Thursday 28 November 2013

Kronenbourg drop spiral

Look closely, can you see the spiral?

St. Pancras

Just arrived at the Eurostar terminal for Brussels

Waffle o'clock

Off to Brussels today for April's bands European tour! Eurostar here I come, but first half a day off work. Boo!

Wednesday 27 November 2013

Total recall

I spotted that the boots own brand cough remedy I have been using over the past week is subject to a product recall. Something's wrong with the safety cap. I've still got a bit left so will wait till my cough had cleared up or the bottle nearly finished before taking it back and claiming a full refund.

That's if I don't choke first.


I was going to be £1,575 short this month as my current company was supposed to take over my season ticket loan from my previous company. This didn't happen so my previous company deducted £1,575 from my final pay cheque. Ouch! Luckily my new company had part paid me for this month so should be fine but still I would certainly miss that from my account especially before Christmas.

I've just got back from HR and they're going to transfer it over shortly then deduct it from my next 3 pay cheques. Phew!

The joker

I put my card behind the bar last night and they gave me this as a place holder.


Argh.... run!

Not that it would do much good if this was a nuclear explosion. Thankfully it was just the view of the sun setting from my office last night.

Sunday 24 November 2013

Dodgy clip

Dodgy live album launch

We saw Dodgy at the Camden Cafe last, night very good. The front man, Nigel Clark was great.

Saturday 23 November 2013

Rugby then gig

Off to rugby in a minute for a derby match against Tunbridge Wells.  It's an away game but luckily it's less than 10 miles away as I need to be back tonight as we're off into town to see Dodgy (again).  I think it's their latest album launch so should be fun.  The last one was excellent so fingers crossed.

A bit too much flash

A rare night in for all the Clarks.

Wednesday 20 November 2013

Cat on a towel

Poppet's not usually allowed in the bedroom, but as a special treat I let her in, as long as she sat on a towel.

She loved it.

No change

I turned up to work yesterday and two of my ex-colleagues were in. They're on a 3 week placement with their consultancy firm. That's topped up with the ex-colleague I actually work with.

Friday 15 November 2013

First 'week' done

I've only been in for two days this week but so far so good. Here's the view from my desk plus a CD I spotted on a colleague's desk.  I really want to know what Senor Bongo sounds like.

Wednesday 13 November 2013

Post here for your order

If you want a t-shirt of the Swallows first European tour let me know.

City photos

Some photos of London on my walk around yesterday.

Why the Tate Modern is not for me

I've had a few days off before I start the new job so I thought I'd force myself to a bit of culture. I surprised myself with spotting a massive Monet and a handful of Picasso but what the fuckis this? It looks like a dissected BFG!

Sunday 10 November 2013

Hayseed Dixie

AC/DC cover band with banjos and ukuleles. Brilliant!

Tormenting the cat

And before you ask, it was April not me.

A week after Halloween

After a very busy week we forgot to put the pumpkins in the bin.

Friday 8 November 2013

Stuart has left the building

Well, that was good. Got a pair of cufflinks and a card with £4 in change celotaped to the back.

I reckon I'm down £15 from last night.

Can you help?

Really? Why are the BBC asking for help? Are they trying to find the killer?

Last day

Well, after 5 years and a month and a half today is my final day at work.  I start the new one on Thursday.
I had my leaving drinks last night and it was good fun.  There were 20 odd people there and although there were a few last minute drop outs was a decent turnout.  Much more than other ex team mates who have since left.  Surpisingly my bar bill was only £118.50 which was a turn up for the books, i'd pencilled in £200.

Thursday 7 November 2013

One day left

My last day tomorrow. 5+ years in one place without movement is not a good idea. 

A new change and a new start. 

3 days off in between which will also be nice.

Wednesday 6 November 2013

What are the chances

Of all the pubs, I had to walk into this one. The Boogaloo (Highgate). The one with a pub cat. She's called Hutch. Waiting for April Clark then off to see Jon Ronson talk about something.


Our latest attempt

More animals


Longleat, playing with the monkeys. Great fun. Don't worry, the bit of plastic the cheeky chap isn't from our car. At least I hope it isn't.

Personalised smell

I used to buy this when I was a kid and saw it advertised in amazon so I bought some.


Our Halloween face paints for a friend's party. Scary!

Expensive tastes

We went to the restaurant in the OXO tower last night for our two year wedding anniversary. Ouch! The food was great though.