Wednesday 31 January 2024

Pretty sure it's a meal

Prawn gyoza with Frank's hot source 

Getting excited about Saturday's game!

 Pitch is looking good.  And very soft.

Monday 29 January 2024

Can't shift a cold

 I've had a cold for ages and I can't seem to shift it.  I noticed that I was coughing up a bit of blood in the mornings so spoke to my doctor on Friday.  She's prescribed some antibiotics.  I'm on day 4 of 5 and still coughing up a little blood.  I do feel better than last week though which is good.

Gig night

 April booked us in to see Deadletter at the Forum in Tunbridge Wells last night.  I'd heard a couple of their tracks before and they were pretty good.

April's plaque


His shirt lastest 2 songs

Date night


 Spotted these on my walk with Arwen this morning

Thursday 25 January 2024

First aid course 2

 The second of three 3 hour first aid course at the rugby club.

Dave attempting the Heimlich manoeuvre.  At least I think that's what he was doing...

My attempt at bandaging a glass injury.

Wednesday 24 January 2024

No fireball

I didn't get to cast fireball last night but did do a well placed Slow on a group of dire wolves and barbarians (3 attacks reduced to 1).

Last night's supper

 Baked camembert with dippy things.

Pretty nice

Monday 22 January 2024

For the dog that has everything

 A Tonbridge Juddians RFC coat.

New cook book arrived

 There's loft thoughts about making something from there for my next home d&d session but I know i'll never bother.  We're level 5 now which means I have access to fireball.

There's a few trees down

The calm after the storm.

I thought i'd have to turn back

But I could walk through the undergrowth for a bit and get back to the path

Friday 19 January 2024

Not sure the 2nd smiley face was best pleased about getting out into an oven and eaten by a hungry child

April bought these to help cheer up a poorly Arthur. Not so sure the second one down is that happy about it!

Arthur's feeling better

We took Arthur back to school yesterday but we got a call shortly after breakfast for us to pick him up.  He was a little better with us in the morning so we thought we'd chance it.  He'd gotten worse and was pretty ill yesterday.  He ended up having an early night and slept well in mummy and daddy's bed.  He's much better today and his cough has almost completely gone.  He'll be fine by Monday.  Let's hope we are too.

Ice, ice baby

 Finally got out with the dog this morning after spending most of the last 3 days at home with the flu I tried to break the ice around the flooded ground near the rugby pitches.  I manage a few cracks but it held firm.  Another freezing one tonight.  Brrr...

Wednesday 17 January 2024

Tough day

 Arthur got his haircut on Saturday.  It was a long day for him.  We walked to rugby tots in the morning then before heading home when to the shops to pick up some shopping for the weekend.  He went to a gallery with April in the afternoon before falling asleep whilst getting his hair cut!

It was a pre curser for the next week though as we had to take him home from school on Monday morning with a temperature.  He's back in today but we now both have what he had.  I had a temperature of 39 at one point last night but a little better today.  Problem is I had to work yesterday and today as we have a tight deadline that I can't miss. Grrr...

Saturday cooking

 I made tuna tacos for lunch on Saturday

Flo helped me make dinner, roast chicken thighs with green beans and a potato gratin,

Friday 12 January 2024

Steps update

 2023 was not the best year, that was 2022 where I clocked 5.9m steps.  Still over 5m n 2023 though so not bad.  I'm down on last year already on catch up.

I have a problem

 I can't stop buying dice.  I have a problem.  Kris said I have 3d6+1 problems.  Ha, ha.  Not a bad joke.  I could have probably have passed it off as my own.

This one I even forgot I owned!  I'd bought it at the end of the last d&d session of the year and it was tucked away in my bag.  It's lovely.

How much wood could a wood chopper chop?

 If April and Stuart were the wood choppers?  Answer:  Not much.

Needs practice

Superb effort

Water feature is frozen

Some deer spotting

 They were leaping this morning but couldn't get the phone up in time.

Beautiful day on Wednesday


Lovely sun rise

Pretty chilly!

Creepy photos at Lloyd's

 I had a team meeting in the Old Library in the Lloyd's building yesterday and a number of the ex CEOs and Chairmen have portraits in there.  It's been a while since I worked for them but who are these guys???

Tuesday 9 January 2024

40th birthday

 Don't worry, not mine again.  

Cake made by his sister Heather

Drinks at the bar followed by our local Thai chef Balm (spelling?) cooking for us all

Pre football hotdog - Tonbridge vs Weymouth (2-1w)


I came 4th

Get ready...

Suited and booted

The times

Play date

 One of our school friends was ill over the weekend so asked if we could look after their son for a bit on Sunday.  They've helped us out loads and he's a good kid so he came round for most of the day after their rugby session.  The kids had a lot of fun.

A little warmer on yesterday's dog walk

 But massive flooding still on the main playing fields.  The ducks and swans love it though.

A bit of snow in Tonbridge

 We had a fair amount of snow in Tonbridge yesterday but none of it stuck.

Using my new chopper

 Some successful chops, some less than successful...

Chilly this morning

 The dog had a proper walk this morning.  First in ages as the kids have only just gone back to school!