Friday 25 November 2022

Hever castle

 We went to Hever Castle to see their Christmas lights with Shaheen and Kate on Sunday.  It was a lot of fun but with a bit of commotion when leaving the house I ended up leaving my coat at home.  I bit of heavy rain to start ment I was wet as well as cold for the whole thing.


Enjoying horse riding!

Having a lovely time


Flo on the ferris wheel


 Work's a little hectic at the moment.  There's a fairly tight deadline that's coming up and the rest of the team has been away at an actuarial conference for the first few days of the week.  They're back now but I think we're a little behind schedule.  It's been hard working without them available as I'm not yet fully up to speed with how their processes work.  Urgh, it'll be fine in a week or two.

Nipple slip

 Big guy on the train home last night had a small wardrobe malfunction.

Finally got the gym locker I deserve


Wednesday 16 November 2022

New job

 If all goes to plan I start my new job tomorrow.  Still waiting for the contract to come through which is a pain though.  It's mostly doing the usual role so hopefully it will all go smoothly. 

Cat attack!

 I was attacked by one of next door's cats last week!

Here's me playing with it outside my office.

Here's what it did to my leg when it managed to get inside and then I tried to shoe it out.  

That's through jeans!

Beers in town

 I met up with my friend James in London for a few beers last Thursday.  It was a good laugh.  We barely see each other as i'm only in one day a week and in his current role he's fully remote.  I ended up grabbing a Chinese in China Town on the way home.

Riding hat for Flo

 April took Florence shopping a couple of weeks ago.  She came back with a new riding hat.  She's been borrowing one when she has lessons so it was time to get her one of her own.  The riding had even has it's own hat

Monday 7 November 2022

New dice box

 I treated myself to a new dice box a little while ago.  It arrived last week.

After making our characters a couple of weeks ago we're due to start playing warhammer.

Fireworks at the school

 Florence's school put on a fireworks display on Friday.  It was excellent.  There were 600 there in total!

We were supposed to head to the Tonbridge one on Sunday (we had tickets) but with the amount of rain we've had recently down here thought better of it.

11 years

 It was our 11 year anniversary on Saturday and some friends volunteered to look after the kids for the night.  We stayed over at a lovely b&b close to the restaurant we were going to in Kilndown (The Small Holding)

2 poops

One of many courses at the tasting menu

The place we stayed at was lovely, we arrived a bit early and were stuck with something to do as we weren't due to sit down to eat till 8:30.  We ended up having a bottle of wine and some fizz with the owners and chatted to them for about 3 hours!  Very unlike me.

Cat attack

 One of my neighbour's cats like to attack me when i'm in the office.

How strange

 For some reason there's a Liverpool exhibition at a local coffee shop.

Tuesday 1 November 2022

Full rainbow

Spotted this last week whilst walking the dog.  Lovely.

First day after half term

Flo had to wear her winter uniform to school yesterday when she headed back after half term.  Poor girl having to wear a tie at 5!


Flo got a new sweet

She was very pleased with her green tongue

Grand parent visit

My Dad and his wife came down for the weekend to see the kids and it was good to see them.  The kids haven't seen them since mid January.  My dad's had a couple of mini strokes in the past couple of years and is no longer comfortable driving the 2h down to Tonbridge.  

We'll head up soon for Christmas so they'll be able to get their presents, but it's been too long.  It's just a pain with leaving the dog on her own (we usually get a friend to walk her mid way), but it means we have to basically head up -> stay for a couple of hours ->  then head back so not much fun.

Here they all are doing yoga on Sunday morning


Halloween for the kids


The kids had fun trick or treating last night.  Flo dressed as a witch, Arthur a pumpkin.

New contract

 I verbally accepted a new contract with another company yesterday.  I'm due to start on the 14th.

This means I have two weeks off!  The weather is a bit hit and miss but I will enjoy the time to myself.

The dog's going to get extra walks and i've joined the gym at Tonbridge school.