Wednesday 19 March 2008


Our mortgage offer has come through.

Tuesday 18 March 2008

Where actors go to die...

Poor old Captain Birds Eye has died, it was probably down to the fact that Suggs is now the company's advertising frontman.

An actors' retirement home eh?

This got me thinking who else might be in there???

Also, do other professions have their own exclusive retirement homes?

Monday 17 March 2008

My weekend

Pretty good all in all.

I was due to go to the dogs on Friday night as April has never been but, Steve and Jenny called off. In the end I had a few beers with the guys from work before meeting up with April in town and going to a Pizza Express.

On Saturday we went to Linfield races with a couple of old Lloyd's friends (and there other halves). Although we missed the first race there were still 7 chances to win. I won 1 of them...

Total stakes: £40
Total winnings: £3.83 + £2.50 stake.
Hit ratio: 16%


After that we went back round to there place, played some Wii, then on to the pub.

On Sunday we took a drive to our 'new' house again (we were only 15 miles away) then met up with a couple of April's friends in a great village pub nearby.

We eventually got back to London at around 6:30 and was glad to finally sit down and relax.

Wednesday 12 March 2008


I'm now booked in for my hand operation.

It's the first Monday after I get back from Australia.

I'm looking forward to watching it all and finding out how you chisel bone out of a finger.


I was bored this lunch time and couldn't be bothered to go for a swim so I went and had a look round some shops.

And what did I find?

Spaceballs for £3! Excellent!

I'm still bored though.

Tuesday 11 March 2008


I bought the LOTR RTS last week whilst on holiday.

It took me until 3 levels in before I felt a sense of dejavu.

I searched the cupboard where I keep my games and couldn't find it, I then assumed that I must have played a demo at some point.

Then during a few beers with my brother on Sunday night I was chatting about the game and it turns out that I lent it to him 6 months ago. Doh!

What a bloody idiot!

It was on special at £15 so I guess it could have been worse.

Monday 10 March 2008

Update on house

It's been a week since we put in our initial offer on the house so I thought I would update my journal accordingly.

-Our mortgage has been arranged and ready to sign.
-Our valuation and home buyers report has been done and we are waiting for the final report.
-We have found a solicitor that actually lives on our street and he is about to begin the searches and draw up the contracts.

We went round again this weekend to have a second look around and take a handful of pictures. We also wanted to confirm the fixtures and fittings that would be included. There are a couple of beds, washer, dryer and dish washer that we wouldn't mind keeping as we'd only have to get new ones otherwise.

Everything seams to be running along smoothly so watch this space. Ideally we'll get it most of it sorted before we head off to Australia.

Stormy weather

A great day for umbrella manufacturers.

I saw 4 dead umbrellas on my way to the tube this morning, and I saw another 5 outside Tower Hill tube.