Friday 30 October 2015

Room too hot after putting too much wood on the fire?

Get yourself a cat.  She can also be used to block out the sun.

Tuesday 27 October 2015

Here's that same building work back in December

Lazy gits.  

Am I secretly turning into a woman?

April bought me this messenger bag last week and I really like it but there is one burning question at the back of my mind.

Do I look like a woman?

I remember in the past taking the piss out of other team members sporting man bags so part of me feels hypocritical now that I own one.

It still feels a little empty so I actually googled what to put in it. 

USB charger
Collapsible umbrella

Are two good suggestions but this only strengthens the hand bag feel. I might put a small pack of tissues in there but i draw the line at lipstick.

Hurry up and build it

This building seems to have been in this state for about a year now. Hurry up.

Monday 26 October 2015

Hayseed Dixie gig

Cat attack

Poppet and Biscuit attack.

Change pot bonanza

£207 in bags.  £242.65 total.


Our poor old house

Some people.  The owners of our old house have terrible taste.

Not only have they gotten did of the blinds in the kitchen that April put up but they've painted the door an awful yellow and the concrete planter pink!

Sorry but you taste too nice

There was an option to go to Sankey's this Sunday before the Hayseed Dixie gig but the group ended up going elsewhere (Cau, very good, similar to Gaucho) so we decided to pop in for a quick lobster on Friday afternoon.

Poor old pinchy.

Whitstable trip

We stayed the night in Whitstable on Thursday.  Excellent. What a lovely place. We went for an amazing meal at a fish restaurant for lunch followed by a random gig in a great pub.

Lowlight dad our extremely low bowling scores. Although I did win £34 from April as we had £1 / point on the 2 games. I also found out that I've been bowling incorrectly (using the wrong fingers) for the past 25+ years! Doh!

Some photos from the gaming weekend

Football manager history

I was looking at my steam account the other day after pre-ordering the new version of football manager and wrote down the time played on each of my earlier versions of the game.

2009* is abnormally low as I think I also played that on a disk rather than downloaded from steam.  Wow!

I would like to add to my defence that and say that these numbers are inflated as I'm certainly not sitting with my laptop for the whole duration and I'm generally doing something at the same time like watching TV but still pretty impressive don't you think???

Friday 16 October 2015

Android update

My phone updated itself a couple of days ago and as far as I can make out the only change is rounder icons. 



On holiday today  having a cup of tea in a cafe on the high street.  It's amazing how fat the unemployed are.

I'm certainly not saying that I'm thin before anyone chirps up.

Thursday 15 October 2015

Steve Coogan and Amanda Iannucci

Off to see a talk by the above tonight over by the houses of parliament.  Should be good.

The other Steve Coogan news is that he's going to be on the new series of TFI Friday's in character as Alan Partridge.


New pop up bar

Tonbridge now has a very cool pop up venue.  The Old Fire Station.

Last weekend was the turn off Fuggles. A pub. I even managed to pop in twice. 

Very good indeed.  Being on the next one.

Nightlight being me getting a round in and picking up 4 meat sticks to pass on to our table. I forgot that 2 of the group wye vegans. Oops.

Plans this weekend

Sunday activities

Other than popping to the local farmers market.  Sunday was mostly spent doing this. 

Another defeat

April beat me at Ticket to Ride again.  I think she's cheating.

We drew one each at Splendor.  And matt just 20 mins of learning to play Zombicide.  I felt our marriage was worth more than the argument...

Blogger app errors

This was supposed to be attached to a post I made last week. Blogger is shit sometimes. 

Wednesday 7 October 2015

We won't be back in a hurry

Not because the food was bad.  Just because I can't afford to!

I took April here last week on our day off. The food was outstanding. Quite right too.

They gave us the choice of sitting on a table for two or at the bar where you could watch them prepare and cook everything. We chose to watch and it was amazing to see how much attention to detail there was.

Superb. The matched wines were great too.

April's turn to pay next.