Wednesday 30 June 2004

Tuesday 29 June 2004


Just had a 2h30min meeting on our strategy for external publications. Did anything come out of this meeting? No.

Plus, just had to go back to car phone warehouse to sort out my new phone, surprise, surprise, they forgot to click a button to activate my account. I could take another day before I get connected.

At least I didn't go ballistic like the guy next to me in the queue, he was f'ing and blinding at two of the guys behind the counter. Hilarious.

Thursday 24 June 2004

I'm so bored

I really can't be arsed doing any more work today?

Both of my main bosses have gone home so i'm stuck here with nothing to do (or nothing that I want to do) so i've taken to writing this load of sh!t to try and stem my lack of interest in doing anything.






Anti theft

Tuesday 22 June 2004

End of an era

One of us actually has to grow up now.

Kris is now pregnant. And by pregnant I mean he's an expectant father.

Very scary thought. Very expensive thought.

Good luck to the Matthews family and lets hope the baby doesn't inherit the Matthews gap toothed trait.

England nearly gave me a heart attack

Well done lads.

4-2 win, made me sweat though.

Monday 21 June 2004

Mornin my babs

As a Bristolian idiot would say.

What a lovely weekend i've just had. I finally feel free. For the past 9 months i've been getting up on Saturday at the crack of dawn to chase eggs, then drinking from 5pm till 2am and then getting up on Sunday still drunk to travel home to London. Not having a weekend for so long certainly takes it's toll.

Now I have to find something to do on Saturdays, the only thing I can think of so far is get drunk in a pub, so open to suggestions.

Friday 18 June 2004

My head hurts

I feel so rough.

I'm never drinking again...

... Or at least till tonight when i'm out again.

Wednesday 16 June 2004

Woman rule the world of TV

It is my opinion that woman are beginning to rule the world.

They've started with fashion, and have even convinced 'men' to follow suit. Why do men suddenly need beauty products? Answer, because women tell us so.

How many men are actually interested in Soaps, fly on the wall documentaries, Big Brother, i'm a celebrity, day time TV, Trisha, Stars in Your Eyes, Cilla, Ball room dancing, Cutting It, ITV, ITV2, E4, Bad Girls, Gossip shows, Footballers Wives, home improvement shows, more home improvement shows, house buying shows and GM "f'ing TV"?

They have even managed to get BBC's flagship Breakfast news programme taking about 'people' issues. It's just not right. You get up in the morning wanting to know short sharp facts about what has gone on in the world since you've been asleep. I certainly don't want to hear about school children raising a minuscule amount of money to save their playing fields getting turned into housing estates. Yes it's unfortunate that the government are crap but that story is certainly not national or global news. Save it for page 7 of your local news paper.

With all this rubbish we're forced to put up with, they still have the audacity to bitch about how sh!t we all are. I suggest we revolt.

No more washing the dishes
No more DIY around the house
No more loosening jam jars
No more saying "no dear your bum does not look big in that"
Take control of the remote and even if you don't like football / sport turn it on.
Stop eating quiches
Eat more meat, preferably undercooked
Wear the house's proverbial trousers

Ranting over for now girls but you've been warned...

Monday 14 June 2004

Money, money, money...

Boy i'm skint, anyone fancy giving me £20,000?

Or even better, does anyone know of any get rich quick schemes?

I hate football...

What a complete and utter pile of w@nk.

One minute into injury time and Heskey fouls a French tw@t outside the box.

Zidane steps up and scores a fabulous free kick.

Not to worry, at least we've got a draw against arguably the greatest team in the world...

One lapse of concentration later, Gerrard (God) misplaces a back pass which lets Henry in. James attempts to save but brings him down. The bald Frenchman makes it two-one on the night.

Wednesday 9 June 2004

Testing 1 2

Hello, i'm back. I think...