Tuesday, 8 June 2021

Upon the high seas

 A couple of weeks ago we took a trip on along the river Medway.  We were supposed to go the week before but there were wind gusts of 50 mph+ so thought better of it.

 Went for a big dog walk with a friend yesterday.  Had lunch in a village pub, then walked back, stopping of at a new brewery and tap room in town for a couple more.  Arwen was pooped afterwards!

Eastbourne Trip

A good portion of the Tonbridge Massive went to Eastbourne on Saturday to visit some of old friends that had moved down that way.  April decided to hitch a rid on the back of Jono's bike.

Long time no post

I quit my job a few weeks ago.  Leading up to that I was fairly stressed with work and on the Monday I decided to hand my notice in.  Seeing what had happened to Ross a few weeks previous I didn't see the point of doing something that was stressing me out and also something I didn't even enjoy.  Anyway, luckily I didn't have to do much handover so am now in the last week of a nearly 3 week break which has been great, the recent spell of good weather has certainly helped too.

I've now got a new role lined up and am due to start next week (the laptop arrived yesterday).  They wanted me to start this week but I really need the break so pushed it back.