Sunday 31 December 2023

Double denim

Arthur chose his own clothes this morning.

Chili beef ramen

We made this from scratch today. It was a recipe from our wagamamma cook book.  Not bad, but the one I made from a recipe on the internet a little while back was much better. Flo helped peel the egg though.

New years eve menu

A bunch of us ordered this for new years eve. It turned out pretty well  

Saturday 30 December 2023

Mushroom monster

 We went for some Thai food yesterday at lunch time and Arthur devoured it.  He had his own plate of mushrooms in an oyster sauce and he ate them all!

Yesterday's activity

We ordered some protective mats for the new car and they arrived in a decent size box.  What shall we do with it kids?  Cardboard robot!


Egg pancake

 I was making myself an omelette this morning and Arthur said he was hungry so I made him one too.  Although I had to call it an egg pancake before he would try it.

Friday 29 December 2023

Not all heroes wear capes, but Florence does

 Flo took a crash course on cycling earlier in the month. Looks like it's paid off.

Arthur got to try out his new super fast and chill skateboard too.

Magic wand

 We bought Flo a magic wand for Christmas.  I think she like it.

Lamb hotpot

 Cooked this yesterday, the kids loved it.

Fire starter

Twisted fire starter

A bit of a long story but my mate got it for my birthday.  There's a guy I follow on YouTube that does outdoor stuff. I went to the Kent show with my friend. It's basically a huge show put on by the farming community.  He had a stall there and my mate bought me a fire starting kit.

He's even featured on beavis and butthead.  Kent Survival


Double dog walk

 Our friends were away all day yesterday so asked if I could walk their dog Bella.  They only live round the corner so it's not a problem.  They've walked Arwen often enough too.

After the initial excitement they leave each other alone

Arwen won the poo competition 4-1.  Good girl!

Wednesday 27 December 2023

Finally got to watch Star Wars with my child

Arthur got bored but Flo enjoyed it.  One out of two is not bad.

Christmas day

6:30 am

Christmas walk

Christmas eve round some of Flo's friends

Us and two other families popped over to one of Flo's friends family's houses. They'd recently had their house renovated so wanted to show us all. They used the same developers as us.

Donkey rides

We're went to our local church on Christmas Eve, they had a Nativity play inside, but fun animals outside.

Alternative Christmas lunch

We'd eaten enough turkey since last weekend so had some lobster again for our Christmas lunch.

Christmas traditions

Our Christmas tradition of watching the Bros documentary was continued on Christmas Day. What a great film.

New Christmas game

The kids kicked my ass!


We all drive down to Steve's on boxing day for lunch and a Christmas present swap.

Road trip to Steve's on Boxing Day
Dogs waiting for turkey. They were mostly well behaved although they did have a lot of sexy time.

Sunday 24 December 2023

I've finally gone and watched it

 A bit late this year but I finally managed to watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation! And with the whole family too.  Arthur wasn't that impressed but Flo enjoyed it.  I need to work on Arthur.

Onion head

 We bought an onion almost as large as Flo's head!

Saturday 23 December 2023

Last of the left overs

 Finally used up the last of the Christmas dinner leftovers.  Fried roast potatoes, carrots and parsnips with bacon.  Yum!

Christmas has arrived early in the Clark houshold



 My dad walked past a local shop when he was down the other day and asked what that was.  It's a mooli apparently.  I picked one up to find out.  It's basically a big white raddish.

My dad took the rest home

Pickled and raw

Grandad's visit


Chicken pot pie

Christmas puff pastry

Grand parents visit

Ice skating!


Train to Tunbridge Wells

Aren't the kids behaving well

Park afterwards