Monday, 29 November 2021

Back home

 I'm heading back home (Corby) on Saturday morning for an ex rugby playing friend's memorial game.  Steve's picking me up in the morning and we'll head over to the club.  I haven't played in nearly 2 years so I will be in bit on Sunday.  I miss it.

It's Christmas!

Edit: Florence's (April's) really excited about Christmas this year, she's talked of nothing else since the last big event, Fireworks Night.  So, after rugby tots (via Majestic) we took her to buy a tree (photos to follow).

We brought all the Christmas stuff down and got to work.  It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Little git

 Arthur finally broke my tablet.  He was playing with that and my phone and decided he wanted to smash it.  So he did.

One anonymous person put a crack in it a year ago (could be human, could be animal), but they haven't confessed.

It's been at the back of my mind to get a new one anyway due to the crack but as it worked perfectly fine I was sensible and decided to wait till it properly broke.  The same for my surface pro and mobile.

I did some quick research and decided on a samsung s6 lite.  The previous was a s4, the latest is a s7.  Arthur was asleep and Flo and April were busy making Christmas decorations so I popped to Curry's to get one.  Itwas pretty busy, I guess people were trying to get a black Friday deal (on Sunday), I must have been there for 15 mins waiting to be seen by someone so that they could get the box out of the cage and for me to pay for it but nothing.  I walked out and ordered it online.

Thursday, 25 November 2021

School choice

 So... we've decided to put Flo into the local prep school (fee paying), and by Easter 2023 Arthur will head there too.  It's a big expense but we can afford to pay the nursery fees as they stand now, why not pay them for the next x years too.  We're in a good position financially, where else would we put the money?

Stupid Clark purchase 34

 We've ordered a digital one of these in oak.  Only £9k.  Bargain.  Bloody idiots.  Let's hope the kitchen is finished before it arrives (Feb)


 This time, not talking about the work on the house.

I've verbally agreed to stay at my company for another couple of months (end of March).  It's the second extension so pretty good.  If only I had some work to do.

Well, here's the monster

 The new bath was finally installed yesterday and we've had 3 baths already.  It's massive! 

The monster

Friday, 12 November 2021

That will sort it...

 The heating's gone in our new office so the building manager said he'd pop round with some oil heaters whilst the gas man takes a look at the boiler.

He's turned up with a couple of these tiny things!  We're basically in a small old house, not nearly enough to do the job.  Luckily it's not that cold and it looks like i'm the only one in today so may just put them both by my desk.

Bathroom's coming along

 The bathroom's coming along nicely, but there are few things still outstanding.  

Those eagle eyed amongst you will have spotted that there is no bath in the bathroom.  Fingers crossed this will get delivered and installed next week.

The washing machine and dryer will live in the cabinet that is getting built and hopefully installed next week.

The throne.

I think we also need an electrician to finish with the lighting (floor and ceiling) and we need a new pump for our en suite which again should get fitted next week too.

Thursday, 11 November 2021

Today's highlight

Saying that, the whole office had a shock at 11am.  As part of the remembrance day events around Tonbridge they fired the cannon outside the castle.  25m from my desk.  Jeez!