Monday 22 July 2019

Our fat cat

Josie's doing well in her new home but despite being on a strict diet I don't think she's losing much weight.  I do treat her occasionally, but surely she'll be able to fit back through the cat flap unaided at some point.


Yum, cooked a big rump steak for myself and April yesterday.  It was a little overdone if i'm honest but still tasted good.

Tuesday 9 July 2019

Yes, it's an extender

Well, the big news this week is that my contract's been extended to the end of October. An additional two and a half months.

And what was the first thing that I did? Contract food poisoning. I had to leave work at lunch yesterday. I've been off again today but luckily I've not missed any pay as I've been able to work from home.


Tuesday 2 July 2019


I had an informal chat with my boss yesterday and it's looking likely that i'll be getting an extension to my contract till the end of September and possibly to the end of October.  I should find out more by the end of the week.

Fingers crossed as the extra money would be nice, but i've done a good job filling in the gaps whilst they replace leaving members of staff.  Moving on somewhere else would be cool too.  Let's hope I don't have to wait too long...

Monster rib of beef

I massively over catered for my brother and his family coming over on Sunday.  I ended up buying a 5kg joint.  Probably more than twice what we needed.  It was pretty good though.  Shame it cost me £100.  Doh!

Jamboree 2019

2019 was a success.  Smaller turnout than usual but thanks to a nice breeze the silly temperatures didn't effect us that much. 

2nd in the sprint

4th on the 3 legged race, hampered by the child

More sprinting, I really need to get my back looked at


I'm now debt free!

I paid off the last of my credit cards this morning.  That's apart from our massive mortgage that is.  I am now officially debt free.

They were all on long term interest free but i'd rather get rid of the payments for good.  I think i've had this kind of debt since starting uni 20+ years ago.  It's nice to think that all of my money now goes direct to me.