Monday 28 February 2022

Poo update


Since my friends moved into the next street to hours and I have been at work to witness it, Bella has had a poo or a wee 4 / 6 days.  It's still amusing me.

Progress outside

 Stairs and patio done, it now just needs rendering and the balustrades installing.


 Patio and stairs coming along nicely.


April was out quizzing yesterday (they won, 2nd time in a row) so I had the kids.  Unfortunately the Liverpool Chelsea game overran so Flo went to bed half an hour later than usual as.  She didn't want to watch the penalties so played some games on her tablet instead.



 Arthur threw his favourite toy bus at my head at point blank range on Saturday and it hit me right above the eyebrow.  Little fucker!  Right below one of my rugby scars.

Thursday 24 February 2022

Potential delay?

 The lead time on getting our Rockola Jukebox built and shipped over from California was supposed to be 14-16 weeks.  14 weeks will be tomorrow and i've not heard anything from the supplier.  It would be nice to be with us before the 16th week is up as that weekend is April's birthday weekend.  I've not heard back from our supplier after my chase but looking at the Rockola website their lead time on new orders is now 20 weeks.  We'll see.

Table arrived

 It looks better when the right way up but the builders have stored it in the corner to keep it out of their way.

Wednesday 23 February 2022

Wine fridge has arrived

And the dining room table and bench should arrive later today.  Now to find somewhere to put them whilst the builders are installing the kitchen.  


Just a wee this time

 One of my friends has just moved into the road next to ours and now has a new dog walking route that goes right past my office window.  Yesterday it had a shit right here.  Today I was prepared with my camera, but it was just a wee.

Tuesday 22 February 2022

I'm 42 and I still do this more than I should

 I went to have a wee this morning and couldn't find the hole in my boxers.  I'd put them on the wrong way around, again.  I must do it 3 or 4 times a year.

Saturday 19 February 2022

Any opportunity

 April using her new wine tasting skills at every opportunity.

Here she is sampling the wine and cheese at Waitrose at 11:57...

Kitchen's arrived and bi-folds are in


Monday 14 February 2022

Good technique

Half term for Flo at her new school so Flo's off with April for the majority of the week.  She's now eating a Wagamama's in Tunbridge Wells before heading off to the Hop Farm Circus.

She's pretty good with real chopsticks too as we go fairly regularly to our local restaurant (Honeymoon: have been for the past 14 years!)

My new character

Branrigg Copperbelly, the grumpy Dwarf Cleric.  Thanks to Ben for coming up with the character idea.  No roleplaying required.  I can play grumpy!

Character created:  Branrigg Copperbelly, the grumpy dwarf who is very annoyed that after years of getting by, being mediocre at his boring job, just when he should be retiring, has suddenly been tasked by a god to become an adventurer (hence old but lvl 1 cleric).  Grrr!

We're playing Dragon heist


Stairs gone and some new ones added

 The lethal stair to our garden have been romoved and some new ones aligned against the retaining wall have been added.  Now Arwen can shit in the garden without me carrying her over the debris and wet concrete.

April's last day of her level 3 wine course

Her exam is this Thursday so has been revising heavily...


Football match

We went to watch Tonbridge Angels play Bromley on Saturday in the 5th round of the FA trophy.  It was a good laugh (4th time i've been).  Unfortunately the Blue and White army were knocked out on penalties.  Bloody cold though!


House update

 The guys have been cracking on over the past few weeks.

Floor is getting laid now

There's now no door!  Walls painted (April did these)

Half way on the floors

Hungry boy

There's a Pizza Express at the end of our street and as we now only have a functioning microwave to cook our food have used a fair bit over the past couple of months.  Arthur is a monster eater right now and finished his entire bowl of pasta, half of Flo's pizza and dough balls plus his own!  Saying that I think half of the pasta is still on his face at this point.


Height tracker

 We've been keeping track of the kids heights but it's quite difficult to compare given the dates and heights are all over the place.  It's better stored in days old.  Here's Arthur slightly ahead* of Flo at the same stage.  

*There is a large element of error in the data when you're only 20 months old though so they may actually be the same height at this stage.