Friday 28 April 2023

Last day of work today

 And the CEO has said we can clock off at 12.  I'm still going to put a whole day in though.  I start the new one on Tuesday.  I think i'm on the 39th Floor here.

I went to the game on Wednesday

One of my friend's in the city who is a West ham fan had tickets for the West Ham vs Liverpool game on Wednesday.  He's a season ticket holder and so is his family.  One of his kids couldn't go so offered up her ticket.  We won.  But I had to sit there in silence.


Lovely spot on this morning's walk

 Spotted this heron.

Wednesday 26 April 2023

Looks like someone's found his spitting image mould

Bird attack

Came back from the doctors this morning (injured elbow 3 months back slipping on the ice still not healed) to find a cheeky crow trying his luck at getting the bone .

Wondered why Josie wanted out twice this morning.

 We'd put our food bin out for collection and as it's been damaged some of the food pops out, Josie's had to get through quite a bit of leaves to get to the lamb leg bone!

Tuesday 25 April 2023

Not at all creepy!

 Spotted this on the dog walk this morning.  Not the most pleasant thing i've seen on a walk.

I'm geting quite good tat this

 We had a load of the Tonbridge lot round on Sunday for lunch and holiday photo sharing

Glenn's squash

Roast Lamb

Well that was fun

 I played rugby on Saturday and we were thumped 80 odd points to 10.  It was supposed to be a pretty friendly friendly but the opposition decided to put out a mix of 1s. 2s and 3s.  Fuckers!  I got an assist though.

We managed to get 6 of the kids coaches playing too  

It must have been pretty windy

 Spotted this umbrella on my walk with Arwen this morning.

Friday 21 April 2023

First day of school for Arthur

Although he's in the nursery.

Flo's progressing well with her reading

The books are a bit dated though.


Earth Day

 Apparently it's Earth Day today so the kids could dress up as a UK animal or wear green.

FLo asked to be a bat so APril stayed up late last night making her costume.  Bat girl.

We didn't have anything for Arthur and he didn't want to wear green so just went in his normal school uniform.

Pretty dog walk

 The mound at Tonbridge Castle yesterday morning

Quite pretty.  Stark contrast today where we both got soaked.

Thursday 20 April 2023

6 days left

 I've got 6 more days of my current contract then after the bank holiday weekend start my next.  This next one is a little bit different as its a fixed term contract (basically a full time employee but with a set end date).  There's still a couple of bits to iron out which is disappointing as the referencing company has had plenty of time but fingers crossed I dart on the 2nd May.

Finished the last of the warhammer campaign last night

 It was good fun but hard work at times.  I think my character was the only one that didn't have chaos corruption.  We're not playing the next game for a couple of weeks though as we've moved to a game every other week.  With the games cafe moving to a smaller venue whilst I was away in Australia there's just not enough room for 3 role play groups playing at the same time.  It's a shame but makes sense.  The venue is a little nicer and the room is a lot more intimate for an rpg.

The next game we're playing is Star Wars 2nd edition.  Should be fun, although it's been a while.  I'm going to go a bounty hunter.

I think they missed us

We were away for 3 and a bit weeks but I think the animals missed us.

Here's Josie and Arwen from some unflattering angles.

Wednesday 19 April 2023


 Did anybody ask why?  Sounds like an Alan Partridge idea.  Monkey Tennis anyone?

Tuesday 18 April 2023

Definitely not as young as I used to be

 I have two appointments next week.

One for my elbow which still hasn't healed since I slipped on the ice back in January.  There's no pain in moving my arm but every time I lean on it it hurts, but occasionally I really hurt it and it swells and bruises.  I think there's bit floating around in there so will be good to get it all checked out.

The other issue is my thigh still isn't quite right since tearing it playing rugby a few months back. Again it's fine walking but I still feel it occasionally so would rather get it sorted out than continue complaining.

The main problem is that i'm playing rugby again this weekend so may have some additional injuries to worry about.

New Metallica album

 First impressions are that it's okay.  Nothing really stands out at the moment but will give it another go.

Height comparison

 No sign in Arthur slowing down.

It's his first day at the big school today, let's hope he has lots of fun.  He's still in nursery, 1 year left after this term but it makes sense to put them both into the same school.

The average height for a 3 year old (he's 3 in a little over a month) is only 95cm, he's a wapping 1m!  I don't have the exact data for Flo but she would have been around 96 / 97 cm at 3 compared to the average girl of 94cm.  Not sure where they're getting the height from.

Flo's now 5.5, the average height for a girl at 6 is 115.5cm.  Unless she stops growing she'll be a fair bit taller than that too.

Friday 14 April 2023

Pub grand national sweepsteaks

 Popped into my local at lunch today after 3 weeks + off and got fleeced for the bonus ball competition i'm in and the grand national race.  £8.

I did draw the joint favourite though. Ain't Half Bad

Monday 10 April 2023

Another winery


Lovely view

We booked ourselves into a lovely restaurant / winery.  What a view!


Port Macquarie beach


Flo the mermaid

Byron Bay Brewery Stone and Wood


My art 

Kids art

Byron apartment


House lizard, watching me have a bath 


Outdoor bath


 Bluesfest was on just outside Byron Bay whilst we were there so we decided to go for the day

Booth kids first proper festival


Selfie buddies

The coach driver (from London) let the kids drive all the way home