Monday 31 March 2014


What's wrong with me? Boxers on the wrong way round again.

Is there a course I can go on? Because I'm clearly doing something wrong.

Trying to hide

April forgot to bring her make-up bag in this morning so I need you bring it in. It looks like I'm carrying a purse.

Sunday 30 March 2014

Wow. Could it be Liverpool's year?

Liverpool are top of the league again. Eek. Only 6 games left and it's in our hands. Just the small obstacle of having to beat Man City and Chelsea. At least they're both home games though.

By the way, this is in real life and not in my latest football manager game.

Thursday 27 March 2014

Photos from last night's charity gig

April's charity Attitude is Everything out on a gig last night. Here are some photos.

Do cats have finger prints?

Poppet or Biscuit? The annoying thing is that we've not got a cleaner this week as we're getting our carpets fitted tomorrow.

The Queen

We've got the queen in our building today but I'm in a meeting at 11 so going to miss her. Oh well.

Wednesday 26 March 2014

Should I be worried?

One off the lifts at work (The Lloyd's Building) uses making tape to secure the counter weight.

Monday 24 March 2014

How old am I?

I've designed this database at work so that my team can keep track of projects and jobs and an currently teaching some of the younger members of the team how it works.

I told one guy how to save the file by clicking on the disk symbol.  It took hom a while to find it so it got me thinking. Does he even remember having 3.5 inch disks???

Luckily he did.

I've since looked at excel, access and a few others and they all still use the symbol too.

Sunday 23 March 2014

New phone on route

Just ordered myself a new phone. I've had this current one or at least a version of this one (phone replaced as I broke it) for nearly two years now which is a long time for me. I'd usually get myself a new phone and a new contract every year but since moving to giff gaff and with Android being virtually the same on each phone the only point of replacing it is if it stops working or becomes too slow. I've bought a sim free version as I've been very happy with giff gaff, especially the price.

The phone's still very fast but has started to fall apart a bit with the headphone connector intermittently packing up and a slight warming up issue, butopefully I'll still be able to get a few quid for it.

My tablet however has become noticeably slow and unresponsive. I may have to replace that sooner rather than later. Anybody want an 18 month old Samsung 10.1?

I like our local

We popped into local, the Punch and Judy on Friday to catch up with a couple of friends. It was a good night and made better by having three dogs given free roam around the place. Including this one, a very large wolf.

Two more valuations

We had two more valuations yesterday. I think they were both more reasonable. No to choose one and get on with the sale. New carpets going in on Friday, let's hope the cats don't destroy it before we get some viewings.

Not Well

I've had a cold since about Thursday and there's no sign of it getting better. Boo!

My dad and his wife Ann were supposed to be popping over to help us with some much needed gardening but we've had to call off.

Today will mostly be spent either in bed, on the sofa or in the bath.


Interesting political survey

According to the survey results I'm 100%

Optimistic Contentment: "Confident, comfortable & usually on higher incomes they are prudent & tolerant but think Britain is a soft touch."


Friday 21 March 2014

Well that's a nice surprise

Just had an appraisal meeting with my boss and I got a nice surprise of a pay rise. 3.25% to be precise. Not bad for 4.5 months work.

No bonus mind, but knew I wouldn't get one this year.

Thursday 20 March 2014


The last three digits of the girl next to me at work's phone extension are


I'm saying nothing.

Tuesday 18 March 2014

April's birthday present

Whilst in Byron Bay we bought April a Lightning Ridge black opal and got a local jeweler to make a ring for it. Here's some of the pictures he sent through of the process.

Monday 17 March 2014

Biscuit snoring

Biscuit had a hard day yesterday so decided to have a little nap.

Last minute call up

At one pm on Saturday I had a missed call from my old captain. Then a text asking if I could call immediately. Not thinking, I called. He needed a centre for the 2nd team...


It was a good game and we beat our local rivals Tunbridge Wells again having beaten their 3rd team last week for our 3rd team.

I used to play first team back at home but Tonbridge pay their 1st team so our club is set up a little different.

Anyway, other than not really being fit enough I played well. Not bad for someone who can play for the vets next season.

In other related news S&L my old side from Corby won a cup on Saturday. Well done lads.

Sunday 16 March 2014

Thai party

We had a birthday party to celebrate April's birthday last night. We hired a a Thai chef  for the evening who fed us again and again and again.

Great night.

Saturday 15 March 2014

Tight squeeze

Even Biscuit thinks so.

Friday 14 March 2014

Yes, can I help you?

Yes. Can I help you?:

Thursday 13 March 2014

Monday 10 March 2014

Puddy cat

Poppet all wrapped up.

House view

Well, the house viewing was certainly interesting. And certainly has got us thinking. We liked the house but it needs an awful lot of work. It's perfectly livable as it is but it's a 10 year plus project.  And with it costing so much in the first place a very good deal must be made to make it viable.And to add to that, it's grade 2 listed so would have all that fun working with the council just to change a light bulb...
Saying that, our house isn't even on the market yet so we're not really in a position to do anything anyway. What it has done though it's kick is into action.
Watch this space.

Sunday 9 March 2014

2 fingers one game

First game in a while and knackered two fingers. Good game though 27-19 versus our local rivals Tunbridge Wells.

Wednesday 5 March 2014

£312.50 off

I renewed my train season ticket yesterday and got over £300 off. No special discount, just 50 or so penalty vouchers for running late or the last year for both me and April.

They didn't make it easy either. In all it took around 30 mins. First I had to fill in my details on the back of each ticket. Then he scanned the barcode on each and wrote something on the back. Once that was done he then feed each into a machine that I'm not even sure what it did.

Still had to pay £3,500 though. Not really worth it.

Bloody jet lag

Went to bed at 7pm last night and fell straight to sleep. I woke up at 2am however. 7 hours isn't bad but it's going to be a long night.

Tuesday 4 March 2014

Australia trip day 12

Out doesn't really count as a day as all we did was go for a dip in the hotel roof top pool then drive to the airport. You can make out the Sydney Harbour Bridge of you look hard enough.

The last picture is of the rain outside as we were waiting for our plane home. We're not missing much.

Australia trip day 11

This was the day when we did most of the driving. Around 600km, took us about 6 or 7 hours. The scenery was very nice so didn't seem that bad. Afterwards we had a look round Manly (where we were staying) and saw a man walking a cat. As you do...

I also saw Emile Heskey score! He's playing out there in the A-league.

Australia trip day 10

We went to one of the Day on the Green festivals on day 10, the one in the Peterson's vineyard. The only bands of heard of were Something for Kate and Hunters and Collectors.

It was a great day despite the torrential rain for half of it. The music was good, the wine was nice (I'd moved on from beer as they could only sell it at less that 3.5% at a music festival!). 

As we'd booked it all late we had to go for the platinum package. Almost front and centre seats, fenced off seating area and a no queue bar!

Australia trip day 9

Day 9 was fairly sedate. We drove to April's mum's place for lunch, saw the new place she's renovating and her two dogs. After that we drove to Armidale where we were going to a musical festival the next day.

Here's our car again and a helicopter parked 20m away.