Tuesday 27 November 2007

Monaco in January

April has to deliver a course in Monaco this January, I think I might join her.

Thursday 22 November 2007

Bill Bailey update

Ticket Information from Bill Bailey Tickets for order ********
We are pleased to advise that your tickets are currently being prepared for dispatch and you can expect to receive them shortly


Your tickets will be delivered securely by courier and will require a signature on delivery. In the event that you are not at the delivery address at the time of delivery, either an Attempted Delivery card will be left with full contact details or Secure Mail Services will contact you to rearrange the delivery at your convenience. If you receive an Attempted Delivery card, we urge you to make contact at your earliest convenience to avoid delays in redelivery. If you entered your mobile telephone number during the ordering process you may receive a text message from our delivery partner ‘Secure Mail’ in relation to your order. If you have not received your tickets by 5 working days prior to the event.

Just what I needed

I bloody woke up early this morning so am stuck watching the news. Stop repeating the football highlights.

Tuesday 20 November 2007


I'm still on the mailing list for the physio I used for my knackered finger and i've just been informed of this URGENT!!! message.

Message Heading


Choice phrase

Please read the document attached carefully as it has information on the Pilates class timetable for the Christmas and New Year period.


Monday 19 November 2007


We finally got round to booking a hotel in Oxford for Thursday and Friday night. The room was £65 per night, knocked down from £180. Not bad at all if you ask me.

Oxford is a lovely place, lots to do, and plenty to see. We also ended up going to a Carling Academy to see a band called Hot Hot Heat.

Borrowing Steve's car was good too as I miss driving.

I'm still on holiday now which is nice too.

Wednesday 14 November 2007


It turns out that James (one of the sandwich year students who has been off ill for over two weeks now) has been diagnosed with glandular fever.

I’ve been ill with something or other for nearly a month now so it got me thinking. I looked up the details on the nhs direct site.



1) Ill for nearly a month
2) Sore throat
3) Tiredness, lack of energy
4) Loss of appetite
5) Muscle ache and headache

April’s also been ill for quite a while now and was prescribed amoxicillin.

“At first, glandular fever is sometimes wrongly diagnosed, for example as a bacterial throat infection or tonsillitis. If you are given treatment for a bacterial infection with the antibiotics ampicillin or amoxicillin, you may develop a rash of small red spots.”

She has also complained of a rash and only stopped taking the pills a few days before. And she’s still not 100%.

Since then I have also been prescribed amoyycillin so I guess we shall wait and see.

Before you all say, I have not been kissing James (Glandular fever is also know as the kissing disease), we must have drank out of each other’s pint or something by mistake.

It’s all a bloody pain though as I’m off on holiday from tomorrow till next Tuesday. What a bum time to be off ill!!!

Tuesday 13 November 2007

Urgh... I still feel rough!

This is not good, I never get ill and will be having my 4th day off this month. Not good at all. I hope these drugs work because i'm on holiday on Thursday through to next Tuesday!

No Fair

Friday 9 November 2007

Wednesday 7 November 2007


Liverpool won 8-0 last night! Yeah!

My question is this: How come we lost 2-1 to them 2 weeks ago?

My answer is: Peter Crouch!

Give him a chance Rafa, Kuyt can't score. Crouch is a natural...

Tuesday 6 November 2007


Lotus Notes is down again.

This is the message that comes up on our intranet.

We are currently experiencing some problems with sametime instant messaging, along with certain lotus notes databases.

Incidentally Sametime has been down for nearly a month. What can possibly have gone wrong that it takes a month to fix?

Monday 5 November 2007

This week ahead

Monday: Mussel night, April's Dad has sent us a recipe for chilli mussels so we're going to give that a whirl tonight.

Tuesday: Nothing [Edit] Football's on tonight so will watch that.
Wednesday: Nothing [Edit] Sausage and Mash night
Thursday: Nothing [Edit] Going for a meal with April (http://www.timeout.com/london/restaurants/reviews/7384.html)
Friday: Nothing [Edit] A few beers with James [Edit] Going to go straight home now as not feeling great today.
Saturday: Rugby then Sophie's engagement party [Edit] I think i'm going to cancel the rugby.
Sunday: Ian's house

I can imagine one of those nothings will change into a beer or two and I promised April we'd go out for a meal one night but so far I have an unusually quiet week. And that's the way I want it.

Friday 2 November 2007

Off ill again.

I'm not well so have decided to take the day off.

Thursday 1 November 2007

Bill Bailey

Just looked through my work calendar this morning and saw the Bill Bailey gig on Thursday 29th November. As you know it was me that booked all 6 tickets and I did this months ago. 20-04-07 to be precise

That's when it struck me...

What have I done with the tickets? I had a quick look through my draw and couldn't find anything. Then the panic set it. Where would I have put them?

It occurred to me that I would have ordered them at work and so would have printed out a receipt. I re-checked my draw and found it! Yes! But then No! The delivery address was for my old flat in Putney.

I called up the phone line printed on the receipt and there was a recorded message stating that the printing and sending out of tickets had begun this week. I held on the line to speak to an operator...

Tune in next week for another exciting instalment of the great Bill Bailey Tinsleworm ticket extravaganza

Poll 1


I successfully watched April make most of our Ikea purchases last night. Unfortunatly we(she) started quite late and our neighbours banged on the roof whilst we (she) were hammering.

We're out tonight and tomorrow so it may be stuck like that for a while.