Monday 22 May 2023

Tickets for row 1

 We're row 1 of 11A this weekend for Metallica!  This is going to be awesome!

He, he

I have nothing against the new owners of the converted flats next door but this does make me chuckle.  The owners of the property that turned the building next door into flats were complete assholes and did a terrible job.  They've now sold them all, part of the planning permission was to install flower bedding along the front and side of the property.  After the plants dies this winter / spring the leasehold company decided that replanting would cost too much money so they've recently added white gravel instead.

The local cats (probably ours too) have decided to shit in the kitty litter style gravel.  Ha, ha.  


The Griswalds are coming

I spotted this with Flo as we were heading home from Waitrose yesterday.  It was fcuking massive!  The only dissappointment was that it wasn't in Metallic Pea.


Arthur is now 3!

 It was Arthur's 3rd birthday this weekend (Sunday).  We had a big party with all his school friends on Saturday followed by just us guys and a couple of local friends on early Sunday evening.

I'm sure only a little dribble hit the cake

Party room at the Angle centre Tonbridge.  Not the most salubrious place but all the kids had fun.

I was allowed to comb Arthur's hair

Flo on the trampoline

Arthur having fun with the additions to his train set

Happy birthday mate!

Face first!

Tuesday 16 May 2023

Whitstable jolly

Here's a couple of photos from the Whitstable trip. 8 pubs and a restaurant. Not bad going. Nobody died.

The view from my desk

Thought leaders

I had a poo yesterday morning and who should walk into the bathroom to disturb me? Josie. She proceeded to take a dump in her litter tray.

The first thing that popped into my head was

 Great minds think alike

It made me chuckle a lot more that it should have.

Friday 12 May 2023

Whitstable trip

 A friend of ours has an apartment in Whitstable so 6 of the Tonbridge boys are heading down for the day / night.  I'm staying in a hotel as I don't fancy spooning with any of the others.  Half day today too so that's nice.

Stag, Stag, Stag!!!

End of the season

 It's the end of the rugby season and the posts are coming down.  All until September when they get put up again.

Arthur's still doing rugby tots though as that never stops.

Wine and beer at 5:30 after work

 Apparently they do this every Thursday.  Might need to make that my core day.

Tuesday 9 May 2023

What's the best thing about the new company?

 Decent stationery cupboard!  The last few places have been shit.  No decent pens and certainly no nice hard bound note pads.

Fill my boots!

Pearly kings and queens

I was in town on Friday making up my 50% in the office quota.  The city was quiet but Leadenhall market was busy.  Here's some cockney knees up singing from some pearly kings and queens.  Horrific. 


When corn ribs attack

 I made some more corn ribs on Saturday

I really shouldn't trusted to use a knife on my own

Could have been a lot worse!


Attack of the dweebs

 My weekly gaming day at the games cafe has been reduced to every other week since they've changed venues.  The new place is much nicer and has a cosier feel but is also much smaller so they can only fit us in every other week.

I've volunteered our place on the off weeks and today is the first session.  I'm charging up some items to set the scene.  If you haven't guessed we're currently playing 2nd edition Star Wars.  

Last week was tough as there were only 3 of us playing (+GM) and two of the characters didn't speak english (Galactic Basic), Wookie / Jawa and wanted to roleplay.  You can imagine how well that went down with me.  FFS.  Words have been spoken (English) and I think we all now have universal translators.

Considerably nicer than our house

 We take some pride in our house, especially after the extension that was completed last year, however we have considerable house envy of our daughter's new friend's house.

We popped over for a play date / bbq on Saturday and had a lovely time. 



April did some stalking and found the full  listing Wateringbury - Graham John

It's probably not to far off the value of our house after the works,  but what a house.  They are sacrificing living next to amenities as there's not much in their village and they more or less have to drive everywhere but more importantly there's no pub in the village.  But what a wonderful house.  It's certainly got me thinking.

All that aside.  We're about to get the back garden landscaped in the next couple of months which will be nice for the summer.  Loads left to do other than that too but nothing urgent.

Two tired dogs

 We went for a nice walk around the kent countryside on Monday followed by an outdoor bbq in a village pub garden.  The walk was around 2.5 miles and it was the furthest we managed to get Arthur to walk. He's 3 in less than 2 weeks so pretty good going.  We had to carry him at times but the big lad did well.

The poor dogs were shattered afterwards though.

Thursday 4 May 2023

Managed to avoid this

 You can just about see Flo here, but here she is doing some ballet.  She does ballet, joga, swimming and rugby at school.  April went to the theatre at Tonbridge school to see her and her classmates do a little number to Cliff Richard's Summer Holiday.  I've watched the video and it was very cute, but Flo's part was two minutes of a show that went on for over an hour.  Fcuk that!  I guess I would have to stay at home and look after Arthur.  

Last mini rugby session of the season


Water fight!

I brought my tug of war rope

Not the greatest weather on Tuesday

 A bit grey but here we are on the 40th floor in the Cheese Grater.  

I did have a couple of wobbles, not because of the heights and the open floor to ceiling glass lifts.  I think my body can feel the bigger buildings sway.  Luckily my actual desk is on the 17th!

My first ay went well but I had a full morning of induction.  Then went out with a couple of members of the team for a pizza lunch (Sorry James, wasn't even able to pop out for a coffee!!!).