Thursday 23 May 2024

Pizza time

 April bough some supermarket pizzas for the kids.  I spiced them up.

Arthur: Added mushroom and sweetcorn

Flo: Added Ham, tomato and honey.


Kiss the pig

We got Flo to do this a few years ago.  This time was Arthur.  Tonbridge School is one of the most expensive private schools in the country.  The fact that we're even considering it seems insane to me.  Let's hope he gets the grades to go to one of the great local grammars. 

Tick tock

 My character in our latest game found a silver egg, turns out it was a silver dragon egg.  I've bought one in from ebay so we're ready.

Dog walk

 Our friends needed us to walk their dog this afternoon so I took both dogs out.  This time Bella won 3-0 on the poo front.

Wednesday 22 May 2024


 We test drove one of Arthur's new games this afternoon. I kicked April's ass. Snail sprint.

Lunch time walk

 I took Arwen out for a long walk this afternoon.  Saw some lovely sights. 

Only one encounter

 We only had one encounter last night as the DM was keen to play with his new toy (Deck of Many Things) again.  The players that didn't draw any last week took their turn.  It was back at the pub as our table is still not available.  

Helping out the club

 My friends at the rugby club needed help running a rugby festival for the surround schools so I said I could help out.  I still had half a day's holiday to use up this month so thought why not.  90 kids (yr 6) from around 10 local schools played tag rugby all afternoon in the rain.  What's not to enjoy?

Birthday boy!

 Arthur turned 4 yesterday, I think he was very pleased with his haul.

Never in doubt

 I won the Tonbridge Massive Fantasy football trophy (again) this year.  That's the third time.  £120 too.  Although i've got to take the others out for beers at the start of the season.