Friday 23 February 2024

Leveling up

 We all levelled up to lvl 6 on Tuesday.  This was after nearly getting eaten by a blind ancient white dragon.  Good fun.  Not much exciting things to do at level 6 for a wizard but I get a couple of extra spells and a few extra hp.  

Highlight was getting asked to roll a d100 to generate a random magical item.  I rolled the dice across the table and got 100!  I'm now the proud owner of a +1 wand of the war mage.  It was supposed to be a +2 but the gm said it was too powerful.  I'll have to make do with my attuned shield guardian.

No GM next week so we're due to do a one shot of Cyberpunk.

Box robot

I turned a box into a robot for Arthur yesterday and he loved it.  It inevitably caused conflict as Flo wanted a go too.  Luckily i've sourced another box so they can both play tomorrow. 

Today's walk

 Bit of a long soggy walk this morning.  The swan didn't like the dog coming over to say hello.

Don't think we're training the u6s at the club this Sunday!

Monday 19 February 2024

Probably a wise decision

Yesterday's u6 rugby training was moved last minute to a different venue.  I think it was probably wise.  These are the pitches we use.  Might have got a little wet.  The rain held off yesterday morning too.

I had to run the session again as Jon was away but it went pretty smoothly.

Saturday 17 February 2024

Rugby tots

 Arthur got ran over by one of the other parents at rugby tots this morning.  He banged his head on the floor and was a bit upset.  He missed one game but then joined in for the rest of the session.  Good kad.

Friday 16 February 2024

Nice late winters day

 Back to the old routine, here's Tonbridge in a little morning sun.  The rugby pitches look okay, a little heavy but would be fine to play on Sunday.  Unfortunately it's forecast to rain during the session, so might not be much fun for the little ones.

Thursday 15 February 2024

Possibly playing star wars with the dweebs at some point

 Possibly playing d20 star wars saga rpg remotely with the old dweebs so thought i'd do a bit of research.  I've probably only watched the new lot once so will be nice to revisit.

Jukebox has lost internet connectivity

 Any ideas?  I've e-mailed them but no reply yet.

Change of plans

 April took the dog for a walk this morning so I took the kids to their play group.  I did a little walk around the castle then on to the bakehouse for a cup of tea.

Wednesday 14 February 2024

Well that's good news!

 I've had sinus problems off and on for a little while so was getting treated by the doctor.  I was hoping for antibiotics as that cleared it up before.  I didn't get them this time but then I had a pretty bad case of Flu and started coughing up a little blood in the morning (tiny amount) meant my doctor relented and prescribed some, it didn't clear it up and that combined with a weight loss and some interesting numbers in some blood tests suggested I should get a CT scan to investigate further.  (Surprisingly liver and kidney function are fine!  As I see it the doctor is telling me to continue with my current rate of booze intake)

I'm feeling much better than I was after the flu, I even played a full 80 mins in a game of rugby but the reason why I was getting the CT scan was to check for cancer.

It was just to rule it out, which I understand was a very small chance but still, the risk was there.  I'm not one to worry and for the most part I didn't but it was still at the back of my mind.

Anyway...  I had a chat with a specialist doctor this afternoon and he said I was fine, I don't have cancer. I still have the sinus issue which may need further investigation but I am relieved.  Having the kids now makes you think a bit.