Monday, 23 May 2022

500 hours

 Just passed 500 hours on the latest Football Manager.  The previous version I totalled 700+.  There's at least 5 months till the next one comes out so i'm on track.

Birthday / final day of the fantasy football competition

 It was our friend's birthday party on Sunday and it also coincided with our annual meet up for the fantasy football group we're in.

Here's the trophy, won this year by Stuart Penney

Watching the Liverpool game

My friend's had a bar fitted into his house.  Awesome!

Arthur trying to get served at the bar

Who's going to win

 We went on a family walk on Sunday morning with the kids and the dog.  Arthur's getting much better but we still have to carry him for much of the way.

Vapour trail.  Not sure what the plane was doing to cause this.

Race!  I know who my money's on...

Arthur's birthday

 It was Arthur's 2nd birthday on Saturday and we hired a local hall for him and some of his closest friends from the nursery to enjoy the fun.

Flo blew up 30 odd balloons herself



The birthday boy!

He, he!

Friday, 20 May 2022

Arthur's two tomorrow!

 It's Arthur's 2nd birthday tomorrow.  We've got a big party planned at a local venue where we've got an indoor bouncy castle set to arrive.  He will never remember this but April will and that's what it's all about...

He's got 6 or 7 friends and their families from his nursery coming plus a bunch of our local friends to help out.  It should be fun.  We're all piling round back to ours afterwards so that should be fun too.

A lot has to due to the pandemic, but a lot of my friends have never met him or maybe never will, which is sad but I guess people drift away and it can't always be the same as when you were 15.

Interesting social media interactions...

 I'm off most social media these days, mostly because I feel the bad sides of it out weigh the things I enjoy.  

In order to post videos to this blog I tend to upload them to YouTube rather than save them locally then upload.  Lazy on my behalf but what can you do?  By putting them on YouTube it makes them publicly available and some get quite a few views.

What interests me is the amount of likes some of the videos get, or more specifically the amount of dislikes.  The highest views i've had for one of my videos is approximately 2.5k, but the ones that seem to get the most traction sit at around the 1k mark. I generally get 80% likes ratio which on the face of it sounds good, but when I really think about it, it's pretty shit.  Not many of my friends (who know I have a blog) actually bother clicking on the videos anyway as I can see quite a few only have 1 or two views or on some even 0.  Ignoring that, my point is who would actually bother moving their mouse to the dislike button?  95% of my videos are about my dog or my children.  Fair enough, you might not be interested in my dog or my children but to actively make the effort to dislike it???  I think there's something wrong with you.  I'm glad I don't use social media and i'm glad i'm not you

Not many out dog walking this afternoon


A bit damp

Although not amazing excited about heading out Arwen soon got into the swing of things

Stupid cat!  Josie is sitting on Arwen's towel so I can't even dry her. 

Wednesday, 18 May 2022

Last night was fun

We ended up killing the giant beholder Xanathar and one!

Next week we're making characters for Vampire the Masquerade. Should be fun too.


This morning's walk

 I forgot to bring Flo's school back with us this morning so I had to go home and pick that up which means i've now done 17k steps before work.  Here are some photos


Photo bomb

Some red flower


Field left to fallow

Rugby posts coming down for the summer months

 Not sure why they bother as they'll only have to put them back again in August / September.  Maybe it's to give the ground a bit of a rest from supporting the weight.