Tuesday 31 August 2010

Dementia has started

Got into work this morning to find that I had not one but two buttons undone at the bottom of my shirt. I must have got bored half way through.
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Monday 30 August 2010

Flash cat

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Fish eye cat

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Sunday 29 August 2010

It's really cold

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I can see a rainbow

Rainbow on the way home yesterday
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Stupid rugby

I've gone and hurt my knee. Doubt i'll be running around with a paintball gun today. Ben's ass may have to wait for me to put a cap in it.
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Friday 27 August 2010


Tried to go to the Crobar website (rock pub) at work and this is the blocked message.
Good pub!
The Crobar is London's (and probably the UK's) only bar dedicated to Bourbon, Beer, Rock Music and the principle that it's ok to have fun!

6 recruitment consultants now!

They must be desperate.

Bum plum

A strange mutant plum.
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Thursday 26 August 2010

The Clark Index

From this year, as well as compiling my weather spreadsheet I will also providing readers with the Clark Index.


It equates how nice the weather has been in the UK each calendar year with how many times I get burnt.


This year as so far been positively rosy with a CI factor of 5.

Wednesday 25 August 2010

4 times this week

I've just had my fourth unsolicited e-mail / call / linkedin request for the possibility of an exciting new insurance role, yader, yader.  Yawn, yawn.

Warhol cat

The cat
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Headhunters are idiots

Apologies for the direct approach, however I am a headhunter and have come across your details wilst recruiting for a Capital Modelling Director. If you could call me on 0207£$%^&*" to discuss in more detail that would be great.
Kind regards
I'm know i'm good... but i'm certainly not that good.  I'd maybe last a week.before I was found out.

Tuesday 24 August 2010

Pre-emptive sorry

Our regular flyhalf (10) is away for the first two games of the season due to his cricket commitments.  I've been told that I may have to be drafted in from my usually inside centre roll.


I'd like to apologise for the wingers this Saturday as they're certainly not going to be getting any ball.  Good job it's still in the summer as they'd die of hyperthermia in January.

Monday 23 August 2010

Pikey commuters

Although I come into the heart of the city through Cannon Street each morning there are still a few pikey's that slip through the net.  This morning as I was passing through the barriers a stupid girl (20 at most) was screaming at the barrier guards demanding that she was let through.

Although I have no doubt that 95% of ticket inspectors are indeed little Hitlers there was no need for this, she was shouting at a group of four of them as we all went past laughing.  Stupid girl.  I hardly think they're going to be lenient when you've just hurled abuse at them for 5 minutes.  Scumbag.

Teleporting cat?

Not sure how she got up there, but you'll be pleased to know she managed to get herself down again.  Silly cat!

If you're not familiar with the layout of my house this is at the top of the stairs.  She either jumped across from the banister or teleported.

High Fidelity Moments

We finally got round to (re)sorting our music collection last night.  500 albums / singles! (Photo to follow).  The next task is to work out which ones are not on my laptop, copy them across then transfer them to my stereo.  We're half way through letter B.

Sunday 22 August 2010

Free vouchers update

I've mentioned it before in a previous entry, but Sainsbury's hand out tailor made vouchers as part of their nectar points scheme. They base these discount on your previous shopping. Previously we were given vouchers for beer and cat biscuits-> now we're cat biscuits and stain remover.

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lovely quiet weekend

I've not really done anything this weekend. just a little bit of shopping, watching tv / football, listening to music, take away curry and a spot of reading. nice and relaxing.
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Friday 20 August 2010

Tuesday 17 August 2010

Putting on weight

Despite going to the gym / rugby training 7 times in 20 days (35%), by Thursday it should be 9 in 22 (41%), I am actualy putting on weight.  I've not been doing many weights, mostly running, cycling, swimming and a little rowing so what's going on?  It's not doing my BMI any good...

Idiots on Trains

You've seen Snakes on Planes, now there's Idiots on Trains.

On my daily commute I occasionally see someone who's brought their laptop home with them so that they can do so additional work on their journey.  Sometimes someone's just watching a film or playing a game however.  This week I saw a guy playing the new Starcraft game and he was a complete and utter idiot.  He was about 40 and was clicking away like made on his laptop but time and time he was making the same stupid mistakes.  The whole point of the mission was to harvest more resources than another rival but instead of concentrating on that all he did for the entire journey was to fart around getting all his units slaughtered.  He'd then restart and do the same.  Again, and again and again.  I was half tempted to pick up my book and scalp him round the head but I managed to resist.


Saturday 14 August 2010


just a test to see if this works.
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Friday 13 August 2010


As a delayed celebration for April passing her exams (with flying colours) and getting placed on her fastrack management scheme at work, I'm getting fleeced. We're going to http://www.vertigo42.co.uk/ then http://www.gauchorestaurants.co.uk/restaurants/restaurant.php?id=city tonight.


Can't wait.

Monday 9 August 2010

Living with a Serial Killer

Not only did I find another dead mouse downstairs this morning but I also found an enormous moth.  Yuk!

Bloody cats

Land speed record?

I broke my record mahjong time this morning 4 minutes and 8 seconds. 

Sunday 8 August 2010

Lazy cats

Love pie

Our chicken and leek love pie.  Mmm...

Photo's and fun from the beer festival

Here are some photos from this years Great British Beer festival.  In total there were 11 of us and a good time was had by all.  Highlights include me accidentally picking up 8 packets of pork scratchings rather than 4 (4 bags for £5 were in larger paper bags, I accidentally picked up to paper bags) and a lovely St Peter's Grapefruit beer.  Low lights, it getting far too busy at 6-7pm and me cutting my foot on some glass.

A before picture from the beer festival with James, Steve, Bernard, James.  My cut foot and James again stuffing his face with pork scratchings.

First kill of the season

One of the cats caught and killed their first mouse of the year last night.  Bloody things.  April kindly made me go downstairs to clear it up.

Thursday 5 August 2010

Podcasts and books

I've been listening to loads of podcasts recently.  My commute into work is a little over an hour so along with reading they certainly help the time fly by.

Current authors that i'm reading books from are Raymond E Feist and David Gemmell

Great British Beer Festival tomorrow

I went last year with two friends, this year there are 12, although one cancelled late this afternoon.  Should be good fun.  Pictures to follow...


Just been watching Liverpool on TV.  It's amazing they actually look quite exciting.  The quality of the opposition isn't great but I think things may be on the up.

Wednesday 4 August 2010

Toilet humour

One of the guys here at work writes books in his spare time.  His latest is "Not Quite How They Said It", a book of famous quotes (plus his own) put into verse.  It was only £5 and all the money he makes from it goes to charity.

I think it's his 5th or 6th book published, others have been a book on British history and a book on management, also both in verse.

His new book will get pride and place in our downstairs toilet.  Have a read next time you are around!

Tuesday 3 August 2010

Super fit Stuart

I went to rugby training for the first time in ages last week and quite surprisingly I wasn't the least fit.  In fact I didn't look out of place at all.  That's probably due to the overall fitness of the rest of the team rather than my general lack of it though. 


The new season starts in just over a month so I thought I'd give getting fit a chance.  So far this week I've been to the gym twice.  It would have been three times but April needed me home for something.


I've been going at lunch times and apart from being quite busy is generally fine, with only small waits in between machines, which I don't mind as it gives me a chance to breath.  The best part of it is that I'm away from my desk for an hour each day then I get to eat my lunch back at my desk which gives me an extra 15 mins not working.


I don't mind work, in fact some of it is certainly very interesting but I do feel it is important to get away from work at lunch and it probably best to have something to do other than going top the pub…  Saying that, I won't be going to the gym on Fridays, that would be silly.

6th year and counting

It's just over the 6th year since I started the weather spreadsheet.  6621 data entries. 

Monday 2 August 2010

Quiet weekend, nice and relaxing

After a very hectic weekend the weekend before I was still absolutely shattered last Friday so I headed straight home.  There's never anything on TV on Fridays (at least for my niche demographic) so I decided to start playing Mass Effect 2.  I hadn't finished the previous one yet but it was so long ago that I last played I thought I'd just go ahead and play the sequel.


Although I play it on easy it really is a great game.  Most of the missions are well thought out and the character interactions are some of the best out there.  Anyway, I mostly played that this weekend and got a good 10+ hours in.



In addition to that I went round my captain's house to watch Australia lose to New Zealand.  Great game.  Very brutal.


I also took April out to Carluccio's




Then on to Tunbridge Well's Hotel Du Vin for a very nice Zinfandel.  Apparently the Hotel has it's own vineyard out the back…  this surprised em as it's smack bang in the middle of Tunbridge Wells.