Friday 23 December 2016


Someone's passed their last exam today so there's champagne on the go now.

The city's overrun with kids

The last couple of days have been 'bring your kids to work' days in the city but today has to be the worst.  I get a fairly late train (8:26) and it was rammed this morning.  There must have been 30 small children in my carriage alone.

My company is putting on a bit of a show for the kids later.  I think they're expecting 100 in total.  Jeez!

Hopefully they'll all have left before I need to catch my last train home of the year at 1:30.

Wednesday 21 December 2016

Well, that's a turn up for the books

A very smug Stuart has found a new pub in the city.  I was due to meet up with a couple of friends for pre-Christmas lunch-time-o-booze but when I got to the venue (OTW- stupid choice given the time of the year) it was far too busy.  Everywhere else local was bound to be busy too so we popped into a place we hadn't been in for around 7 years (because it used to be shit), it turns out that Craft Beer Co had moved in a year ago.

Expensive: Yes (nearly £6 a pint), but that's not a deal clincher
Speed of service: Good
Seats: Good (i'm getting old now)
Music: Rock

They've completely gutted the original place and basically stripped everything back. Fairly common these days but they've managed to keep a load of the original features.  Vaulted ceilings and parquet flooring.

Monday 19 December 2016

Yes. Yes, I am a master chef

Grilled chicken and pear salad with praline pine nuts and a blue cheese dressing.

How dare they

I'm still a practicing Jedi.  I will not let some Charity commission dictate whether or not it is a religion or not.  There are certainly more far fetched ones out there.

Wednesday 14 December 2016

Floor 38 or 39 now

There's planning permission for another couple of monsters. One of them is 72 floors!

Christmas drinks in Soho

Ended up in the Crobar.

April's Metallica ninja star shaped Christmas mince pies

Leaving drinks

A friend's Tonbridge leaving drinks last Sunday. They're off all the way down to Eastbourne.

Thursday 8 December 2016

Paul Dempsey's gig in Bush Hall

Supported by Ben Fletcher.

Two tea or not two tea

Normal tea?  Na, I prefer my English breakfast strong, i'll use the other drawer.

Tuesday 6 December 2016

Photos from the Chili Peppers gig

Supported by Baby Metal. Excellent gig, surprisingly good venue if you don't count the £6.50 a pint and 20 mins to get out of the car park.

Thirsty Poppet

Hot cat

Busy club

No games up the club for the 3s and 4s so we watched the England game. It was getting fairly messy by the time I left and the singing had just started. Urgh.

Here's the tree

That should last us

We picked up some wood on Saturday whilst getting this year's Christmas tree.

Home made unhealthy food

Homemade nuggets

Friday 2 December 2016

Gaming in the pub

I was waiting for April in a pub just off Kings Cross last night and group of guys unpacked started playing Ticket to Ride: Europe.

I'm thinking of seeing if I can convince a few locals to do the same in Tonbridge. Perhaps the first Monday of every month starting in the new year.

Photos from the Scala

The Pins and headline act Honeyblood. Excellent gig.

Some views of the city from the lift

I was stuck in the lift for 10 minutes earlier in the week. One of my managers was stuck in there for 2.5h on a Friday night. But here are some photos of the view.

I 'won' a copy of Guess Who on Ebay

Last year I made a version of Clark Trumps for my nephew Sam.  This year I was going to make Tonbridge Trumps for all of our Tonbridge friends as Christmas presents.  But April convinced me that this may cause more harm that initially intended.

Suggested categories were


I have instead decided to make Tonbridge Guess Who.  Now to find and print amusing pictures of all my Tonbridge friends...

Thursday 1 December 2016

Will it last?

33 days till our next delivery, with the sub 0 temperatures I can't see it lasting. I think there is only enough there for 5 or 6 fires. I think I will need to do a trip to our local store.