Wednesday 20 September 2006

Bored, bored, bored, bored, bored and fucking bored 5

God i'm bored.

I don't think i've done anything remotely interesting at work for over a month. I can actually say that i've hardly done anything for the entire month that is of any importance. I've been working on something that summarises and benchmarks each syndicate's performance but am struggling to get the required input from anyone else. It's very hard to find the motivation needed to push this forward.

I need a decent hurricane to get my teeth into. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be one on the cards this year. How about a big bomb in New York? That would be interesting too...

Obviously I don't want anyone to get hurt or worse die but sadly at the moment that's the only way my job get's interesting.

There's a possibility that I get to go and work in a poor performing syndicate's exposure management team but it doesn't seem to be moving along at any pace.

Looks like i'm destined for boredom.

Tuesday 19 September 2006

Boo hoo! Stinking cold

The guy that sits opposite from me at work had a terrible cold last week, and now I think he's given it to me. The bloody git!

Now I have to go to boots to use the Stuart Clark method of beating the cold.

OD on lemsip. Usually does the trick.

Monday 18 September 2006


Sore back

I had the same thing a few months back, but it didn't last for more than a few hours, but since midday yesterday i've had a bit of a pain in my back, just below my left shoulder blade. It's pretty sore, and hurts when I breath...

If it's still sore tomorrow, I may get it checked out.

Nice quiet weekend

Stayed out after work on Friday, had quite a few beers with my mate James. Ended up getting a cab back to Putney (Lazy Sod!), £28, quite reasonable really but a waste of money. I've been getting loads of cabs recently and it's costing me a fortune. Roll on pay day, 21st.

Saturday, I had a bit of a hangover in the morning but fine after lunch. I then watched the footy all afternoon on Prem Plus, I've got to make the most of it, the season ticket cost me £60. Then I went to the shos to get some food as I was cooking for Cleo.

Cleo came over and we had a few bottles of wine and played Buzz (PS2), I beat her 3-1, ha ha!

Sunday, didn't really do much other than watch the footy again. Liverpool game wasn't good and we lost to a wonder goal, Utd game was great though. Then watched best of Top Gear, the first half of Sahara, then the League of Gentlemen Apocalypse.

Tuesday 12 September 2006


My brother's cat got into a bit of a scap last night and unfortunatley he's on holiday to France early this morning so I had to take it to the vet this morning.

I was expecting no nonsense Monkfish, but I actually got a nice South African vet.

Monday 11 September 2006

Missed it!

Although I think that was the American premier.

SC Movie Review 7

Little Miss Sunshine

An amusing story about a disfunctional family's trip to California for their daughters beauty pageant.

I really enjoyed it. I laughed out loud on a number of amusing places throughout the film.

Special guest star: Bryan Cranston (Malcolm's Dad in Malcolm in the Middle)

IMdb rating: 8.2
SC Rating: 4 potatoes!

P.S. When will the idiots that vote on IMdb stop being fuckwits? I really enjoyed it but for over 50% of people to give it 10 / 10??? Come on! They're total numbnutses. If they like it they give it 10, if they don't then 0. The world isn't binary! Spazoids! Saying that, the actual rating seems pretty accurate.

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Thursday 7 September 2006

Only fools and horses

I'm off to the Nags Head tonight. Not the one in Pecham unfortunatley, but the one in Knightsbridge. Should be good.