Thursday 26 January 2023

Josie in the sun

 Josie trying her hardest to get April to paint her like one of those French ladies.

Arwen and the swan


Sassy Florence

We all went to one of Flo's friend's birthday parties on Sunday 

Sassy Florence

View from the venue

Disney themed

Lonely dog

 The dog gets a bit lonely at home when we're both upstairs in our offices.  As a special treat I let her into my office in the afternoon.  Josie is less impressed.

Friday 20 January 2023

Ice skating


Thought I'd do a little ice skating this morning whilst out with the dog.

Ice crack

 Walking the dog this morning decided to crack some ice.

Iced up

Injury update

 I went to a physio yesterday and he did a brilliant job.  I'd say the pain level and mobility has improved by 80%.  And i've got some magic blue tape!


Tuesday 17 January 2023

Reded up

Flo got some face paints for Christmas so decided to paint Arthur's face.  He didn't seem to mind.




We won the pub quiz on Sunday, it's usually April that gets to go but she was tired to I volunteered to help out.  It's mostly moral support as Stu and Kat get all the answers right anyway.  I think they've won the last 4 or 5 they've taken part in.


Annual trip to see the Angels

We popped along to Tonbridge Angels to watch the footy.  We do it every year for Jono's birthday.  Cold, but fun. And an exciting 3-3!  After that we all went for a curry, followed by some wine.  Lovely evening. 


Smash burgers!

I made these a weekend ago!  Great!  So easy and tasted amazing



 I volunteered to play in a mostly vets game on Saturday, despite going off after 20 mins with a torn quad, the bruising has come up a treat it was a good laugh.  I miss it.

Cold this morning

I didn't realise the sportsground had flooded again, it lease it froze last night so wasn't too muddy.  It was supposed to be -7C!  Yikes