Tuesday, 20 October 2020

First train since lock down

Off to Winchester to visit a friend 

Missed opportunity


Should have been called Towny McTownface 

Monday, 19 October 2020

Is it bad?

Playing football manager and have come against an opposition player with the same surname as an ex work colleague who I disliked. A lot. He was a that.

I've directed my team to "go on hard". 

Am I wrong?

Friday, 16 October 2020

Mmm... sparkly

 My large sparkly kickstarter D20 turned up last weekend.  Here it is in full glory.

New office layout

With Arwen still not toilet trained (or any type of trained) i'm still working from the kitchen.  This is the current office configuration.

Tablet, surface pro, work laptop

Dog sleeping by the portable radiator


 We're off on holiday next week.  It'll be our first break since Rhosneigr (Anglesey) back in July.  We're going away with another family who has a daughter of a similar age to Flo, they used to go to the same childminder.  Unfortunately between us there are now 7 so we've had to be a bit creative with our meet.

I'm going to stay at home and look after Arwen for Monday and Tuesday then i'll get the train to Winchester and get picked up by April and will take me to the forest retreat (I must have done 10 of these at least by now), whilst April's doing that one of the other parents will stay over in a hotel who will the swap with the other for the final night.

It's all a bit convoluted due to the arbitrary due to the strict rule of six but I guess they have to draw a line somewhere and that's the number they chose.

Luckily rates in the south east and Winchester are still relatively low when compared to the North and other parts of the country so for the time being we're good to go.

Our friends have kindly volunteered to look after the dog, I think they were hoping she'd be toilet trained by then.  Good luck.

First curry

  Flo (and Arthur) had their first restaurant curry this week.  And it went down well.  Flo especially liked the funny named crisps (poppadum) dipping in jam (mango chutney).

She's been pretty good eating out and rarely causes a fuss.  All part of the training so we can go away somewhere nice and not annoying other patrons.

God I was bored yesterday

Bored at work yesterday so built a spreadsheet of who owed what from the previous nights pub outing.  Normally I would have just split it by 6 maybe adjusting by the fact that Stu had 3 and I had 5 pints.  But the data was there and with it all being waiter served at the moment I knew exactly what we had.  The tricky part was remembering who had what.  The handy timestamps on the e-mailed receipts came in handy.

Luckily we're still in tier 1.  I don't want to go back to remote drinking with friends.


Can you feel the serenity

Yes, yes I can.

Spotted these two gliding along the Medway this morning during my morning walk.  Quite the contrast to what I was listening to.

I've got the audiobook of The Temple of Elemental Evil and a troll had just been lightning bolted in the forehead.