Monday 30 October 2023

First day off with the kids

I had two days off with the kids last week as they have two weeks off at half term.  April's off all this week.

We met up with Shaheen's kids (with Kate) and had a great time.  We went to a farm that had loads to do with the kids.  We were there for 6 hours!

Aire pillows

Animal exhibits

They gang


Arthur's first ride on a pony

Highlight!  Pig racing!!!!

Posh Mac n cheese

 We had friends over on Friday for a Halloween film night (Cabin in the Woods).  I cooked two dishes as one of our friends is awkward and is a vegetarian.  4 cheese with crevettes.  5 cheese with asparagus.  Yum!

Doggy time

 Arwen loves me

Pumpkin carving party

 One of the other mums from Flo's school invited a couple of families over to there's on Friday for a pumpkin carving party.  It was good fun.

Warming up

 Josie wanted to go out in the rain so we let her out.  We then forgot about her for a couple of hours then finally let her back in.  Other than annoyed she was fine.  Warmed herself up with the fire.


A friend went to comicon on Sunday, here's the crowd 2 hours before critical role were due to appear!!!

I wouldn't do that for a Metallica gig!  I'd probably be back at the bar.


We got a little wet on Sunday

 Rugby under 6s (and 5s) was wet on Sunday.  Flo still enjoyed herself though.  Here she is warming up with daddy's dry rugby shirt.

Christmas has come early!

 Another new Christmas ornament has arrived!  Flo has already told me i's not allowed on her tree!

Wednesday 25 October 2023

Finger update

 Just had my second physio appointment on my little finger this morning and it's all going well.  I have another two weeks in the splint before they take it off and see if it has healed.  Fingers crossed.

Fat ass

 I had the guys over for d&d last night then popped to the pub to see my mate Andrew.  It was a fun session but unfortunately the highlight for most will be when I sat down on the kitchen bench and it collapsed!  Luckily I was the only on on it!  Hopefully it's repairable.

Tuesday 24 October 2023

I beat my top score

 1004.9 hours on the 23 version of football manager!  I'm sure I played it more before I had the game on steam but this is still pretty good going.  Goes to show was a fabulous game it is.

Whiff waff

I had an off-site at work last week. It was in one of the city ping pong venues. Urgh. 

Another bloody bear

Flo's got some ted from her stage school home for two weeks. Now we (April) has to help her write about it in a book before we hand it back. Urgh.

This year's pumpkin

Carved this for the kids on Sunday. They drew it, I carved it. Only cut myself once.

He's got wood

Our wood pile was getting a little low that's week so I ordered some more wood from a new provider. I didn't think it would arrive quite so soon. There's a pile in the chest in the front room too.

Sleepy dog

Sleepy dog, this was Arwen last night. Fast asleep with the fire on.

Bloody greed cat

Josie got into our bread last night. Greedy bastard.

Interesting clouds this morning

Some highlights from our recent family photoshoot

 Not my favourite thing in the world to do but the photos look great.

Thursday 19 October 2023

FM24 beta is out!!!

 I will be giving it a try tonight!

New dice arrived

 I basically have around 5 dice sets on order from kickstarter at any one time.  The latest lot arrived in time for my d&d game.  Unfortunately the GM's wife was ill so he had to stay at home and look after his baby.

This week's walking

 Another 11k walk on Tuesday and the same again on Wednesday

Cooking over the weekend


Dauphinoise potatoes

Lancashire Hotpot

French toast

Tom Kerridge Chicken burgers