Tuesday 29 June 2010



Finally, what a complete load of bollocks.

Big ass

Upon clearing up all the beer cans and bottles yesterday I remembered that I broke two garden chairs by sitting on them on Sunday night. The worst part about it was that there were two 20 stone plus guys at the bbq too and they didn't break one between them! I must start exercising.

Monday 28 June 2010

Tired today

Our bbq turned into quite a heavy session yesterday and spending all day staring at a computer screen full of numbers all day certainly did not help. It was a good night though.

Saturday 26 June 2010

Will this work?

We thought we'd try some remote gaming. Will it work??? Maybe but Ian looks odd in anything other than black. A new camera may be needed.

Can't resist

Every time Biscuit does this I can't but help taking a photo. The silly cat!

Speldhurst Fete

1) Piss buckets in the toilets at the George and Dragon. Great food, although expensive. I didn't pay (for once) so not too bothered.

2) April cottage

3) Handsome dog competition, this 7 month old beast of a St Bernard came third

4) April and Lesley with her hula hoop.


I went to see my new nephew last weekend and I took some photos. None of Samual however. Where does the ginger one start and finish?

Sunday 20 June 2010

Vice captain

I've just been measured up for our new kit for next season. It looks good so hopefully we'll do it justice. I've also been asked to be vice captain too. That should be good although I may be expected to go training. Boo! I've also volunteered to do our team's (clubs) stats. I love it when a spreadsheet comes together...

Saturday 19 June 2010

Chillin' and Out and about


Cloudy with a chance of rain

Perfect weather for a British a barbeque. I'm off round a friend's tonight for a 40th birthday barbeque. I'll bring an umbrella and a coat. Bbbrrr...

Thursday 17 June 2010

I am now an uncle!

Steve and Jenny had their first baby this morning. You may now call me uncle Stu.

It should have been Frankie

Danny Doyle is to direct the opening ceremony at the 2012 Olympics. Such a shame they couldn't have booked France instead... I'd probably watch it if he was.

Wednesday 16 June 2010

Insurance is the new rock and roll

Today I have been mostly tweaking models then setting them off running.

Must try softer

We've got some big deadlines at work coming up over the next couple of weeks and my work is mostly done. Doh! That was silly of me, now I've been given loads more work. Great!

Monday 14 June 2010

Car in for servicing

£280 out of ur account! Nothing's wrong with it though so that's a bonus. And it feels a bit more sporty too.

Plus letter in the post from the DVLA telling us our tax disk runs out at the end of the month. Another £235! Bloody hell. Boo!

Saturday 12 June 2010

Beerages last night

We went to a decent pub near The Barbican last night with our good friends Sophy, Steve, Harriet and Dan. We ended up getting in at gone 12. Yawn, yawn yawn. Same again tonight with the football round a friends. It'll be a big one. Let's hope we win!

Trip to Estonia

My team's organising a summer beach rugby tour to Estonia next month. Should be good! I wonder what beach rugby is? I'm sure it can't be that hard. I didn't realise it was that far North though.

Friday 11 June 2010

Free umbrellas

My company gave out free branded umbrellas a couple of days ago to anyone in the office who wanted one. Why give them to us? We know who we are. If they are given to people outside the company you get the same brand out there but move it outside the immediate circle of contact. Once lost on a train it's new journey begins.

Maybe it's like those charity helium balloons you release. Whoever's gets posted back from the farthest place get a prize.

Or maybe 7 steps of separation...

Wednesday 9 June 2010

The cats will be jealous

We have a bye at touch rugby this week so seeing as we're free I'm taking April to a nice sea food restaurant in Tunbridge Wells. Sankeys. We've been before, and it was excellent. I think i'll have the same. Mussels then lobster. Mmm!

It's official

I can now officially use the letters Cert CII after my name. Will I change my work signature like a twat? No.


I downloaded The original UFO game on Sunday. Although the graphics aren't amazing, unsurprisingly it's still a great game. Die you auto spys!

Games room is a goer

Even April's keen, although she may call it a third bedroom. We've been looking at sofa bed / futons and big tvs. Now to convince April to let us get a third virgin box...£60 per year, not bad really, plus we can upgrade downstairs to HD.

Tuesday 8 June 2010

Rubbish reception at work

Being in quite an old building with thick walls I have a terrible mobile phone reception at work. I can't connect to the work network so what can I do? Nothing.

England v's the mighty Algeria

Does anyone fancy watching England's 2nd group game v's Algeria round mine on Friday 18th June. Kick off's at around 7:30. If the weather's nice i'll fire up the bbq.

Saturday 5 June 2010

For those that are fans of Pappy's

The first time I saw Pappy's (Fun Club) April had to go up on stage! He, he. He're the post from my old Moblog.


Yeah, i'm off to a musical tonight

April's starring in the Full Monty tonight, this is her 6th and final performance and i'm lucky enough to be going to see it with two friends tonight. It should be good though as everyone i've spoken to who's seen it say it's great. Saying that, I have been instructed when to laugh during one of April's main lines. I hope I don't fluff MY part.

Break a leg April!


When I was in Bristol last week I dropped my new phone in the hotel car park. It's now got a bloody great crack down one corner of the screen. It works fine but I'll still claim on my insurance. The crap thing about it is I'd just bought a cover for it and was about to put it on. Doh! I don't think i've ever had a phone that's lasted more than a year without me smashing it somehow.

Low mileage

I've just recieved a letter from Mazda telling us our car's due for it's 4 year / 50,000 miles service. We've only done around 20,000, so hopefully there's nothing expensive that needs doing to it.

Friday 4 June 2010

Games room?

April's thankfully finished her last exam so what are we going to do with the old study? A GAMES ROOM! We could get some sort of futon, move the X-box and tv upstairs and also get a new bigger tv downstairs plus hd cable downstairs?


April volunteerd me to help out behind the bar at her musical last night, it wasn't bad. Busy for 2 half hours, quiet for the rest. Stupid me has volunteered to help out again tonight as the poor guy that runs the bar would have been on his own and it's a sell out tonight.