Friday 26 May 2017

I hope that's my ram's skull

Although not sure what my cleaners will think of it...

Thursday 25 May 2017

First bbq of the year

First bbq round house Clark last night.

Wednesday 24 May 2017

Started watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer this week

3 episodes in. Only another 140 odd left.

New security measures at Lloyd's

I've not yet seen any extra police / army presence in the city since the bombings in Manchester but we're now getting asked for bag inspections when entering the Lloyd's building.  A few of the newer /bigger office buildings in the city already do this and go further with airport style x-ray machines.

These are interesting times.  The city is probably one of the main targets for similar attacks.  The last being in 2005 which also included some failed attempts later that month.

I was on the last Euro Star train out of London that day as we were on a works away day(s) to Bruges so missed much of what happened on 7/7.  We were also coming back from a team lunch after the failed bombings so had to stay away from the offices for a limited time before getting back to work.

Sadly London will get hit again but more importantly I certainly don't worry about it.  There's no point.  London is a big place and the chances of something happening to you or someone you might know are tiny.  Get on with your life, these extremists will get found and things will get back to normal shortly.

Monday 22 May 2017

The Drum

Watched the second half of the Liverpool vs Middlesbrough game on Sunday, followed by another in the pub garden.  

Free chicken wings!  Unfortunately i'd just had Sunday lunch round a friends so wasn't really hungry.  The garden was nice and we met a couple of nice dogs too.

She will sit anywhere

Biscuit will sit anywhere she pleases.  This time on some bubble wrap and some Green party high vis jackets

Guess who: Tonbridge Edition

With (a lot of) April's help I finally got the long awaited Tonbridge edition of Guess Who.  I originally bought the game on eBay in December last year but never got round to compiling the photographs till Saturday.  It was fairly fiddly cutting all of the pictures to size and then fitting them inside the slots but it was worth it.

First play through was a resounding 3-0 victory to the Clarks vs the Penneys in the P&J on Saturday night.

Making it personal adds quite a few dimensions to the questions you can ask. Most of ones I come up with are insulting.

Friday 19 May 2017

Just ordered a new mouse

Just ordered a new mouse for my new toy.

Don't worry.  I didn't get this one.  

Although I think it transforms into a coffee grinder so could come in handy.

Last stupid purchase

I've been thinking about getting a new tablet / laptop for the last few months now.  I finally splashed out and did it.

My laptop is 4.25 years old but still chugs along nicely due to it's beefy processor, certainly enough for my Football Manager addiction.  My tablet is still decent after nearly 3 years but unfortunately i've recently added an addition crack on the screen.  It still works fine for what I need it to do however which is a bit of internet surfing and watching movies on my commute.

Anyway.  Despite that, i've decided to splash out on one last silly purchase before our new arrival arrives in October.

I've bought myself a rather swish Surface Pro with a rather hefty price tag to boot.

This is just the beginning of what I can do with it...

Now the important part.  Try not to smash it.  My track record could be better as I've damaged my phone again, the camera glass smashed whilst on holiday.  It works fine but it does need fixing.  iSmash have quoted £30 so hopefully they can sort that out today.

Monday 15 May 2017

Every airport should have one

Even the airport departure lounge had a resident cat.

Left alone for 5 minutes

April had only just made this bed for our friends that were staying over on Saturday. Doh!

Some young foals

We spotted a couple of young goals taking a rest on our way to the village pub and a Sunday roast.

I think you're lost

At the local Harbour

Show local wildlife

One of the fish patters we ate

Food was very good, although pretty much every restaurant we tried had the same food available (at different standards).

It would have been nice to have a little more variation.

Our hotel pool at night

Some more photos of Mykonos town

Night time photos, this time right on the water front. Very pretty.

The posh beach

There was a very fancy beach next to the main one, we only popped down to take a look. On the way back we decided to take a less precarious route via another hotel and were busted. Luckily April saved the day with her condition.

We did need to buy two exigencies coffees in the bar though.

A trip into town

5 minutes away in a cab is the port town.

Hotel cat

Pretty much every venue we went to had its own resident cat. I approve.

Appropriate beer

5 minutes walk to the beach

Downhill, not so much fun on the way back. I popped in for a swim on the last day, it was cold so you had to move about to stay warm. Saying that, there were one or two warm currents so not that bad.

The view from the balcony

Holiday to Mykonos snaps

DIY masters

My Dad and I fixing my garden fence. We had them over yesterday to help us tidy up our garden for the summer. Apart from one mishap when the mower was set to low I am very pleased. Thank you!

Saturday 6 May 2017


I won Trojan of the year last night at the rugby club end of season dinner. I'm really quite pleased. The major problem was thatI had to drink out of it all night. A bigger problem was that I had to be up at 3am the next day for a flight to Mykonos. I got in at half past midnight. Urgh...

Thursday 4 May 2017

Thanks Google

That's really helpful... I thought I'd try and learn a little Greek before our holiday. That's not really what I was after. Perhaps I'll ask the Greek guy that sits next to me at work.

Giving the lawn a few last sprinkles

And before you ask, I'm watering it with water.

It almost needs its first haircut too although that'll have to wait for another week or so till we get back from holiday and I buy a mower.

Wednesday 3 May 2017


My 'funky' hat has arrived!!!!

More mad CAD skills from Stuart

I missed the last game of the season this year so rather than miss out on the photo I used paint to edit me in.  Quite similar to John terry getting changed into his kit after missing the Champions League final for Chelsea.

17 wins out of 20.  I think my record was about 15 wins out of 17.

Pretty chuffed with the season really.  Well done lads.  This Friday is our prize giving, which is also the night before I fly off to Mykonos for the week.  The flight's at 6:10 in the morning so I think April may need to drive to Gatwick at 3:30 in the morning the next day.  I don't think i'll be much use.

Party poopers

Just tried to get a tester medal produced with this as it's logo.  The company refused saying it was copyrighted.  Shame, as I spent ages in paint producing it.

In case you're not aware, i'm hosting the sporting event that ends all sporting events this summer.  July first will be the inaugural Tonbridge Olympics (name subject to change / court case).  We won't be doing any of the official events, just silly ones I make up, nick from other sources or generally ones I think I can win.

So far we have 20+ people that will be joining in.

Events promised so far

  • Boules
  • Crazy golf
  • Wellie Wanging
  • Short sprint
  • Rounders 

Soppy Stuart?

April went for her 16 week midwife check up yesterday and sent me a sound file of our little baby's heartbeat.

I was walking home from the station last night and put a shuffle mix on my music.  Straight after Zombie by the Cranberries I heard the little heartbeat.


Bloody late notice shortened trains

It's fairly rare these days but doesn't stop it being annoying.

Tuesday 2 May 2017

Just call me the cat hog

The cats keeping me warm on Friday night