Saturday 28 July 2018

Sexy photo shoot

There was a 'sexy' photo shoot going on at the end of the park this morning.

There was another one about an hour later.  I didn't deliberately go back to check, I was just trying to get Flo to go back to sleep before heading back to the apartment.

All the boats are out today

There must have been a couple of hundred yachts out today.  I guess it was a good day for it.

Geese on the lake

Funny geese all swimming in a line

Then here they are again flying in a V in the other direction.

I wonder why they don't swim in a V.


Wednesday and Friday mornings the Old Town Folk team put on Wriggleworms.  Basically silly nursery rhymes for kids.  She might be bit young to get all of the jokes but she does seem to enjoy it.

I thought it was cancelled yesterday as it wasn't in the usual place.

Luckily we found it on Navy Pier

Date night

Last Wednesday was date night, we ended up going to Shaw's Crab House.

Old school fish restaurant. It was great.  Very pricey (our most expensive diner her yet).

We had a mixed hot platter to begin with before April had some soft shell crabs, I had a pound of crab claws and a side of potato gratin too.  It was more cheese that potato.  

Here's me in in a Bohemian bar afterwards drinking beer out of a boot.

Thursday 26 July 2018


I'm rapidly losing my mind. Bought what I thought was deodorant this morning, turns out to be shaving gel.

Wednesday 25 July 2018

Back to sunshine

Friday through to Sunday was pretty damp and windy, we're well and truly back to too mid to high 20s now.


Nothing but the best Alan Partridge themed sun block for Florence

Tuesday 24 July 2018

Florence enjoying her box

Fancy roast dinner yesterday

We went to River Roast on Sunday for lunch.  Excellent.  Very expensive but very good too.  I've got to get myself one of those metal skillets so I can roast a chicken standing up so that the juices coat the potatoes at the bottom.

They gave us a plastic wish bone with the bill so we could make a wish.  Sod that, i'm going to use it as a dragon rib cage prop in my latest warhammer game.

This is pretty much my Mondays

Singing and playing with 20 babies.

Friday 20 July 2018

Walking for walking's sake

Here's the view from the furthest most point I've walked to during my stay in sunny Chicago.

Below is my samsung challenge with my rugby friend Karl.  If you know Karl, which some of you will, you'll know that it wasn't much of a challenge. However, if there are any other Samsung users out there I will accept the challenge.

I've not heard from Karl since I won. I hope he hasn't had a heart attack.

Baby training 101

Now to find out how to monetize.

Wednesday 18 July 2018

Cheap ways to play games

My surface pro doesn't have the graphics power to play many of the latest games.

Rather than buy a new separate laptop for games, I've resorted to watching other people play them on YouTube.

The production values aren't quite as high as regular tv. He had to get up twice during a recording Once to shut his dog up, and again to go for a pee.

Sunday 15 July 2018

We've got ourselves a crawler

Florence has been crawling for a week and a half now, clever girl.

It's a lot of hard work as she's constantly on the move.  The apartment isn't the most baby friendly so I have to be on constant vigilance.

Wednesday 11 July 2018

Gingers aren't supposed to tan

Being outdoors a lot whilst here i've picked up a bit of a tan.  The weather's been great, these past couple of months have been pretty good in terms of temperature, probably averaging around 30 degrees C during the day.  Walking Flo around in the pram means i've been exposed to quite a bit of sun, but only to my exposed bits (face and lower arms).

Yesterday I rolled my t-shirt arms up to get a bit more sun on my white bits and now have bright red upper arms.  Doh!

Tuesday 10 July 2018

Beach trip


On Sunday we popped to the beach for a little dip.  It's only 5 mins away and if you go early not too busy or hot.

It's quite weird being so close to a beach whilst in the middle of the city.

Second City comedy

We popped over to the Old Town on Sunday evening to watch a show at Second City.  It was part sketch show, part improv.  It was fairly good although a bit hit and miss.  The hits were very good though.

Yesterday's trip to the aquarium

We got a bus there but opted for the boat back.  What a view!

The crab was almost as big as Flo!

Pool time

My mum and brother came over for a few days (left yesterday), here's Steve in the pool with Flo.  It was nice to have a couple of extra helping hands.

America! Fuck Yeah!

April's boss kindly invited us to spend the day 'celebrating' the 4th July at her lakeside residence (Summer house).  Ticked off a couple of extra states too.  Indiana and Michigan.

Florence in her special shorts and top.

A town called Gary

Tough choice

I've never tired beer milk

By the pool

Wow, not bad for a second house

Wednesday 4 July 2018

Is it England's year?

Ha, ha, ha.

We certainly made it hard for ourselves today.

I do think we deserved to win however and we really should be beating Sweden in the quarterfinal.  Who knows after that?  Croatia semi final then Henderson hat-trick in the final???

Sleepy baby

I'm a little tired, maybe i'll get some sleep here

Not ideal, but certainly gives daddy some rest

Monday 2 July 2018

It's hat day

Florence wanted to play with my hat (i've not worn it yet) and really enjoyed it.  If only we could get her to wear one of her own.

Where's Florence?

Over the past couple of days Florence has started 'crawling'.  She's not perfected it yet but is certainly well on her way.  Well done Florence!  Clever girl.  Now to stop banging your head on the underside of the table.

Nobody tells me what to do

Not even Mr Coffee

I put tea bags in rather than coffee.  In hindsight I probably didn't need the filter paper and 4 tea bags was a bit too strong, but I still call that a success.   I think I might get one of these bad boys to use when we get back to Blighty.