Tuesday 29 August 2006

PC (Zone) gone mad

For something to read on my way to Bristol I bought PC Zone.

It was the October edition. Unless I'm very much mistaken it's still August!!!

Reading 2006

I don't generally believe in fate but decided to take it up on it's offer this weekend.

Firstly I left my coat at John's house so we had to turn back whilst on the way to Yatton train station. That meant I missed my train.

I almost missed another as i'd lost my phone. I thought i'd left it on John's car seat but as the train pulled in I asked the ticket guy and it turned out i'd left it on the counter.

I got my train and then changed at Bristol Temple Meads to get my Paddington train. This was delayed due to strike action of Bridge workers just outside Bristol.

I was half asleep as we were pulling into Reading when I got a text from Shaz.

"Tickets are on sale from towts (spelling?) for £45. Come along!"

I had about 30 seconds to make my mind up...

Not much went through my mide to be honest other that "Aw.... Fuck it! Why not..."

So that's what I did. I legged it off the train and walked towards the Rivermead Centre from Reading Station.

Pretty glad I did it. I had a great laugh.

I only really saw Belle and Sebastian and Bodycount but they were excellent.

I got one of the last trains home and got a cab back to Putney from Paddington. All in all quite an eventful day...


SC Movie Review 6

Nacho Libre

A lowly Mexican friar dreams of becoming a prize fight wrestler to win the heart of the nun he loves and improve the lives of the orphanage he cooks for.

Switch off your mind before going to see it and you will enjoy it. Any scepticism at all and you'll probably hate it. It's worth going to see Jack Black's soon to be oscar winning facial expressions.

IMdb Rating: 5.9 / 10 (A little low, but IMdb's voting is not the greatest. Too many people who like a film give them 10 out of 10, and the same for people who dislike the film give it 1 out of 10)
SC Rating 3 Potatoes


Tuesday 22 August 2006

This is the life...

Lloyd's paid for my cab into work this morning. £38 worth!

Becky's not been feeling to great recently, and to top it off she hasn't enjoyed the tube journeys in to work, so Lloyd's is paying for a cab each way for a few days. Chauffeur driven to work eh? Can't be bad.

Ha, ha!

Thursday 17 August 2006

Tonight's events

Tonight I will mostly be drinking free drinks.

We have a development network social tonight with work which will be fun. I will be doing no mingling with strangers just getting drunk with my team in the corner whilst looking anti-social. There's a 8 line scale electric track that we've hired too. So that will be fun.

Unfortunately I can't stay for too long as I have free champagne to drink elsewhere. My mate Tunnah (my dentist) cheekily got married whilst away in Barbados so has to buy my brother and I a few drinks tonight.

Friday I will mostly be shattered...

4-0, what a result

Get in! If only we could play like we did in the first half all the time, and also play against shit opposition all the time.

The second half was pretty boring and I think Greece actually edged it. Certainly for large parts anyway. Lennon looked dangerous on the right when he came on so the second half wasn't entirely bad.

Terry and Cole where awesome. Terry made a handful of great interceptions whilst Cole made some terrific stops on the goal line to secure the clean sheet.

You could almost call Peter Crouch prolific...

Wednesday 16 August 2006

Tonight's events

Tonight I will be mostly watching England v's The champions of Europe, i.e. the mighty Greece...

Tim's coming over and I have pizza and beer.

What more could you want on a Wednesday Summer's evening?

Tuesday 15 August 2006

Monday 14 August 2006

Pfnar, pfnar


Weekend Events


I had Friday off from work to sort a few bit and pieces out with the flat. Didn't really do much other than a 5 mile run. Ross came down at about 8 and we headed straight out. We got nicely sloshed and ended up getting a burger king.

Saturday was great, we then went for a nice pub lunch then met up with Shaz. We helped my new flat mate move in (whilst semi drunk) then headed off to Kennsington for a night out on the town.

I was quite a weird place to begin with. One of Shaheen's medic friends was having a birthday party and had hired a venue. The Fire Rooms. From the out side it just looked like a really posh house. The inside was a really posh house but with a bar in it. Very weird.

Celeb Spot of the Day Pete Postlethwaite

Amusing Spot of the Day Shaheen got stung for a £55 round

After that we moved onto another (cheaper) pub

Then got cabs to Astoria 2 (I think it's called 'Fish' or something). Lots of rock and metal music and dancing. Good fun again. At 4 in the morning we staggered out and tried to get a cab back to Putney. After much Shaz haggling we got one for £35. Not bad as it was split between 5.

Sunday we went to another nice pub for lunch, then I watched the football where Liverpool kicked Chelsea's ass.

All in all, a very good weekend.

Thursday 10 August 2006

Sad fcuker

Bored so looking at the alumni at my uni

Didn't know this guy but he was in my faculty.

Abhinav Chauhan
"I struggled to get a job after this course but believe me it was not the course but the 9/11 Syndrome that hit me. Today looking back I cannot thank UWE enough for designing such a wonderful course. It has given me a broader vision to the Manufacturing Industry. Today a head of Department International Business to a well known company in India in Injection Molding, Mold making and CAD/CAM designing. I know what this course did for me; what UWE has given me. No words are worthy enough for me to thank the Professors and the University for giving me that edge which only few will have. I miss the days at university I surely have started to worry about my T-shirts from UWE fading. Today I wear my t-shirts with UWE logo with pride. I intend to be back just to have some quality time with my Professors and buy a few more t-shirts from the union shop.
Feb 06"

General state of mind

Having finally found myself a new flat I can honestly say that i'm feeling much better about things. Being settled at home has made all the other problems seem less of an issue and I can actually start to relax.

I think last night was the first time in nearly two months where i've slept the whole night through. Perhaps it was a cooler night and I wasn't so bothered with the heat, but I think it may be a combination of the two.

The flat is great though. Apart from a couple of minor issues that will get sorted out in the next few days I think the flat is excellent.

- The toilet downstairs is broken, not a problem as we have 3, and more importantly mine is fine.
- I can't get the dishwasher or washing machine to work - not a problem as it's forced me to buy new shirts, but that can't go on forever.
- We still have no blinds - not a problem, they're getting measured up tonight.

Busy morning

Wow! My new Exposure Management role has really kicked in. We've been running round frantically trying to assess the impact of today's terrorist events.

Business interruption will be our main loss, but we don't think it''' amount to much. What would happen if they didn't manage to stop the fuckers?

Monday 7 August 2006

Poker Evening 5 (or 6) results

£20 stakes

Ben: Took home £48
Stuart: £32
Ian: £0
Kris: £0

Wednesday 2 August 2006




Poker Evening 5 (or 6) continued

Is everyone still okay for Saturday night? I'm going to try and get things sorted out with my flat in the morning and then head over to Kettering for around 6 / 7 o'clock.

Does that sound reasonable?

Can someone get a load of booze and unhealthy food in, we can settle up on the night?

Ian: Is it still okay for me to stay over? Are there any decent take aways nearby? I guess the Han is close, but could be quite pricey just for takeaway food.

Kris: Can you bring your poker set?

Ben: No chance of getting Dylan along? Ask him again, if anything it'll annoy him.

Stu: Oh that's me, I'm still waiting to hear back from Ross, but will call him soon to see if he can make it too. That might mean it could be cheap enough for us to get a cab back to Corby afterwards. I guess we can play it by ear.

Jebus: Make sure I win!