Sunday 18 May 2008

Last weekend in London

My friend Ross came down to London this weekend, I haven't seen him for ages so it was great to catch up. He had a spare seat in his car (MR2) so I invited Ben down too. The arrived at about 2pm and we went straight to the pub to grab a bite to eat and to watch the FA Cup final.

My sausage and mash was excellent but the TV reception was terrible. They only had a portable aerial so the picture kept jumping. At half time we bought some beer and watched the rest back at mine.

This was also my last Saturday in London, or at least last Saturday whilst living here. We ended up going to a bar called the Crobar . This was not April's first choice of venue...

To give you more of an idea as to what the place was like as we walked in the first song we heard was by Metallica.

It was full of guys (a few girls too) who were far more METAL than me, but it was a friendly atmosphere none the less.

A highlight for me was reading the amusing graffiti on the walls whilst walking down to the toilet. I had to take photos of them as they were so grotty.

Shaheen finally arrived at gone 9 after a washed out barbecue and so too did Tim and his old band mate Al. I left at about 1, and am glad of it now, Shaheen was keen to stay on but that would have been a bad idea as we'd already been drinking for 11 hours. An extra 2 or three would have done no good.

Saturday 17 May 2008

My new house

I move to my new house on Friday next week.

Here it is, it's a three bedroom detached house on a quiet street in Tonbridge.

We are pretty much all set to move, we've taken the day off from work, hired a van and hired three friends (paid in beer and bbq'd food).

We really cannot wait. I think we've got ourself a complete bargain!

This is the garden (really?), through the undergrowth you can just about see the garden shed. This will be mine, and is where my home brewery will live. April has 'baggsied' the third bedroom to use as her study. We'll probably end up buying some sort of futon for it so that when you guys stay over next, you won't have to sppon each other in the spare bedroom.

As you can see the house as a whole needs a little updating, a lick of pain here, new flooring there, but I think it's perfectly livable for the time being.

First on our list will be the hideous stenciling on the kitchen walls and the horrific pink wall lampshades in the living room. Once switched on these lights have a wonderful red light district feel about them. And for some reason have been fitted with a dimmer switch. "How much brothel lighting would you like this evening darling? Hmm... about two thirds..."

Last but no least is our view, we're three quarters up a large hill, which and great for our buns of steel but I am not looking forward is great for the scenery to the walk home after a long day at work.

This post is for the benefit of Mr Corr

Friday 16 May 2008

Welcome to the first post from watdefu

It is not really my first post to a blog type thing however, I have been a semi-prevalent Live Journal user since April 2004, just over 4 years.
The reason I am moving across to blogger is that I think it's a better program. I am also about to move to Tonbridge and seems fitting to start a new blog with a new house.

I am in the process of transferring my old entries across using a nifty little program but unfortunately I can only do 50 per day.
That means it’ll be a couple of weeks at least before the whole lot gets migrated.

Past comments are not transferred though. If any of my older posts interest you, please feel free to have a look

The cats are my old profile pictures

I am working on a new blog layout and style but that will follow once I’ve got the hang of everything else.


After a long time on Live Journal, I have decided to switch blogs. I am moving to Blogger. Live Journal is okay but I think there are better brands out there.

I have found a program that transfers ljs to blogspot (although only 50 a day, there's nearly 800 entries here so it'll take weeks).

Unfortunately comments are not transferred so if you want to see the witty comments you've made in the past you will have to trek back here.

Sunday 11 May 2008

Quartery change pot cash in

£66 in baggable bags, another £10+ in assorted change. I'm going to take the £10 of change to Sainsbury's today as it's all rubbish small denominations.

Plus I like the idea of starting afresh in my new house.

The down side of not waiting for a full bag and taking it to the bank is that the machine takes about 8% and give it to charty. 80p. Boo!

Saturday 10 May 2008

Satuarday night in

April's been away all day at a Radio 1 concert in Maidenhead (Kent) so i've had the place to myself for the first time in absolutely ages.

What have I done? Not much, went for a walk, posted some Love Film dvds, watched some rugby league on TV (good game), played FM, watched LOTR The Fellowship of the Ring (again...), had a couple of beers and sat on my ass. Plus I cooked the most amazing rib-eye steak with onions, garlic and potatoes. Mmm mmm.

Hope you've all had fun.

The cat picture is very apt today.

Wednesday 7 May 2008

Stuart is still not well

I had yesterday off as I was feeling terrible, i'm not much better now, so am not going to go in today too.

I hate being ill.

Thursday 1 May 2008


I'm off to Anglesey with Steve this weekend to see my Nan.

We haven't been up to see her for a year or so now but we finally booked a weekend to head up.

Google reckons it's only 5 hours and a bit, but as it's the bank holiday I reckon it'll be more like 8 or 9... I think it's roughly 300 miles door to door.

Luckily Steve's insured on the car so we can split the driving. Saying that, it's not really 'luckily' as we purposely put him on there.

Incidentally this cat picture is my Nan's cat Woosie.

Ba humbug!

If only last night's game was in Football Manager.

The master tactician that is Stuartini Clarketti could have quit the game reloaded the save game.

Bloody Chelsea. I can't believe that I actually want Manchester United to go on and win the thing.