It's the same place as where we bought our pre-prepared Christmas dinner and where I took everyone for my 40th birthday.

It all laid out

Simple instructions

First course

I think he liked it???

Something to wash it down with.

Second course
Move over Gordon Ramsey, this is how you smear squash

The main



You're as cold as Ice

Inch thick in places, thick enough for me to slide on???
Only one way to find out...


Greedy cat

 I cooked a roast chicken yesterday and the cat was pestering us whilst we were eating.  I put her outside so we could eat our lunch in peace.  She found a new vantage point.

Wednesday 10 February 2021

Arthur's a wanted man

 Arthur is applying for an Australian passport so we thought we'd have a little fun.

Arwen loves the cuddles


Arwen enjoying the snow

 Arwen enjoyed the snow yesterday.

It's mostly gone today though, shame.

Channeling my inner Gandalf

 The cleaners were one cleaner down today which meant I had to take the dog out for an extra long walk whilst they were cleaning downstairs.  Arwen loved the new walk.  I think it could be a new regular walk if given the time.

It's supposed to be -9 tonight in Tonbridge.  Brrr...  I don't think it's been that cold overnight since we moved here.

Extension update

 We've just found out that our planning application for our extension has been approved.  Woo hoo!

Car update

 So, the car was valeted last week but when they returned it the smoke smell was still there, the driver took it back so we're stuck with the courtesy car whilst they try something else.  They've basically paid £500 to get a special biohazard clean.  I think this is what they use to get rid of the smell of dead bodies.

I should get our car back today, although if it still smells or smells badly of something else we'll need to swap it out for a new car or get our money back.

Job update

 I was due to start my new contract this Monday coming but there's been delays with some of the referencing and criminal record checks so it looks like it's now been postponed.  Pretty frustrating as I can't really do anything with the time off and I don't earn if I have time off.

Arwen update

 So, after the initial review by the vet we took her back in the next day for a check up.  The vet didn't think Arwen had sight in her right eye.  It was still pretty swollen, red and there were no responses to the various tests.  They recommended we go to a specialist and they managed to see her that day.

After the appointment the new vet was pretty worried and basically confirmed what our local vet was saying.  She gave her some steroids and some eye drops and told us to come back in a few days to see if there was improvement. 

Thankfully there was and she was getting a response to some of the tests.  I'm due back again tomorrow to see if there is any further treatment.

You wouldn't notice anything was wrong with Arwen in her behaviour, she's been as energetic as ever.

Stupid dog.