Friday 12 July 2024

Another record


I beat my 500m record by 10 seconds this morning.  Probably won't get a chance to beat it this week whilst being away unless I can do 1,000 laps in the hot tub.

I also beat my 200n record by 10 seconds 4m 25s.


 We're off on holiday tomorrow.  We're going to a small village just outside Whitstable.  It's going to be fun, we're going with Shaheen and his family and our dog.  The weather forecast has improved since I first started looking so that's a bonus.  Although not what I would call hot, it's certainly not raining all week!

Not many firm plans on what to do yet, but sure we will find plenty of things to occupy us.

  • Euros Final on Sunday
  • 2 trips to a Michelin starred pub (we've been there before). Girls one night then boys
  • I'd like to take the kids fruit picking if we can find somewhere local
  • Possible trip to Canterbury
  • Vineyard visit
  • Zoo / safari park
  • Hot tub

Thursday 11 July 2024

Smash burger time

 April bought me a burger press so thought i'd give it a go last Friday and make us some smash burgers.  Yum, yum!

One of Florence's favourites

 April took Arthur to a birthday party so I asked Flo what she wanted for lunch.  Chicken pot pie was her response.  She even ended up having it for tea too!  Lucky girl.

Florence is looking old

 She's 7 in October but already looking too old.  I took her to get her hair done on Saturday.  Only £25, half the price as Arwen!

Long overdue

 Arwen had her quarterly trim on Tuesday, doesn't she look good?  £50 though!

The princess and the pea

 Very precarious

Saturday's game

 I've been watching the football in the local Tonbridge pubs.    Other than last night's game it's been a very dull affair but it's been a good laugh though.  I'm off to Whitstable with Shaheen and his lot this Saturday for a weeks holiday so we'll have to find a pub to watch the final.  Come on England!

A bit too small

 I bought a new kindling basket this week as the old one had fallen apart but when it turned up it was tiny.  Grrr...

Picnic cancelled

 Not to worry, i'll do a roast beef instead.  We were supposed to have a picnic on Sunday with all the families in Florence's year but that got rained off.  I suggested to a couple of the families that i'd do a roast instead.  It turned out great!  I did a new method this time.  Seared in a pan with olive oil, butter, garlic, thyme and rosemary first.  Then in a low oven (110C) till the joint got up to the desired temperature.