Wednesday 31 October 2007

E-mail is down

Every day there seems to be something new wrong with our IT systems.

Errors in log on scripts
Drive mapping failures
Sametime (instant messaging from lotus) hasn't been working for 3 weeks

And now to cap it all off our Lotus notes e-mail has broken. What a load of rubbish.

What next? Internet down..., please god no!

I can't seem to shake this bloody cold!

I've been suffering with one thing or another for around a month.

It's not fair. I'm okay and don't need time off but i'm fed up with it.

The weather and dark skys don't help either.

Tuesday 30 October 2007

What have I done to deserve this...?

April's making me go to IKEA tonight!

Boo, hoo, hoo. We've hired a car and are going to drive down for a bit of late night shopping. The roads and the store should have calmed down by then.

My biggest concern is that we have an almost blank list of things to get. This can only lead to buying loads of junk that we don't need!

Friday 26 October 2007

It's always good to be prepared


Police chief ready for zombie attack

A US police chief has stockpiled chainsaws - in case his city is invaded by zombies.

Police lieutenant Bruce Ferguson says his team are ready for any attack on Lansing, Michigan.

"We have been doing mock disasters and cross training for several years," he told the Lansing State Journal.

"People can feel confident, if zombies start invading, we'll know how to close the streets. We can get chainsaws too.

"If a swarm comes in on I-496 westbound, we'll block off the exits so they miss the city."

Thursday 25 October 2007

Who is pauper_ol?

pauper_ol has added me as a friend but I don't know who this is?

Reveal yourself!!! Or at least write a little blurb in your profile...

Tuesday 23 October 2007

It's arrived...

Football Manager 2008 has landed, and to mark this special occasion April mocked up these photos of me being a 'manager'.

He, he!

And before you say it, I am indeed a loser...

... but I like it!

Monday 22 October 2007

Yuk, yuk, yuk.

I've still got a bit of a cold. I've had something off and on for almost 3 weeks now. I was fine on Saturday and Sunday but I feel a little run down now. I have a bit of a sniff and have been sneezing all day.

I may have to find something stronger than lempsip to blow this cold away.

Only an hour and a half left of work. Yeah!

Wednesday 17 October 2007

Hmmm... duel 17inch monitors...

I've been using two monitors for a few months now and although I do like it, the fact that one is 17inch and the other is 15inch monitor they both have to be set at a lower resolution.

One of our new sandwich year students is partially sighted so has been given a second monitor (24inch) by a charity that minimises the problems that partially sighted people face in the work place. He was initially planning on using both, but what a shame, his graphics card cannot cope.

I have swooped in and knabbed the 2nd 17 inch monitor.

He, he! Now all I need it for my eyes to readjust to the small writing.

Monday 15 October 2007

Gym update

My inital aim since joining the gym was to excersie on 1/3 of all days average exercise. But I have now passed 33%. Since the mid May I have exercised on 34% of all days.

I think this's pretty good when you count for the fact that I had virtually the whole of July off. If I start after July it's more like 55% of days.

Just found out the price of my flat.

I thought it would be £350,000+ but my land lady's just had it remortgaged so needed it surveyed She said that it was re-valued at £270,000.

I thought that I was going to be priced out of Clapham but this turns the table a little.

Also we had a look at house prices yesterday in a few estate agents and they weren't that bad too.

Although, together we could get that mortgage (easily), we won't go that high. I really don't see the point in stretching ourselves and end up not having enough cash to actually live.

Hmmm... it's certainly got me thinking (which is a good thing). I still like the idea of having a house nearer to the country with maybe a garden and a few trees but that comes with additional costs too. We'd need a car, an extra £1,000+ (each per year) transport.

All things to think about, it's a big decision so probably wise.

National Environmental Blog Day

According to Live Journal it's national environmental blog day today.

They want to raise awareness about the state of our environment, so by getting everyone to write on this subject the world becomes a better place.

I think I’m generally good when it comes to doing my bit.

- I use public transport
- I recycle most of my rubbish
- If I can I try not to use plastic bags, and will make an effort to use my bags for life more often.
- I’m quick in the shower
- Try not to print things if I don’t absolutely need to

I have flew quite a bit over the past year (Hong Kong, New York, Spain, Helsinki, Limerick) and that’s probably only going to get worse seeing as I’m due to go to Australia next Christmas with April. But generally, overall, I think I’m making a small imprint on this world. Carbon footprint related imprint that is, not social or being fantastic imprint (or the size of my arse print, before anyone else mentions it).

I will keep trying to improve and continue whinging at people that don’t.

Friday 5 October 2007

Metro idiot

Another idiot writing into the metro...

In response to Debby Wakeham's comments about a fair trial for potential suicide bombers in light of the case of mistaken identity of John Charles De Menezes (Metro, Thurs), she seems to forget that these suicide bombers do not have consideration for anyone.

So, personally, yes, I would prefer the police to take action rather than give suicide bomber a fair trial after he had killed innocent people - particularly when there is a possibility he might get away with it and do it again.

How is a suicide bomber supposed to get away with it exactly? Let alone attempt to do it again.


Thursday 4 October 2007

An Electronic Tumble Weed

A deathly silence over live journal

groovicron - posted 7 weeks ago
0 in September, 1 in August, 3 in July, 5 in June, 1 in May, 2 in April, 3 in March, 3 in February and 2 in January. Very poor showing Mr Sorrie, a total of 20! There must be interesting things that are happening to you.

ginger_i - posted 1 week ago
1 in September, 2 in August, 0 in July, 1 in June, 4 in May, 2 in April, 2 in March, 2 in February and 2 in January. Very poor showing Mr Russell, a total of 16!

Tuesday 2 October 2007


We flew into Shannon Airport at around 3pm on Friday and drove to Limerick in our hire car. It was a Kia cee’d (or something like that). And although an automatic was actually very good, in fact quite quick if you thrashed it…

Our hotel was very good and was around a 10 minute walk from the centre of town so we dumped our stuff and had a wander in. The England game was on later so we had to find a pub that wasn’t too anti-British.

We managed to find one, it wasn’t too difficult actually as the Irish love there rugby and they were all extremely friendly. After much Guinness was consumed we ended up going for a Chinese.

We headed out to the Moor Cliffs on Saturday morning then drove to some caves to look at the stalagmites / tites. In the evening we watched some more rugby, Scotland and Wales games and had a load more Guinness.

Sunday was quiet, we went to the airboat museum (don’t ask, or laugh) then onto some village prison thing. There we met a mad Irish lady who run the place and ended up getting free cups of tea. After this we headed back for the Ireland game and more Guinness.

We flew back yesterday afternoon, and although I had a good time am glad to be back.

I think the highlight of the whole weekend was spotting Cheryl Baker on the Ryan Air flight over to Shannon. This was made all the more hilarious as there was a driver waiting for her at the arrivals lounge. Spotting this, a group of 20 + drunken men waited for her cheering “Cheryl, Cheryl , Cheryl…”. Very funny indeed. She took it well though.