Tuesday 28 February 2023

Cat attack

Josie making my working day interesting.  No fisticuffs but Josie told next doors neighbour's cat to fuck off. Get off my land!

First time i've been called that

 I had the second interview for a new role yesterday, at the end of the meeting the HR chap called me a Unicorn.

According to google "a person or thing that is rare and highly valued"

I laughed, and told him my daughter would enjoy that.  Looks pretty assured at this stage but you never know.  This HR chat is what I call a dickhead test.  Basically, the team that's recruited me have said they want me, someone else has to come in and check i'm not a dickhead.  I can hide that for sure during a 30 minute chat!


Played rugby again on Saturday, we beat Weavering 38-15.  Here are some photos of the game and the aftermath.  I got ran over by a big bloke.  Bit sore on Sunday, still sore today (Tue), but more or less fine.  Just some tasty bruises!


Friday 24 February 2023

3 and a half weeks

 Only 3 and a half weeks left before we all fly out to Australia.  Looking forward to the trip, not the flights.  18 more days of work.  Then 10 when we get back at the end of the contract

Current CD wall

I think the jukebox currently holds 950+ Cds (singles and albums).  My plan is to pip 1000 by the end of the year.


Thursday 23 February 2023

Unfortunatly some of our friends have contracted Covid

 They're not well so needed someone to look walk their dog Bella for a few days.  I've done the last two.

Another set of friends have caught it too, the bloody thing isn't going away anytime soon.  Strangely enough none of the Tonbridge Clarks have caught it yet.  Or at least we've not tested positive whilst having it.  Very lucky.

Flo asked me what Shrove Tuesday was

 I said, I don't know, shut up and eat your pancake!

I've still got it.

If you think TJs pitches looks good

 Tonbridge school have an automated line painter for their pitches.  But I guess that's what £45k / year gets you.

Tuesday 21 February 2023

Tonbridge Juddians amateur pitches looking good

 The pitches are looking like Wembley...

Monday 20 February 2023

Poor Arthur

 Poor Daddy

Arthur wasn't well on Saturday (We think he had what his childminder had on Friday), it wasn't fair on letting the babysitter deal with him so I had to stay at home for our friend's birthday down in St Leonards Warrior Square.  He's fine now though.  More or less back to full fitness on Sunday.

Having fun

Poor little dude

Sick bucket ready, 6 or 7 poos


 We won the quiz again on Sunday.  Not that I had much part in it.  It's 95% down to Kat and Stu.  Our group must win 90% of the time.  Easy money.

I am a cooking god

 I cooked a roast chicken on Sunday.  Came out great. 

Corn ribs

 Looking for new things to cook this weekend and found corn ribs.  Both the kids love corn on the cob so gave this a try.  They were great.


Dusting with parmesan 



Thursday 16 February 2023

Last minute valentines day meal

 One of the workers at my local pub guilt tripped me into hastily running round Tonbridge on Tuesday to make a Valentines day meal.  Chilli and garlic butter lobster with chips and a tomato and shallot salad, plus some sparking English wine. I also popped to the local florist and got some flowers 2 mins before they shut for the day.  Who says I'm not romantic?  April.

After this I left to play some warhammer fantasy roleplay at the games club.  It was quite a funny valentines day themed session.  I don't think I rolled the dice more than twice.  Good fun though.  They're nice people.

Gig last night

 Went to see Panic Shack, (mostly girls punk band from Wales) at the Forum last night with April, Stu and Lesley.  We went to a lovely new bar for a quick drink or two beforehand.  They were supported by a band called the Snakes, and another band of sweaty teenagers. Pretty good night.  

One of the band's team was filming using an old video camera.  Very odd.

A little foggy

 A bit foggy earlier in the week.  You couldn't see more than 30m in front of you.

Monday 13 February 2023

Legs akimbo

 Arwen's usual position in the evening next to me.

Arthur likes his coffee

We popped into Pizza Express after rugby and Arthur had his first Baby babachino???  Loved it.  It's been a while since he had warm milk.


I've been roped into helping out coach the Under 6s on Sunday now.

 FLo had a great time and got one of the player of the day awards.

Mummy did her fringe...

I've been feeling pretty good about my quad tear, there was no reaction a week ago when I went to the gym but I definitely felt something whilst playing with the kids.  Oh dear.  Might need another trip to the physio.

Board game night

We had a board game night on Saturday.  Number of board games played? 0.  We had a nice meal round friends and ended up just chatting and drinking wine all night.


Flo's pony riding

 April takes Flo 'horse' riding a couple of times a month.  I hadn't any plans with Arthur so decided to take him along too.  When it's cold or wet they do it in a big barn.

Reminds me of a set from The Last of Us.

Thursday 9 February 2023

That hurts

My physio recommended I get one of these, a foam roller. It's supposed to help speed up my recovery from the quad tear. Tried it yesterday and boy that hurts. I tried it on my good leg and that hurt too so I guess that's the way it is.

Monday 6 February 2023

Lamb hotpot

 I made another lamb hotpot on Sunday.  Perfect food for the cold weather.  I'm getting fairly good at this cooking.  We had smash burgers again on Saturday but I forgot to salt the burgers when they went in so could have been better.

No hangover

 So Flo got to go to rugby on Sunday.  Arthur and April joined us halfway through.  We struggled with him last year at rugby tots as all he wanted was to be carried which wasn't much fun.  He seemed to enjoy running round on Sunday so we'll look into getting him back into when we return from Australia.


 I went to see Apocalyptica on Saturday, it had been rearranged twice due to Covid 19 but we eventually got to go.

First pint in the World's End, Metal music blaring away

My view of the England vs Scotland rugby game

Obligatory pints of wine before entry

The gig

Still going, although a little worse for wear.

We ended up leaving early as they mostly played their own stuff (understandably), and was not that into it.  They've got a singer and it was more reminiscent of bands I don't like.  Shame.

We made these over the weekend

I bought some for my niece over Christmas and though Flo would like a go so bought her some too.  Lego flowers.  They're not cheap but was a good couple of hours entertainment over the weekend.  Pretty sure we can't kill these flowers.  There are some succulent ones too which I fancy getting for myself. 

New arrivals

 I received another kickstarter last week, plush Cthulhu plus some very heavy dice.  It's taken over 18 months to receive and obviously spent too much but pretty pleased.  3 more left to arrive, some have been over a 2 year wait.

Arthur like it

Heavy dice

Look at the cutie 


Occasionally we get fruit at work, i'm only in 1 or two days so don't often see it.  The week we had some figs. Not sure if i'd be confident enough to eat that in the office.  I've used them in cooking a little but not sure if you just bit into it raw or have to peel it first.