Thursday 28 October 2021

New FM out (beta), time to update the chart

 According to Steam, these are my hours played for each of the last 13 versions of football manager

First week in the new office

 The first week in the new office is nearly over and it's been good.  Fairly quiet, there's been no more than one other person in here each day.  I think that is more down to it being half term than anything else though.

Work itself has been quiet too.  My boss is off work this week and everyone else seems to be ignoring me so not much else I can do.  Oh well.  I'll submit my October timesheet tomorrow.  That will teach them,

Wednesday 27 October 2021

New D&D group

Last night was fun.  I was able to share my geekiness with some local strangers.  My halfling rogue (now level 2) will be ready to play  next Tuesday.

4 players and a DM was with a good balance of experience.  Sadly me with the most.  I am so very old.  We're due the next weekly session next Tuesday.  Looking forward to it.

Tuesday 26 October 2021

School choices

 It's nearly time to select a primary school for Florence.  Currently both kids are at the same nursery for three days a week and two days we have a nanny.  Next (school) year we need to find a school for Flo.

Because both kids are in full time care we are at our peak childcare expense.  I don't want to scare future parents but this is currently around £30k a year.  We are not at a fancy private school, it just happens to be the nursery right next to the station which was especially handy when we both went into London each day.

This got us thinking, and looking into other options...

The state schools near us are good and will prepare both kids well to get into the local grammar schools and we're are pretty sure Flo will get into our preferred choice given our proximity but given how much we're currently spending and can potentially continue to spend we've also looked at private options which broadly speaking is on par cost wise.  The big difference is staff numbers per child which are roughly double.  We've still got 2 state and 1 local private school visit planned but that's our current plan.

One more year of Flo (£15k per year) and another 3 for Arthur (same) at state and then free vs another 6 years for Flo and 9 for Arthur.  To me that £225k.  Fuck!

New office!

 With all the work going on in our house (the extension starts on Monday) we've decided to rent two desks in a shared office.  Yesterday was our first day and we were the only ones in. We're right next to the castle so only a 2 minute commute!

Holiday antics last week

 Our lot went away for a week in sunny Kent with Shaheen and his family.  His girls are similar ages to Flo and Arthur.  The place we stayed at was lovely.

Board game cafe visit

 We finally popped to the new board game cafe in Tonbridge a couple of weeks ago.  And i'm back again tonight playing D&D.

Tuesday 12 October 2021


I asked if all of the pipes were now redundant and Vince said yes...


Cooked a pie

 Cooked a lovely chicken, mushroom, leak and bacon pie with minty potatoes and buttered carrots on Sunday.  Lovely.

Arthur can't get enough of the carrots.  The gallon of butter may have helped.

Monday 11 October 2021

In case you didn't know...

 It was Flo's 4th birthday on Saturday!  She's been telling everybody she meets for the past month.

First casualties of the building works

The vibrations from the work next door (family bathroom) have broken my two monitors!!!!

Friday 8 October 2021

Double rainbow!


Driving back from my Dad's on Sunday and we saw this around the M25

Frickn' lasers

Boiler and water tank installed in the roof


Decided to take the day off today

 April's off too with Flo today as it's her birthday tomorrow (4) and wanted to have a Mummy day.  I'm off and going to take the dog for a big walk with our friend Stuart.

Bye, bye bathroom


They've not waisted any time knocking down the bathroom wall.  Annoyingly it's right next to my office!

Apparently anyone can hire one


 Our heating engineer had to hire a cherry picker to attach a flu for the new boiler in the roof.  Apparently anyone can hire one.

Monday 4 October 2021

Arthur's new Halloween outfit

I think he likes it.  April's also bought him a Metallica hoody.

Here he is sporting it next to a couple of Lobster carcases