Thursday 30 January 2020

Interesting hand luggage

Had to leave work early today as there was a power failure at Cannon Street. I walked to London Bridge and spotted this guy on the opposite platform. 


Watching season 4 of Bosch and the main character has the same ring tone as me. Very annoying. I had it first. 

Sale of the century

To clear space for the new arrival, i've decided to sell some board games that I will never play again.

I've never sold anything on Ebay before so have just done 4 to begin with and will see what happens.  I think there are another 8 that I will put up this weekend.

Duel wielding animals

I had a friend round last night to watch the football.

He brought his dog Bella.  I can't say that Josie enjoys her company, it's more like she tolerates her.

What a Legend

Baby name entry 217, is my favourite so far. 

Wednesday 29 January 2020

Superbowl Sunday

I'm watching this year's Superbowl on Sunday  round a friend's house.  I haven't watched that much this year, just the occasional highlight show but this year should be good.

I've booked in to work from home on Monday too, hopefully I won't get pestered too much as i'll be shattered.

12 days left of work

Things do seem to be moving in the market at the moment but nothing yet in terms of firm offers. 

I need that scan

I went to see the back consultant this morning and I need to get that MRI on my back.  I'm booked in on Sunday morning.  I should get the results back a couple of days after that.

Monday 27 January 2020

So, who asked for the specs of the beast???

I9 3.50 Ghz
8GB Graphics card
2 Solid state Hard drives
2 curved 24 inch monitors
Have I spent too much money???


End of my playing career

I think I may have played my last game of rugby.  I've been suffering from back pain whilst playing for over three years now so have finally gotten around to getting it checked out.  I've been seeing a physio for a month now and she's recommended that I get it checked out with an MRI scan.  I'm booked in on Wednesday.

I'll wait to see how it goes but that that might be it for me.  England missed their chance.

I've played for around 35 years and apart from my fingers, toes, bicep, back and face am not completely broken so I call it a good innings.   I've played for my home club Stewarts and Lloyds (1sts - 4th team), Bishopston down in Bristol (1st -  2nd team), The Mayfair Occationals (Barnes 4ths) and finally Tonbridge Juddians (2nds - 5ths).

I have a rugby tour to Gibralta coming up in April, but will make sure I forget my kit.  I'll have to make do with my other hobby.  Booze.

Baby number 2

For those not in the know, we're due to have our second baby in early June!  And we're having a boy!

We're getting the house ready for the new arrival, and getting Flo used to the idea of no longer being number 1.  It's quite exciting, but we've still got loads to do.

The most important thing is coming up with the name.  My first choice is Jurgen.

300,000 page views!

My blog passed 300,000 page views last week!

I think most are from bots, but at least some things are reading it.

I do find the blog pretty useful though, i'm often wondering when I did things and this is an easy resource to help me find out.

A work friend was telling me that he had a nasty bruise on his back.  He'd fallen over whilst drunk,  right before he was due to go on a 2 week holiday in the Caribbean.  I told him that i'd had a couple of decent bruises in the past and managed to find my zombie arm and the one on my hip that looked like i'd been in a car crash within a minute.  He was impressed.

Poor girl

Had to leave work at lunchtime today to pick up this little one.  She wasn't feeling very well and the nursery asked us if we could take her home.

She's fine, but they tend to send them home for the slightest things.

At least she let me work from home so I won't lose any pay for it.  Which is a good thing as my contract runs out in 3 weeks.

P.S.  I went for an interview last week and have just found out that I didn't get it.  It would have been very interesting.  It was only part time to begin with but did pay more money.  Shame.

Now to get it finished

Here's it all set up and working

Things that need doing
  1. Walls re-plastered (Guys coming round in a couple of weeks to do the top bedrooms, hallway and stairwells, and my room)
  2. Window referbed
  3. Walls painted (booked in to do after the above)
  4. Carpet laid (will book in to do after the above)
  5. Shelving on the back wall, might get similar ones to the Ikea ones we have in the top bedroom
  6. New desk, this is my Dad's old desk, and the drawers and filing cabinet are full of all of April's stuff.  This is my room.  No girls allowed (or their stuff!)
  7. New chair
  8. Display hook for my Han Solo blaster.

Sunday 26 January 2020

Clear out

Clearing out the top front room, drying room to make way for Florence moving upstairs to make way for no. 2, April moving offices and me getting an office / computer room. 

Guess who's getting a games room

Thursday 16 January 2020

And not even a thank you

Last game for a while

I've been seeing a physio about a sore back for the past month and my back has been feeling better.  It's been sore off and on for around 3 years so finally decided to get it checked out.

After my first jog in the warm up last Saturday I felt it flare up.  I managed to get through that and half a game but it was too much.

I've got another 2 sessions booked in with the physio but she says I will probably need to get a scan as it's not getting better.


Bored last night

Bored last night, with nothing I really fancied watching on TV.  This helped for 20 seconds.

Tuesday 7 January 2020

In case a broker gives us some gip

I was looking for a loaner umbrella at lunch yesterday and this is what I found.

Work update

I'm over half way through my latest contract (3 months) and it's been fine.  I did 9 months in property pricng, when i'm finished I will have done 3 months pricing in casualty (D&O, Cyber and General Liability).  Once the dust has settled that will be 1 year and 1 day in the same place.  Not bad really.

Things seem to be picking up with regards to new positions this week as i've had 3 new roles passed onto me already and it's only Tuesday morning.

Not sure what you'll find up there

Josie exploring the fireplace

Sleepy time

I took Flo for a walk last Saturday as she was getting a little restless in the house.  She got upset as other children were playing on the swings so we had to carry on walking.  On the way back they were free so I put her in the swing.  1 minute later she'd fallen asleep.  I managed to get her out and put her on my shoulders without waking her.  Poor girl.  Must have been shattered.

Thursday 2 January 2020

Happy new years

From the Tonbridge massive

Great night with all the guys, and a big thank you to our baby sitter!