Friday 30 July 2010


Training went well last night, although within the first five minutes I'd knocked of the burn on my knee which proceeded to bleed for the remainder of the session.  It was a good laugh though and I didn't feel to out of place with my fitness which was odd as I've done very little since the season ended.

New music

I bought two new Cds yesterday, Korn's latest and Slash's collaboration album. 


I've only listened through them once each so far but they're pretty good. Especially Korn's effort.


In other music news, one of the guys on my recent rugby tour has 80gb of music so he's going to let me take my pick through his collection.  He's got loads of old metal and rock stuff on there so I'm looking forward to that.

Thursday 29 July 2010

Hmm. Have we got the day wrong?

I think our cleaner was supposed to pop round earlier today, but it hasn't been cleaned.  Maybe it's Friday she comes.  Not great if she has missed it after only one week.

Rugby training

'm going rugby training tonight, the first time in ages.  I think I went once last year.  Seeing as I'm now vice-captain as well as backs-captain I should probably make the effort.  Saying that, my knee got a smack playing beach rugby so I'm not sure how much running I'll be doing.

Wednesday 28 July 2010


My work computer's spell checker doesn't recognise the word Stu, right clicking on the red underline gave the option of Stud.  Need I say more?

Fingers crossed

Each year, before the hurricane season starts (June-October) a list of 26 names is created to help identify each new hurricane that appears.  This year 3 out of my team at work (7) are in there.


Is that an omen?  I surely hope not, as that'll mean bye-bye to me getting a nice big fat bonus.

Tuesday 27 July 2010

Back but shattered

Nearly fell asleep at my desk this afternoon.  Boy i'm tired.  A max of 4 hours sleep each night over the past 4 nights.  Perhaps a day too long but it was a good laugh though.

Highlights include playing against the Estonian national side (they wore dresses???), and one of our team forgetting his passport at the hotel, only realising when we got to the airport.  The airport was in Latvia, the hotel was in Estonia.  Ha, ha.

Thursday 22 July 2010

Urgh, to sleep or not to sleep

I'm off to Estonia very early tomorrow.  Urgh.  I'm getting picked  up at 2:30am so that we can catch our 6am plane.  Jeez!  Shall I try and get some sleep or shall I just try to stay up?

Saturday 17 July 2010

Home sweet home

Urgh.  Just got back from our week long holiday.  Tired now.

Monday:  5 hour drive to Looe, quiet night in.

Tuesday:  A wander round Looe before going to a Monkey sanctuary then a cider farm and a lovely meal in Looe.

Wednesday: A drive to Plymouth to go on their gin tour, followed by a lovely meal in Looe.

Thursday:  Drive to Fowey, to go canoeing but once we got there were told that it was cancelled due to the bad weather, so had a good wonder round and a nice bite to eat.  Then off to the St Austell Brewery for a tour and a couple of decent ales.

Friday:  Drive to a lovely country stately home, finding out that it was £12 each to get in so went to see an old jail instead.  Then off to the Camel Winery for a tasting.  Drive to Padstow, a wonder round then dinner at Rick Stein's.  Brilliant!

April had some sort of oriental crab thing and I had some mackerel to start.  Then April had a Thai fish curry and I had 2 whole massive chili crabs.  It was hard work but I managed it without looking like too much of an idiot.  To finish April had a Satsuma Sorbet while I had some cheese and some port.  Yum, yum!

Saturday:  Drive 3 hours to a village outside Bristol to see John and Ros and their new baby Ethan.  Luckily he doesn't look like John...  Grab a bite to eat then drive home to Tonbridge

Sunday:  I plan to do nothing.

Pictures: Driving to the cider farm, meeting Boo Boo the monkey, April and her cream tea, meeting a sad pub dog, April at the winery, April in sunny Looe, Stuart the monkey.

Sunday 11 July 2010

Who said Italian football had kicked out corruption?

I'm paying AC Milan in my latest game of Football Manager.  How on earth can you score this without deliberately going for goal?

Saturday 10 July 2010

Don't do it!

  Biscuit half hanging out of the window.

Small fruit



 Some very small fruit, April and a Melon plus some weird squashed nectarines.

April's new toy

April's new toy.  Bleep, bleep, bleep, zapping goods at Waitrose.

Friday 9 July 2010


As you may know i'm off to Estonia on a rugby tour in a couple of weeks so need to get some local currency.  I thought they might even be in the Euro by now.  Nope.  They still have their own currency.
The Kroon
Engelbert Humperdinck would live like a king.

Exchange rates

How many Russians do you get for an American?  The going rate is 2.5. 
Or perhaps this was some sort of buy one get one free deal.


I went out for a few beers last night and couldn't be bothered to cook when I got in so stopped off at a Chinese takeaway restaurant on my way home. It's a bit embarrassing when the lady at the counter asks you if you want 'The Usual'.
I haven't been there in over a month and she still knew what I wanted.

Great, bloody British weather

We're off on holiday on Monday.  Great...
Monday light rain
Tuesday heavy rain

Wednesday 7 July 2010


I bumped into an ex colleague yesterday and spotted that he was wearing a pin badge on his lapel sporting the name of his company (a very large insurance broker).  After taking the piss out of him a bit he explained that it was a requirement.  Bloody idiots!
Thinking back, I had heard of this before, I was told a story about someone sharing a lift with the CEO of said company.  Spotting that his employee was not wearing his badge he asked where it was.  The employee's response was
"Sorry Sir, I must have left it on my pyjamas"
I have no doubt that this never happened, but I like the story anyway

Tuesday 6 July 2010


I feel quite accomplished today. 

We've finally got the plumbers and tilers in to do the en suite
We've arranged to get cleaners
I've sorted out getting our windows cleaned (first time in 2.25 years!)
Booked our holiday
Finished a load at work
Created a games page which seems to work
Got some keys cut
Found a way to open our front windows without a key

Addicted? Me?

Steam reckons i've played 573 hours of Football Manager 10.  I've only had the laptop for 2-3 months!!!

Monday 5 July 2010

Rick Stein's for dinner

I’m off to Looe with April next Monday and I can’t wait.  I haven’t been since I was a kid but it’s a really nice part of the world.  Whilst we’re travelling that far (5 hours) we may as well make the most of the area so we’ve booked an extra night in Padstow to finally try out Rick Stein’s Seafood Restaurant which is only an hour away.  We were in Padstow last year but only went to his chip shop, we were in Newquay a couple of years ago for a wedding and had a spot booked but decided to cancel due to time and money.

Really looking forward to it.

A more pressing problem

Rather than the school worrying about his weight they should perhaps worry about why his parents are forcing him to go ballroom dancing.

Sunday 4 July 2010

Camping with the guys

Kristoff by his car, Ben and his beard, Ian and his twat hat, our attempt with a coal barbecue, me.

Friday 2 July 2010

Photo test

Test of a photo e-mail.  This was my zombie arm.






We've decided to get a cleaner!  We're both pretty busy at work these days and I generally can't be arsed (although I put it down to having a higher threshold of dirt) so we've decided to get ourselves a cleaner.  A couple of hours a week should do the house and April's allergies a world of good. 

Long week

Urgh.  I didn't think this week would ever end.  Finally it's 5 and i'm home with my feet up.  Plunk Tssss....  A nice cold beer.  Mmm... heaven.