Wednesday 30 September 2009

Readership reduced by 1

Or at least during the day. April can no longer access my blog at work due to the fascists at websense.

Tuesday 29 September 2009


A friend of mine has two spare tickets to a Nevermind the Buzzcocks recording in a couple of weeks so has invited us two to come along with him.

Should be good fun. It'll be similar to the QI gig but he's got priority tickets so we won't have to queue up with all the plebs. I imagine that'll mean more drinking time if James has anything to do with it. Eek!

1 year anniversary

A year ago today, I started work in my new job. And I have to say that it's flown by.

My team’s good fun, I’ve learnt loads and none of which has really phased me. I’d probably like to have met a few more people in my time here as I still don’t think I know anyone other than those I directly work with (20 people (10%)) but other than that things are running smoothly. Roll on a few more, only another 9 to go before my paid sabbatical...


Some bloke fainted this morning on the train. Wimp! Girls yes, blokes no.

I ended up getting in to work 5 mins early because of him. Git! I walked from London Bridge in stead of Cannon Street, as I knew they'd cancel the train. April waited hoping they'd take him off so the train and a thousand commuters could continue on their journey but no. He was too 'ill' to move. What's the difference between sitting on the floor of the train and floor of the platform? Nothing.

Anyway. As it turns out, his 'hysterical' girlfriend put it down to him having a bruised ankle and forgetting to have his protein shake that morning. Ha, ha, ha! Tosser!

Monday 28 September 2009

X-Box 360

Well, I finally bought one, although I very nearly didn't bother. I went to a PC world, looked at the price and deals. £200 + free extra contoler + Lego Indy + Kung Fu Panda. I then walked next door into the Currys and they had exactly the same deal so decided to buy it there. I wasn't fussed about the two games but with the extra controller I thought why not? 30 mins later still waiting for the fuckwits to get the various bit of the deal together I left.

I mean come on. You main job as a shop worker is to sell stuff. You just lost out on £200, all for being an idiot. I then went to an Argos and bought it through them. the box was £195 and the game deal was £20. Halo3, Halo Wars and Forza 2. John Madden 10 is in the post as we speak.

Friday 25 September 2009

Payday today

I think i'll get that x-box tomorrow / Sunday. Is there anything I need to know before I go and buy it?

Cats and Cocktails

I've been tasked we've coming up with a cocktail this week. My friend Harriet's sister is putting together a book of cocktails from Harriet's friends. It's a present for her Hen night that's coming up shortly.

I think i'm going to make some sort of 'Biscuit Bellini', April's going for a Poppet Pimms. I'm sure i'll post some photos of the cats posing with a champagne flute later.

Thursday 24 September 2009

New season, new injury

I think my body's trying to tell me something.

I went rugby training last night for the first time in what must be 10 years and managed to injure my middle finger of my right hand.

It's now black and blue and swollen to 1.5x the size.

Doh! Hopefully it'll go down by Saturday and i'll still be able to play.

Wednesday 23 September 2009

I truely am a geek

I brought in some sweets for work from Las Vegas and California in on Monday, and we're getting to last few. The ones that are left are these gummy dice.

Inspecting one closely I noticed that the pips on the dice were incorrect. Opposite sides should add up to 7.


They didn't! Idiots. You've got one job. Painting white pips on gummy dice. How can you fcuk that up?


...And no, I didn't break the banks of Las Vegas

In total I think we lost around $150 between us. The only games there that allowed any element of skill were poker and black jack but the stakes were generally too high (only a few $5 tables) and I wasn't massively confident in my skill so what would be the point in gambling?

Tuesday 22 September 2009

Have you missed me?

Well, it's certainly been a while. Probably the biggest break since I started this thing.

What have I been up to I hear you all ask? Silence and tumbleweeds etc.

I've been in America for two weeks, the longest break i've had since Australia last year. It was great not having to worry about work (not that I ever do these days), but just not having that dread on a Tuesday morning knowing that you've got a massive project due in a couple of days and then wishing you started it a few months back.

As luck would have it, Steve's timing was great. Lloyd's ICA (how much money do we have to hold as capital to pay a 1/200 year event, plus a bit) deadline for 2010 was the last Friday, and I managed to miss the two week period prior, it's our biggest deadline of the year.

It sounds like I got off likely but in reality my syndicate was in a good state so I didn't really leave anyone in it. Just the boring reporting side. Ha, ha! Didn't stop me worrying though. What if i'd made a major mistake and it was only found out when I was away. Also I felt a strange feeling of jealousy too. Another member of my team would be messing around with my model. What if they changed something that I didn't like? What if they broke it? It's like my baby.

In other job related news a former boss who has recently started working for another Lloyd's agency asked me if I wanted to apply for a job at his 'new shop'. The role sounds great, Head of Business Intelligence. A friend said I should go for it, if anything i'd have great business cards. But i'm very happy right now and i'm only just approaching a year in so really have no desire to up sticks again for quite a while.

I've missed the cats loads and I think that they've missed me (and April too). I knew i'd miss the furry little things but maybe not quite so much. They ended up staying at my friends James and Vikki's. They, for some reason, volunteered to look after them. Despite them having recently got themselves a puppy! I've met Ted a few time now and I know he can be a little bitey. I hope the cats showed him who's boss. They didn't like travelling to Essex and back in their carry cage but i'm sure they enjoyed it much more than getting put in a cage in a cattery. Thanks again guys. Let us know when you're free for us to treat you to a free meal. KFC or we may even stretch to a Burger King.

What ABOUT America? Well, it was great. The flight over was fine, I watched 3 films. Night at the Museum 2, the new Star Trek (again), and now that I think of it, I can't remember the third, it must have been great...

Eventually (10 hours later), we arrived in Vegas. Ouch, it was hot. I think that was the theme of the whole trip. Outdoors in that part of the world is hardly suited for gingers. Thank Jebus for air conditioning. We didn't do much on the first day other than grab a quick bite to eat (burgers) as we were all shattered. We (April and I) were staying at The Flamingo. The hotel was dated (one of the original hotels) but our room had been recently renovated so we were very pleased. It all looked out onto the main strip. The Belagio and Paris were two of the main ones we could see from our window.

Don't worry I won't go into every day in detail...

The next few days were good, we got to know the area by looking round all the main casinos, I preferred those around Freemont Street (more how I imagined Vegas would be), we went to a Nuclear missile museum and of course Steve and Jenny's wedding.

I met up with a slightly nervous Steve at around 12:30 (not sure why he was so nervous, I had to do the best man's speech later), and we grabbed a bit to eat and a couple of beers before the event itself. We met the Vicar (or whatever he was) in one of the Belagio chapels. He was a funny guy and made everyone at easy. The wedding itself went smothing and I managed not to lose either of the rings.

Next was a trip to the Welcome to Las Vegas sign, we of course did this in style. A massive 20+ seater stretched HUMMER. During the trip we almost drowned in champagne. After a few photos we drove to the dinner venue.

Steve'd booked us a private room towards the top of the Stratosphere overlooking the whole Las Vegas strip. The whole view was amazing. So too where everyone's reactions to walking into the room for the first time. Once again the view was absolutely tremendous.

The wedding meal was good but my best man's speech was better... What a great day.

The next day was Steve's birthday and we were all off to the Grand Canyon. I'd never driven on the right hand side of the road before but despite having a few initial problems with reverse in the automatic people carrier the trip was uneventful. That's if you forget the part where after we entered the national park we lost one of our cars. Unfortunately, there was no mobile signal so we had no idea where they were. I thought the worse, and that they may have crashed but thankfully they had only broken down. All was sorted before we had a great meal in a lodge right on top of the canyon (not that we'd have known it as it was pitch black).

The next day I took a trip round the canyon in a light plane. The first 10 minutes were great, the next 40 were not. I had to use all my powers of concentration just to not be sick. Thankfully we eventually landed and after an hour or so I was fine.

the next day we all made our own way back to Vegas then on to home or continued on our holidays. We flew to San Francisco on the greatest plane ever. It was a Virgin America plane. We upgraded ourselves for $10 (it would have cost us more than that anyway because of our bags in the hold), but as we walked onto the plane we both said wow! the whole plane was kitted out with neon blue strip lights . Other highlights were the Virgin on demand touch screens which included being able to order your drinks / food (which were free due to the upgrade) via the TV. My only disappointment was that the flight was only for one hour.

Our hotel in San Francisco was great, the room was tiny but we April did amazingly and found us the only hotel with free dog and cat named Pip. Pip spent most of his time in our room. In San Fran, as I hear the locals calling it we headed into Chinatown for food, rode the cable cars, had Clam Chowder, went to a great comedy night and ventured across to Alcatraz.

After San Fran, we (I) drove to Sonoma, it was only an hour or so a trip but they'd ran out of Sat Navs so we we had a heightened level of stressful driving. This culminated in me getting pulled over by smokey the bandit when turning left at a crossroads close to our final destination.

Basically, I probably should have done a little research on driving in America before venturing out on the roads but hey, what's the worst that could happen??? I wasn't 100% sure what to do at stop signs. I assumed as long as nothing was coming you could just carry on forward. We were a little streesed i'd missed the previous turn and had to to a big U turn a few minutes back to get back on track. The car in front was turning left at the cross roads so I just followed him. Also pulling out from the left was a police patrol car!!! What are the chances eh?

Anyway, he quickly wheeled round and got me to stop. After showing my licence and apologising profusely he thankfully let us go. Thank you Jebus! He was actually an okay guy.

Eventually we arrived at our Sonoma b&b. April did well. It was great and really friendly. The town was great and as luck would have it we arrived on a locals festival right in the central plaza. The best part of this part of the trip was a bike ride round 4 of the local wineries, meeting bicycle Bob and basically relaxing in the beautiful surrounds.

Leaving was sad, but i'm glad to be home.

Is that long enough of an entry or do you want me to continue?

Thursday 3 September 2009

Vegas baby

I'm off to Vegas tomorrow so you may have to wait a while before my next exciting update.

Ta, ta!