Tuesday, 11 August 2020

I see you

 One of our next door neighbour's cat keeps watching me whilst I work.

Air con

 To the rescue

It's a sure fire way to end the summer.

Puddle cat

Josie has basically turned into a puddle cat.

Monday, 10 August 2020

Tonbridge or Dagobah?

Spotted this on my walk this morning.  I was half expecting to see half an x-wing sticking out of the water.

Birthday fun

 It was a friend's 40th birthday this weekend so a few of us met up on the fields by the rugby club for a picnic.  Again, it was too bloody hot but we did have good fun.

Speaking of being too hot, April's caved in and just bought us 3 air conditioning units.  That's a sure fire way to end the summer.

Sunday's walk

We went for a country walk with friends and their dog yesterday.  Although very hot and having to carry Flo for 99.9% of the way it was great.  We had lunch at the Rifleman, myself and Jono went for The Monster.  Why have 1 roast when you can have 3?

They were round ours in the evening too for our weekly film night.  I also made roast beef!  Yum.

My brother's new dog has arrived

 Meet Bobla

Friday, 7 August 2020

Well, that's useful


Just found out that I can change the colour of the lighting of my cpu.  FFS.  This is the light on the other side of my PC, which is currently next to a wall so that I can't see it.

Can't see anything here


And now red

The absolute bastards!


They've just sent me a photo of the rack of lamb.  Complete and absolute bastards!

Feels nice to be back

 April's off for a fancy lunch with a couple of friends today but it's too far to travel there and back during my lunch break.  Boo.

Here's the menu, I would have ordered the rack of lamb, and if anyone thought I'd share...  they can fuck off.   It's the new sister restaurant of the place I took all of the Tonbridge lot to last year for my 40th.

Not wanting to miss out on all the fun (if only I didn't have to work), I popped into Fuggles for a quick pint and a toasted sandwich, it's the first time since lock down.

Nice and quiet.

I've been helping to keep them afloat by ordering a box of beer from them each month.  35 quid for 12 cans of various types of pale ale.  The percentages range from 3% to 8% so is a real mix bag.  I like pale ales but there's too much variance in each box for my liking.  I don't really drink beers less than 4.5%, I mean what's the point?  And 8% is just insane.

Saying that I don't really drink beer / lager at home.  Only round friends really.  I generally only drink (far too much) wine.  I had my latest 24 bottles delivered a couple of days ago.  Should last a week or two...