Thursday 31 May 2007

BB Pact

It's bloody started again and will be on for god knows how many months.

What an absolute load of tripe it is and a real blight on society

Sign here for a pact against watching big brother, avoiding all of it's sponsors and those who advertise during it.

Tuesday 29 May 2007

Be warned...

I love my job, and all my bosses are lovely...

Narrow boat update

Kris and Kirsty now pencilled in for one night in our mighty vessel.

We'll find a nice pub to moor up against, tell Kris where to meet us and he can find us on his sat nav.

The wonders of 21st century living!

Not sure which night it’ll be yet but it’ll mean that I will owe all of the original eight £9 each.

There’s also a possibility that Becky (flatmate) and another workmate will join us for one night. So the price may come down a little further. I will keep you informed.

Sunday 27 May 2007

Goody, goody gum drops

New 24, last 2 episodes next week. It's going to be good...

He, he. Jack kicks so much ass!

It's raining it's pouring

It's pretty much rained all day for the past two days here in London and it's great.

I really like the rain. I don't mind getting stuck in it when on my way home. It's nice and refreshing. It's been far too hot lately and hardly been comfortable commuting every day.

I've also purchased a lovely new umbrella but that kind of defeats the object of me liking the rain.

Wednesday 23 May 2007

New phone saga

My new Sony Ericsson phone arrived at work on Monday but as I was at home waiting for my laptop to get delivered didn’t get it till yesterday morning.

The phone is really nice but upon trying it out it soon dawned on me that my poor chunky fingers were never going to get used to using it (dialling wand may be needed).

So I have just this minute popped it in the post back to CPW where they will be shipping me a lovely new Nokia N95. The contract is a little more expensive but I think the phone is substantially better than the Sony, that is, till the next one comes out.

I think I’ll probably get it delivered on Monday.

Scratch that… Damn you bank holidays!!! Probably get delivered on Tuesday.

Watch this space for my new phone review.

Milan v's Liverpool

Rematch of the 2005 final where I nearly left the pub at half time as the score was so bad (3-0). I was about to go out for a meal but needed the loo first and when I came back it was 3-1. Then Steve needed the loo and we’d scored again 3-2. There was no way I’d have left then. We ended up getting a penalty which was saved then converted on the rebound by Alonso to make it 3-3 and led us into extra time. 30 more minutes of painful oooing and arring till the penalties where we won due to the heroics of Dudek.

This year I predict a 0-5 thrashing by Liverpool. Bring it on! In truth I predict 0-0 with five minutes to go, so they bring on Fowler and he sneaks the cheeky winner with a toe poke over the line...

My worst idea of a game would be to score early on and have to sit back and watch 85 minutes of pressure whilst hoping to die.

Anyone fancy a bet?

Thursday 17 May 2007

Lloyd's 7s

Just got in after a very tough day. A good laugh all in all but will be feeling it tomorrow.

I played for Gallaghers in Lloyd's rugby 7s at Richmond's ground. We somehow managed to get to the semi and very nearly made it though to the final. Thank god we didn't win as the team that eventually won beat us in the group stage by around 30 points, bearing in mind we only play 14 minutes per game...

All in all a good day. A little sun burnt, a little drunk but home now so chilling out.


I've been to the gym 3 times this week. Nothing too difficult but the fact that i'm going is an improvment.

Gym status: 4 days out of 14


Just had a look at the order status of my new laptop and it has been built, dispatched and is now with the couriers. It's original delivery estimate was next Tuesday.

I hope it turns up sooner as i'd like to play with it at the weekend. Only problem is that i'm not really back at my flat for the next few days so I won't be around to sign for it.

Argh! You are tormenting me with your efficiency...

In other Stu gadget news, i've ordered my new phone Sony Ericsson w880i, but having looked a little more into it think I may swap it for the new N95. It'll be a little more expensive but think it's a much better phone.

I'm also buying Steve's Sony 30gb mp3 player for £50, I borrowed it when I went to Hong Kong and it's pretty cool.

Off to the rugby in a minute, wish me luck...

Wednesday 16 May 2007

Feeling on top form today

I finished on time last night then headed to the gym for a quick 45 minute ‘work out’, then got the tube back to mine as April was cooking and Steve was coming round to help me fix my bed (again).

April made home made pizza whilst Steve and I tried to fix the bed whilst drink a nice cold Becks. After 15 mins of umming an arring we gave up and had another beer.

After that we went to a new pub that I’ve discovered for another couple of beers / cider and had an early night.

I’m feeling much better today after a couple of downers. Maybe it’s because today is my last day of the week.

Tomorrow I’m playing in Lloyd’s rugby 7s which will be fun. Then it’ll be all the free beer I can drink and food afterwards. We’ve (AJG) got a tent that can hold 150 but we’re just one team out of about 20. Should be a good event! Steve’s playing for us too.

On Friday it’s one of my friends from Lloyd’s wedding over in Tunbridge Wells, she’s the now the new CEO’s PA. We’re staying the night in a pretty swanky hotel near by.

Then on Saturday I have to head back to Corby for S&L’s presidents dinner where I will be wearing a stupid shirt and tie (I lost the try scoring comp with Tunnah).

Sunday, lunch with Ben. Then heading home to watch the FA cup then watch rubbish on TV till 24 starts.

Tuesday 15 May 2007

Great claim

Just looking through one of our claims listings at work and came across this great one.


And the guys trying to sue the police. Isn't America great...

Quote from last night's comedy

Last night was a strange one, I left at 5:15 and went straight to the gym. It really didn’t seem worth it as after half an hour I had to shower and meet up with April as I we were going to grab something to eat before going to see the charity comedy gig with Bill Bailey at the Lyceum Theatre.

We ended up going to Live Bait, a really good fish restaurant next to the theatre. I’d been to the one in Waterloo before so I knew it would be good. For some reason I really felt on edge though, quite jittery and hyperactive in fact. Although I’ve never taken anything like speed, I imagined that would be some of the side effects. Weird! Still not feeling 100% now. Anyway…

The show started by the new host of Never mind the Buzz Cocks (jokes about the tsunami), comedy poetry (better than it sounds), funny cockney guy that’s on QI quite a bit and an amusing Geordie (aren’t all Geordies funny?) all compared by Phil Jupidus. The comedy was great, lots of good acts plus Bill Bailey at the end.

The best line of the show had to come from one of Bill’s songs.

“Like a shredded duck in a pancake drowning in the hoi sin of your lies”

Nearly made me cry.

We were supposed to head over to April’s but she had a couple of messages left on her phone when we came out and it turns out her flat has had a gas leak (2 to be precise!) so seeing as there would be no hot water ended up heading back to mine. Just as easy really. Hopefully all that will get sorted out soon!

Monday 14 May 2007

Super-buff Stu has a 2 week delay

Well, almost 2 weeks since I joined and I haven't been since. But it's not for lack of trying...

I planned to go on Tuesday, then was working late so moved it till Wednsday but ended up working late so moved it to Thursday but ended up working late yet again.

I guess I could have done something at the weekend as I can use the one in Putney too, but all of my gym stuff was left at work so all I could have done was have a swim.

I plan to go tonight before the comedy gig.

Sunday 13 May 2007


£1130.00 for 8 people (£141 each for three nights...but we may end up with a couple more people so this could still go down a bit), done and dusted! We'll be touring the ocean waves (let's hope not!) near Shropshire on the Union Canal in our trusty vessel (yar!) from June 22nd to 25th, so you'll need to take the Friday and Monday off work.


Thursday 10 May 2007

The geek challenge


56% Geek


47% Geek

*ha ha ha ha ha* (April laughs)

Canal dreams

I'm going to choose the canal boat tonight and book it.

I'll let you all know how much you owe me in due course...

As it stands


I might go for a 10 birth but we shall see.

Wednesday 9 May 2007

Still at work...

This bloody thing is still on going. It's about 14:10 in the states at the min so the guys I need feed back from are still at lunch!!!

Hurry up!

I am so going to get p!ssed tonight!

Political correctness gone mad...

Warning - this play contains meat

A playwright has been told to warn audiences his show features a roast chicken - to avoid offending vegetarians.

Thank you Ananova, I love these stories...

Doug Devaney, 41, is starring in one-man play Mein Gutt, a black comedy about one man's losing battle with obesity.

But Brighton Fringe Festival organisers say the roast chicken in the play could cause offence, reports the Sun.

Mr Devaney, of Brighton, said: "I've heard of strobe lighting or nudity being cause for audience concern but never roasted chicken.

"I'm happy to do it - I just find it weird. Will Shakespeareans have to warn theatre-goers about eye-gouging in King Lear from now on?

"It takes some of the surprise of theatre away. How sensitive are we?"

But event organiser Sandra McDonagh said: "We don't want to cause offence. There will always be one person who is sensitive enough to complain.

"I have come across staunch vegans who will kick off about most things. It's always better to cover yourself."


How about this instead?

"I have come across staunch vegans who will kick off about most things. So what..."

Tuesday 8 May 2007

My weekend

Although I didn’t really do much I had a nice weekend.

I had a nice meal with April, Steve and Jenny on Friday in Wimbledon. We were supposed to go to the Dog and Fox, a recently refurnished non-smoking pub / restaurant in Wimbledon Village but their new booking system didn’t have Steve’s details so we had to find somewhere else. This was annoying as we’d already been stung for the best part of £40 on 8 drinks!

Steve and I had a couple of pints each whist the girls had spirits with a mixer. We were a little late so I only bought the drinks for myself and April. G&T plus a Peroni on tap. £8.15! I’m sorry but that is ridiculous. It was a nice enough pub but come on… there’s no justification to charge that amount, other than your customers can probably afford it. I for one will never go there again.

On Saturday, April cooked me a lovely dinner before we went to the cinema to see Spider-Man 3 (SCMR 17: 64 / 100). I felt the film was not bad at all, in fact exactly what I wanted. Spider-Man is pretty much the gayest of super heroes and parts of the story did wind on, but overall it was not bad and did have one of two funny moments.

On Sunday all I really did was go to the shops and watch a bit of sport on TV. And of course watched 24 which is all coming to a head. Can’t be many left can there…

Yesterday was similar to Saturday where I didn’t leave the house except to go to the cinema, this time with Steve to see Shooter (SCMR 18: 68 / 100). Mark Wahlberg was good but the role didn’t really need much acting. The plot was pretty much a modern day Rambo which can only be good…, the film was overly long which is never a good sign but the action was good and that was why we went to see the film. Again there were a few laughs thrown into the mix which made parts of the film quite light hearted.

Ta-ta for now

Saturday 5 May 2007

New lap top / PC

For the past couple of months i've been really considering getting myself a fancy new lap top or PC. I really like the mobility of a lap top (i'm posting this via April's MacBook Pro outside on my balcony in the sun) but if I really want to get a games machine it pretty much has to be a desktop.

My current PC is still pretty good after 4 years (P4 3.06ghz, 512mb RAM, 128mb graphics) and it plays FM fine but most new games that i've bought are at quite a minimum speck when it comes to graphics.

I could always upgrade it a little but that will only prolong the issue and would only have to do it again in a years time. Does anyone fancy buying my PC from me? I'd probably get rid of the lot, monitor and speakers.

The bad thing about getting a new PC is that if I want anything really decent i'm going to have to fork out a few quid. I had a quick go today and before I knew it I was pushing £2,000 and I don't really want to spend that sort of money.

Decisions, decisions...

I'm also getting rid of my PSP if anyone's interested in that, £100. There's a guy at my old work that wants it so if you want it you can have first dibs. I just don't play it enough.

Thursday 3 May 2007

Uncle Shaz

Shaheen's now a proud uncle. Parvez and Beena (Spelling?) had a little girl on Sunday night. 6lbs if you're interested.

Wednesday 2 May 2007

He, he, he!

What a game! Had my heart thumping more than once but I think we deserved to go through to the final after both legs.

Utd or Milan in the final? I'd prefer Milan, as I don't know any Italians but know loads of Utd fans. And just in case we lose in two weeks time, i'd rather not get bragged at.

P.S. Ian and Kirsty owe me £1 each.

Tuesday 1 May 2007

Geordie Racer

I watched this program on pigeons last night with April that was really funny. I think it's a series of documentaries as I watched a similar styled one last week but that was on the hairdressing world championship...

It was really interesting seeing all these people enthused by all the pigeons and all the excitement that goes with it. Some parts were quite moving too, with the outbreak of bird flu many of the fanciers were threatened with having to cull their flocks. Another man and his wife who was sadly suffering for Alzheimer's flew to South Africa for the world's biggest pigeon event.

But what made me post today was something that I found truly amusing. In a pigeon version of crufts (Blackpool) one lady was boiling a kettle and steaming her prized pigeon's tail feathers to make them straight, similar to using a steam iron she proudly proclaimed.