Tuesday 25 June 2019

BBQ on Sunday

It was fairly hot on Sunday so we decided to invite people over and have a bbq.  Unfortunately I ran out of gas 5 minutes in!  Luckily i'd pre-cooked most of it in the oven anyway so it wasn't to big of a problem.

Florence decided to pour her washing up liquid all over Daddy's crotch.

Stand off


More fire

First holiday of the year

Our childminder took a weeks holiday last week so we used the opportunity to take some time off work too.  We drove to sunny Whitstable.  Here are some photos.

Fancy lunch at the Sportsman

A piece of art

Bike ride to Herne Bay


Miniature animals

Friday 14 June 2019

4 months in

I've now done 4 months out of a 6 month contract.  2 and a half months left to bill.  Will they renew?  I'd like to think so but you never know, they're definitely looking for a permanent so that may hold me back a little but we shall have to wait and see.  There's actually 2 roles up for grabs in the team, they're now also looking for a data scientist.

It's been good.  Lot's of new stuff to learn and for the most part it's been fairly straight forward.  I'm enjoying contracting, lots of pay, with none of the politics.  I've generally been able to leave on time every night and work from home when needed which has been refreshing too.

5 years

Yesterday was the 5 year anniversary of moving into our 'new house'.

Apart from the silly amount it costs to run (gas / utilities), it's been a great house.  There's still plenty we want to do with it but we'll get there eventually.

  • New front drive
  • New doors throughout
  • Refurbish back windows
  • New kitchen
  • Make permanent the conservatory
  • Line and paint the hallway
  • Replace the top front windows
  • Redecorate the top 3 rooms and toilet
  • Replace a window in the utility room

Monday 10 June 2019

Josie enjoying her Sunday

I think she enjoys her new house.

If only she can get back in the catflap after going outside.

Thursday 6 June 2019

We won the leauge

My rugby team, Tonbridge Juddians 3rds won the league this year.  We won all our games except for 2 where we had to pull out due to player shortages.  The opposition wouldn't reschedule so they count as losses.  A special note must go out to me of actually scoring this year.


Here's a photo of 3 of us at Kent rugby's prize giving ceremony.  Will I play again next season?  Not sure yet.


Some of you might not be aware, that I went to Madrid at the weekend to watch the Champions League Final between Tottenham and Liverpool.  We didn't manage to get tickets in the end but had a good time getting there. 

The route Tonbridge->Gatwick->Malaga->Madrid->Malaga->Gatwick->Redhill->Tonbridge

3:40am waiting for my taxi to the airport

Our transport / bed for the night.

It even had a shower

2 double bed bunks

En route 400km

Spurs fan zone

Our first of many beers

Our venue for the game

Champions! James supports Tottenham

Moon Base Alpha, where we parked for the night

The victory parade via an Irish pub in Malaga