Wednesday 13 December 2006

500th Post...

... and to mark this momentous occasion, what will I talk about?

My solution for ending 3rd world debt?

My guide to end religious hatred?

Or my quick and easy recipe for pork chops with sage and apples?

Nope... I'll talk about my impromptu drinks after work last night!

I was due to help Becky get a Christmas tree for our flat last night but Becky e-mailed late telling me that she'd been invited to a champagne and Christmas pudding reception upstairs here at Lloyd's. At that very same moment I was asked if I fancied a 'quick' drink after work.

Call it fate, or call it me not being able to say no to a drink but I ended up going to the Jamaican Wine Bar down Cornhill (Ian, i've eaten there with you and Wolfy). There were about 10 of us at one point so it was quite a good laugh. I think I may give San Miguel a miss next time. Ugh, I feel a little ropey now. After that we moved on to the Counting House and had a couple more. It wasn't a massively late one but we did have a few.

I then got a taxi to Waterloo with Patrick, then waited for my train home. Ideally I would have grabbed a take away on the walk home as all i'd eaten that night was the odd spicy peanut that Liz managed to hand feed me / throw at me, but my favourite place was shut (Ben, this is where we got our takeaway a few weeks back).

I love the Christmas period. I will make my second 'attempt' at getting a tree tonight…

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