Thursday 31 March 2016

It's arrived

The board game trophy has arrived.  Now to cut the karate guy off and stock something else on.

I can almost see a rainbow

Rainbow on the train home.  It looked better in real life.

Cat towers finally in the UK

Derby of all places.  I've backed another 4 or 5 campaigns since then so let's hope these actually get completed close to when they originally suggested.

Revenge of the Dictator
Lil' Cthulhu
Tiny Epic Western
Little drop of Poison
AIOTM- As it occurs to me

I think the trophy for the games day at the end of April has arrived too so hopefully I will be able to modify it to be more appropriate to geeks (with April's help) before then.

Tuesday 29 March 2016

Photos from Sunday night at the Roundhouse

At the Drive-in, supported by the crazy Butcherettes. 

Reasons why I shouldn't hook

With no games on over the bank holiday weekend we had a training session instead. I know,  me going training,  who would have thought?

The forwards that turned up wanted to do a scrummaging session but there was no hooker so I stepped in. Ouch!

Sunday 20 March 2016

April didn't get my The Rock reference

String of tomatoes for tomorrow's dinner.

You're going nowhere sunshine

Poppet pinning me to my chair last night.

Tickets please

Sapphire the station cat at Tonbridge Station. She used to be owned by someone that lived near the station but when they moved away they asked the station if they wanted to keep her seeing as she spent 95% of her time at the station anyway.

Saturday 19 March 2016

It's arrived

Latest board game added to the collection.  I've even read some of the instructions.

Now to convince April to play it.

Wednesday 16 March 2016

4000th post

I passed post number 4,000 earlier today.  I can only apologise to all my fans for my continued grammatical errors, poor spelling (some is down to suggested text and mobile posting and also not checking what has been submitted).  Most is down to not caring that much and being poor at spelling and grammar.

4,000 posts in nearly 12 years.

What's gone on since then???

I was...

24 years old
Living in London
Still working in my first proper job

In short my life has changed considerably.

I'm now...

Living in Tonbridge
I'm now on my second house
The owner of 2 cats
On my 4th job (could be 5th in the not too distant future, watch this space...)

Sadly my most popular blog post tag is work with 327 posts relating to it.  Surprisingly cats is only 2nd with 233.

Bourbon Street Revival

Headlining the famous 100 Club last night

I managed to convince April

To go the Crobar for a drink before the gig last night. We ended up staying for 3. I mean,  why wouldn't you???

Burger and lobster

We went for lunch with Steve yesterday at the city branch of Burger and Lobster.

Not bad.  Definitely the cheapest lobster in London. £20 for a whole one. I think Steve's £20 burger helped subsidise our lunch.

Tiny horse

We're getting a few things sorted with the new car this week so had to walk to a train station to get back into London.  I'm sure I've taken a photo of this little horse before but do find it strange to see in between light industry and a housing estate.

The day after


April's party photos

April's birthday party pics. 

Theme: Bring all the booze at the back of your drinks cabinet party.

April cooked for 14 and as far as I'm aware nobody died.

Friday 11 March 2016

People never ask me

Now that I take a bag to work I am never asked
'Stuart, what do you carry around in your bag?'
Well, for those interested.
USB charger
Chewing gum
Note pad and pen

The same people that often don't ask what's in my bag also don't ask me what's in my note book.
The answer is not much. It's supposed to be there so I can note down ideas and interesting things that I muse about perhaps possible future entries for my blog.  In reality,  I have one entry,  a plan for my football manager game.  As you can see, I even got bored with that and didn't finish my list.

I am such a loser.


Our neighbours cat looking on jealously at Biscuit eating her breakfast. Luckily the cat flap only keys in our microchipped cats.

Thursday 10 March 2016


Nice to see justice had been served.  The 3 kids that caused shit at Hildenborough station and on my train home last year have pleaded guilty to whatever they are accused of doing.

Between 40 and 28 months in jail. It makes you think what they did or what else they had done before if that's what they got for pleading guilty.

Luckily I didn't need to go to court as a witness.

Wednesday 9 March 2016


Just booked in the new car for an oil change, key battery replacement, sat nav install and investigation into a rattle.

That's the best part of £900 we'll never see again.  Doh!  One of the main reasons of getting rid of the old TT was to avoid a similar bill for tax and new tires.

Oh well.  Easy come, easy go.

Tuesday 8 March 2016

Too much

I've either got too much money or too little taste.

I bought this official Metallica coasters set.  Quite pleased they arrived today.

Keeping me company

Felt absolutely terrible this morning on the way into work so had to turn back and go home.  Pretty horrible food poisoning I think.  Massive stomach cramps and fever this morning.  Luckily I had my cats to keep me company.

Monday 7 March 2016

It's contagious

We're finding out that more and more of our friends enjoy playing board games. I might wait a while before introducing Fortune and Glory and War on Terror.

Incidentally, I won. As if you ever had a doubt.

Change pot savings

Roughly £260 counted,  £232 bagged.  Now I've got to drag it to the bank.

Our back garden

It's covered in daffodils.  Pervious owners must have planted them.

Buckfest photos from Friday

Steve Buckerfield's birthday celebration gig at the Sun,  Long Acre last Friday.


A chopper doing a sweep of the city last Friday.

View from the 10th floor of the Lloyd's Building.


The Kronenburg barrel was getting changed in the pub last week so we had to make do with my favourite beer. Luckily it wasn't my round as this cost an extra £3.

No idea what this says

But it was in the gents loo at our local Chinese restaurant. I like the little thanks at the end.