Saturday 30 October 2010

Insurance finally pulled their finger out

My insurance company couldn't repair my phone so they've sent me a new one. Yeah!
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Thursday 28 October 2010

It's behind you! What my career?

We're off to see David Hasslehof in panto this year

It's a conspiracy

Time travel my arse
If that's someone gone back in time using their mobile phone, there would also need to be mobile telephone masts everywhere. 

Finally IT have pulled their fingers out

After a year of trying they've finally got round to sorting out our distributed simulation across multiple PCs problem.  Now we can use other computers cores to make our models run faster.
We're got 9 quad cores and a duel core, 38 cores for those not great at maths.  Previously we could only use a maximum of 4, now we can go 9.5 times faster (not quite as it takes a while to copy across to each new machine).
One of our models takes an hour an a half to run, I reckon we can get it down to just over 10 mins.  Brilliant.
The best part about it is my other team members won't know who's stealing their cores.  Ha, ha!

Wednesday 27 October 2010

Really? No really...???

7 July survivors emerged 'like in Thriller video'

Tuesday 26 October 2010

I thought I was a man

I've been to the gym yesterday and today which is pretty good considering I usually hurt too much after playing on the Saturday.  Today we were given a warning that the hot water in the showers was not working so I said that it didn't matter.  Afterall, after a good workout who wants a piping hot shower?
After the workout Iturned on the shower and stuck out my hand into the cold water.  ARGH!  I screamed.  It was bloody freezing.

Monday 25 October 2010

My team is SO cool

We've just had our regular bi-weekly team meeting and my boss just used the phrase
"positive semi definite and all that jazz"
In relation to correlation matrices.
I'm surprised we get any work done with it being this much fun.

How the mighty have fallen

Poor old Randy Quaid.

Friday 22 October 2010

Is a second life needed?

I haven't spoken to April since very early on Wednesday morning.  Other than texts and missed voice mails I think the only way to speak to her is through 2nd Life as her company seems to enjoy.

Return of the Caveman

Yesterday morning I got up early for my exam in central London and had a shower.  Whilst showering I noticed that one of the tiles was filthy, I wondered what could have caused it.  Then I looked at my hands and they were still covered in mud from yesterday's rugby training.


April had been gone for just over 24 hours I barely noticed that I needed a wash.  Jeez.  I won't last till the end of the week let alone for 10 days.

Thursday 21 October 2010

Come on download!!!

Why is it taking so long???

Exam pass?

I had my exam today in Aviation and Space.  Have I passed?  Not sure, I think I get the results in a month or so.  It was tough but I answered a few of the questions very well.  There were some tough ones to go with it though.  Fingers crossed I get 55.1%

Ho, ho, ho!

Just downloading the latest football manager demo from steam!!!  Yeah!  Football on TV, chips from the chippy and the new football manager.  What more could I want? 

Wednesday 20 October 2010

It turns out i'm not vice captain afterall

Quite pleased really as i'm terrible at team talks.  I'm still backs captain though...


I've been without my touch screen phone for nearly a week now and i'm slowly getting used to it.  It's quite disconcerting not being able to have access to the internet on the go plus i'm mission out on my regular podcasts.  I'll have a fair backlog when I finally get it back.

Exam tomorrow

I've got my Aviation and Space exam tomorrow afternoon, so have been busy at home these last couple of days cramming.  I finished reading the material yesterday and am just going over the 'highlights' again today.  3 chapters left.  I'll go over the key facts again tomorrow morning on my way in but fingers crossed I will pass another exam.

This one is a lot harder as it's not multiple choice, 14 compulsory short answers and 2 out of 3 essay style questions, but the pass mark has been reduced to 55%.  I reckon I can get a half decent mark on the first section whilst picking up a reasonable amount on the second I reckon i'll do okay...

Home alone, boo, hoo

April left this morning to go on her management training course, where she'll be based in London for 10 days, including the weekend.  Luckily she gets this Saturday off so she's doing a guitar and singing slot at her friend's acoustic slot in a West End pub.  That's my only chance to see her in the 10 day period.

Also April's Dad and Wife have now left too, they're staying in a central London hotel for the remainder of their holiday so that that they don't have to travel in everyday when they're sightseeing in London.

That leaves me home alone for 10 days.  Luckily we have a cleaner that comes in each Thursday so the house should still resemble the house that April left early this morning.

Tuesday 19 October 2010

Mmm, squid crisps

A Korean member of my team at work brought in some squid crisps for us all to try yesterday.  Mmm.  I quietly refused after seeing the other's reactions.

Friday 15 October 2010


No mobile posting for a while

I'm finally sending my phone away to get repaired today. I'm going back to a very old Samsung for a while. Boo, hoo.
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Prune boy

Just spent the last 3.5 hours in the bath. 2 chapters down though!
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Apparently you buy airport hanger insurance. There is an exclusion that excludes loss or any damage to a plane whilst it's in flight. Surely by the very nature of the plane being in the air means that it's not in a hanger...
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Thursday 14 October 2010

Job lot?

4 members of my rugby team have recently become engaged. I've seen one of the other rings and it's remarkably like April's. Suspicions about us getting in a job lot a are rife. Or maybe we just have good tastes...
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Wednesday 13 October 2010


Just been criticised at work for reading a romance novel. Neuromancer' is not chick lit!
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She said yes!

For those that don't already know, I asked April to marry me last night and she said yes!
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Tuesday 12 October 2010

Damn you baldyman

I've found a spot to stand exactly in front the opening doors for my morning train. It's a good spot as the carriage is towards the front but still has a few empty seats. Recently a short bald man has stolen my spot. Git!

To counter this I've been getting in early to reserve my space but this morning the git was in even earlier.

Luckily I've got time on my hands, as he's in his late 50s, he'll have to retire / get made redundant / die before I give up MY spot.
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Monday 11 October 2010

I'll be a cripple next Sunday

My rugby boots split on Saturday so I've just ordered a new pair. Hopefully it'll rain this week so that the ground's nice and soft for my game. We won again. 26-7.
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Preaching to the converted

I picked up the metro this morning and it's front and back covers were sponsored by Virgin Rail. What's the point of advertising the benefits of commuting to work by train versus driving in a car when 99% of the papers readership will be on a train anyway? Idiots.
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Tuesday 5 October 2010


We had our cleaner do an extra two hours last week in order to get the house in order for April's Dad and wife's arrival.  She must have had some time to spare as she ironed a load of my work shirts that were hanging up.  It looks as though she's also ironed one of my rugby training tops.  Ha, ha.  I'll be the smartest guy out there.  Lovely starched collars.

River cruise

Sunday lunch up and down the Thames.
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New seat

Biscuit likes to sit on the new chair. Can't be comfortable.
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Poppet's new den

Poppet's found a new hidey hole to sleep. Curled up in our curtains next to the radiator.
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Where to go?

Once Ross sorts out his holiday we're off for one or maybe two long weekends. Destination unknown. Perhaps Scandinavia to see a metal band or Spain for some winter sun.

If anyone fancies joining us let us know. Probably late November / December.
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Monday 4 October 2010

Tantric cleaning

Poppet keeping supple.
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April's gone to an antique auction today. Eek! Let's hope she doesn't go nuts. I hope it's not linked to me not having my wallet...
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Forgotten my wallet

Doh! Halfway to work this morning and realised I've left my wallet at home. Idiot. I can borrow some money from the guys here at work but I do feel a little lost without it.
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Friday 1 October 2010

Study day today

I suppose I better get up... Only kidding i've been up since 8, now off to the library. I'm studying Aviation and Space insurance.
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