Wednesday 29 June 2016


Thought i'd try a new blogging app as am fed up with google's version as it's got loads of bugs.  Will see how I get on.

Vic Reeves night photo that didn't post

Waiting for Vic Reeves

We went to see Richard Herring interview Vic Reeves on Monday on his RHLSTP podcast . It was funny in bits but was certainly an awkward one. We felt bad to leave for the second guest (Suzie Dent) bit I wanted to see England lose to Iceland so sorry...

Sunday 26 June 2016

Games day: The Revenge

Kris won this session. Good fun.

Some photos of the International rugby

There were 8 of us in all. Excellent result! A whitewash on their own soil.

Thursday 23 June 2016

Building progressing well

Here's a 6 month update on the progress of the building that's getting built next to Lloyd's.

Jan 2016

Shirtless scum

A dick was being arrested on my walk home last night. Not sure what he did.  Didn't hang around to find out.

Big winnings

I won £25 on the national lottery yesterday!  Woo hoo!

3 numbers.  What shall I spend my winnings on?  I'm pretty sure I won't take it out of the online account so I guess i'll be spending it on more lottery tickets.  At least until I win millions that is.

Wednesday 22 June 2016

Shoe shine

Found this machine in the downstairs loo at Lloyd's.  I was tempted to give it a go but someone else came in so chickened out.

Date night

At Pitt Cue. Very good.

Photos from the Tonbridge parade

Helping out the local WI whilst they were marching down the high street.  The put the WI's stall opposite the local pole dancing (for fitness) girls.

Saturday 18 June 2016

Biscuit enjoying the rugby

Biscuit watching the Australia vs England game.

Friday 17 June 2016

My nephew Sam's birthday present had arrived

A bat detector!

Almost the perfect picture

At Gatwick Airport. Almost the perfect picture and joke until Ben and Kristian informed me that it says spelt incorrectly.

Missed the comicon

I thought the white board at the airport say a nice touch.

Last night back in Sorrento

And I found some cats

Ferry trip to Capri

We're not great on boats but we made the 30 min trip to Capri.

Michelin starred food

Champagne bar followed by a 10 course michelin starred meal then onto a local bar to watch the second half of the Italy vs Belgium game.

Relaxing second day