Monday 31 January 2011

Awesome! About time too...

Creeped out

Just had a message from someone on Facebook who likes the look of my socks on my Facebook profile picture and wants to buy a pair of my  rugby club's team socks.  Ewe!  I don't know him and he's not friends with anyone I know so it is very creepy.  On the other hand he said he'd be willing to between £20-£30 for them.  I've got a sweaty pair in my kit bag he can have...

I've reported him to Facebook, not sure what that'll do though.

Am I an idiot?

It took me a good 5 seconds to work out that this sad story wasn't about the HBO series Sopranos...

Sunday 30 January 2011

A little bit hurty

Some git racked me to pieces on Saturday.  This is the back of my leg, my stomach was stamped on and so too was my face (a little bit), bloody gits!  Isn't rugby a great game?

Cats in sinks

Not sure why but Poppet loves sitting in sinks. For some reason many cats do too. So much so there's a website dedicated to it.
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Quite the connoisseur

We were round our friend's house yesterday for choosing the wine for their wedding. I was quite impressed with my wine identifying and tasting skills. Out of the 5 we tried I successfully identified 3!
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I spotted this on a mini pub crawl round Borough Market, Brew Wharf. It'd be cheaper to employ someone full time to help wheelchair users down the stairs than to install, operate and maintain this.
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Thursday 27 January 2011

The fun we have in capital modelling

A member of our team sent this to one of our software providers.
Dear *** ********
"Hi, this is ******* from ****. I have an urgent but a simple question
regarding nested correlation matrix."
Continues for some time.
Jeez, what fun.

Sunday 23 January 2011

Morocco here I go

We've just booked a weeks all inclusive break to Morocco. Yeah, we booked the time off work weeks back but have been umming and arring on where to go, especially as we haven't received an invite to the royal wedding.

We're all inclusive again, we're not planning on doing much else than sitting in the sun and reading a few books whilst drinking cold beers, so fingers crossed that every thing's good on that front. The last place we went to was fine apart from the handful of other Brits that were there.

I've never been to Africa so I think we'll probably venture out at some point but doing nothing is very tempting too.

Only one proper continent left to visit after that, South America. Honeymoon?
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Saturday 22 January 2011

Well that was fun

Just been beaten 20-14 and I feel like it. We started off so well and scored two early tries then we got a few key injuries and it went down hill from there.

Lots of bickering and silly mistakes cost us the game. Boo.
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Friday 21 January 2011

Now I know how parents feel

One of our cats (Biscuit) was quite ill last night. The poor thing had been sick, had wet herself, wouldn’t eat her dinner and generally wasn’t happy at all.

So worried we were prepared to take her into the vets this morning. April even made her up a bed in our room with a hot water bottle so she could sleep with us during the night.
Thankfully she was fine by this morning but I was very worried for a while.
Bloody cats!

Thursday 20 January 2011

Free half day off tomorrow

Tomorrow is my company's annual lunch, it's basically a big booze up for all members or staff and it is compulsory that we all attend.

They put on a good event though, after the champaign, three course sit down meal and copious amounts of fine wine there's usually a few games to play or for one particularly brave member of staff to steal the microphone and do an impromptu medley of old stage tunes.

Of course, it's ideal preparation for Saturday's game of rugby...
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As predicted, my heels have been torn to shreds. Is it just me? I know I've got oddly shaped feet but why do I always have to beak the shoes in? Some version of a shoe must have been around thousands of years ago, you'd have thought they'd be able to develop a non-pain inducing version. I'd even pay extra.
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Best bar in the world

After we viewed the possible wedding venue last night we popped into a couple of pubs to discuss a few bits regarding the wedding. Somehow I managed to get April to join me in my favourite pub. The Crobar. To our surprise it's actually been done up a touch... and to make things even better it now sells my favourite beer. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. No more cans of red stripe for me.
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Wednesday 19 January 2011

Another viewing

We're off to Soho tonight to look around another wedding venue. The website looks very impressive and very cool. Is that me?
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2 pairs in 4 days

Just bought another pair of shoes. What am I turning into? This time they're for work but again I really do need a pair.

They are going to cripple me though. Woe is me.
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Sweaty fiver

Last night I had £5 left over from a cab ride so I decided not to put it back into my wallet but to put it with my railcard as an emergency £5 or sweaty fiver as I like to call it.  This morning when I was taking out my rail ticket I found that I actually already had a sweaty fiver in there.  God knows for how long that's been there. 

This is the best use of £1m i've ever seen

Beazley is a large Lloyd's managing agent, what a waste of money. Unless they convince loads of fencers to buy insurance with them that is.

Monday 17 January 2011


Just coming into London Bridge. I'm usually asleep. Boo! London Zoo better be good.
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Sunday 16 January 2011

Good image

I found this in my local pub a couple of weeks back. Pretty cool I'm sure you'll agree.
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Pretty cool

Whilst out shopping today we walked past this beauty. It's made out of scrap metal. £5k's a little steep though, ouch! Besides, not sure where I'd put it where April couldn't find.
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London Zoo

We're off to scout out London Zoo early tomorrow morning as a possible wedding venue. I'll see if I can get a cheeky tickle of a monkey whilst I'm there.
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The mighty 4s won yet again.

We played Weavering over in Maidstone on Saturday, beating them 28 points to nil. All tries in the backs yet again and a superb assist from me for my outside centre yet again. A lovely S2, of centre switch. Carved them right up. Ha, ha. Vigo next week. Bring it on.
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Weird dreams

I spent a lot of time with my brother over the New Year holidays and it lead to a really strange reaction. I dreamt about him for the next three nights. Weird.
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3+ years

I finally got myself a new pair of everyday trainers / shoes. My last lot were bought three and a bit years ago. The previous pair were handmedowns from my brother and the ones before that lasted over two years.

It's not that I'm cheap, it's a combination of me hating shopping and me hating shopping.
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Friday 14 January 2011

Even my work phone has java

I put in a request with IT to fix the java on my work PC about two months ago, they still haven't fixed it.  Our team needed new work phones as our network connections run through the phones then into the PC and this was causing a bottle neck in data transfer speed.  When we're loading up / saving 2gb capital models this can be a pain so we've just got ourselves an upgrade.  Great.

When the swanky new phone was loading up for the first time a java icon popped up.  Even my work phone has java!  And to top it all off my network speed has not changed.  Bloody IT!

Thursday 13 January 2011

A different world

Although I take the Mickey out of Corby a fair bit about being a crap town to grow up in (and quite rightly so), I do think we had it easy.  It's amazing how some people can get out of these terrible sink estates.

Wednesday 12 January 2011

What a great start to the year

Last week I had to stand for 3/4 journeys into work.  This week my train was 20 mins late on Monday and 1h and 20 mins late today.  What a total heap of crap.  11-12% increase in fairs.  A complete joke.

Southeastern Rail should be ashamed.

4th best for GCSEs

Secondary school league tables are out and my old one was 4th best in the county for GCSEs and 8th best for A/AS level.

Not a bad school

Tuesday 11 January 2011

Just quoted Max Powers in a meeting

I was discussing one of our new IT systems and used this doosey.

"There's the right way, the wrong way and the Max Powers way"
"Isn't that the wrong way?"
"Yes, but faster!"

Thank you Homer Simpson.

Monday 10 January 2011

Sunday 9 January 2011

Decent option

We had a look round the Hotel Du Vin in Tunbridge Wells this afternoon, it's on our shortlist of places to have our wedding.

We were very impressed. We'd been there before for a drink but not really had a look around. It was lovely and the whole outfit looked very professional. It would probably be the easiest least hassle venue too so certainly to there.

We're going to see a few more places this week and come to a final decision soon.

Tower Bridge
London Zoo
And somewhere in soho are the other venues on our shortlist

My current favourite is London Zoo as I want to get married by a monkey vicar.
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Is it worth it?

I had my first game in 10 weeks and I'm certainly paying for it now. Every muscle, bone and piece of skin on my body is hurting. Ouch.

To top it all off, the most painful part of me (some ribs in my back) don't even show signs of impact.

At least we won. 34-19. Not bad at all. 5/6 tries by us were scored by wingers, the other was by my outside centre. I was captain too which was nice, although I lost the toss which was the first of the season.  Oops!

We're playing the bottom side on the league next week. I might even score...
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Making shopping fun

We've signed up to use the Waitrose shopping scanners here in Tonbridge. You basically bleep each item with the infrared gun then pay once you've finished. It can be quite fun but the best bit is the game I play at the beginning.

The game starts when April swipe her card through the reader, the object of the game is to pick the scanner that lights up first.

I'm currently winning 10-0.
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Friday 7 January 2011

More idiots...

The third story today about idiots

Performance enhancing holographic wrist bands.  Jeez!  What will they think of / believe in next?  Dear oh dear.

As a side note I didn't think Dylan was a lecturer at Cork University.

Some of these are funny

1. I literally collapsed and died, there and then on the tarmac, age 47.

3. I expected to be killed.

5. To this day we're tempted to think it was an angel.

6. They were two angels on an island. We were glad we got lost and met them.

10. Incidentally, the field I had fetched up in had contained sheep and I was well-covered in sheep manure.

I'm going to die on Saturday

My first game of rugby in 10th weeks tomorrow and I'm going to die. I've missed one game due to an injury, one for a holiday, the rest have been due to the bloody weather (and Christmas / new year). If I don't die tomorrow i'll certainly need a skin graft towards the end of the season. With all the games we've missed the season will be extended meaning playing on rock hard pitches. Oh the joy...
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Grow up

There's a woman that gets on my train each day that has started wearing new head gear. It's one of those hats worn by children with the little ears on top. Firstly, it's not that cold, secondly you're not a child! Idiot!

Animal styled hot water bottles on the other hand are fine though...
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Thursday 6 January 2011


My battle with the office vending machine took a slight upturn today.  I received an extra 10p in change when buying some Minstrels.  Still 50p down.

The culprit bag of Quavers is still there.  Is the risk of losing another 60p too much a risk in order to get two???

Why do I support Liverpool?

Can’t see many reasons at the moment. With two of the best players in the world (Torres and Gerrard) we are 19 points off the top, but more worryingly only 4 from the relegation zone!

Having played rugby all my live I was never brought up with it and none of my family are from near there it does seem a little odd. The only reason I support Liverpool is because a guy that used to live opposite me when I was about 6 or 7 told me too.

The last couple of seasons have been terrible, although we have won a few trophies in ‘recent’ years Benitez was a dick towards the end of his tenure, poor old Hodgson has inherited a team severely lacking in motivation. I know we’re a way off challenging for the league these days but with the way the ‘top 4’ have been slipping up a club our size should be there or there abouts.

Sadly I think it’s time for Hodgson to go, I was never sure of the long term future of him anyway as he’s 63, but I thought he’d at least steady the ship. He’s not done that, we’re sinking. And need a change soon.

At least I don’t support West Ham…

Wednesday 5 January 2011

My bonus going down the drain

Our brand team have given us all glass bottles. Why? Idiots.
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Getting every last drop

Getting every last drop of beer out of the half pin I bought for New Years.
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Jebus telling me to go on a diet

I've just tried to get a packet of Quavers from my company's vending machine.  The machine didn't revolve the corkscrew enough so some lucky git is going to get two bags.  Doh!

Is this an actual charge?

Poisoning with the intent to annoy.

Monday 3 January 2011

Using every available space

Luckily our little car has a few built in surprises when it comes to storage. With all the food, clothes and booze for our new years trip to the forest of Dean, we even had to use the lettuce compartment.
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