Thursday 30 December 2010

Please don't show this in the UK

An advertisement used to promote the show reportedly depicts a body
covered by a sheet with one hand wearing the singer's trademark
sequined glove visible.

I'm not sure how anyone can justify watching this anyway but the risk
to the discovery channel brand is huge. There's no way they should
show it.

Should I sit on my ass more?

As you may know I have various spreadsheets, each monitor various parts of my life or ‘interesting’ things that I observe. Two of which are my weight and the amount of exercise that I do.

Being relatively short (still taller than April), and having masses of muscle I have a high body mass index (bmi weight in kgs / height in m squared), I would like to get this under 30 i.e. not obese!!! Since I’ve been tracking my weight I have never had a bmi of less than 30. My best is shortly after a nice bout of food poisoning when I was 88.8kg, a bmi of 30.02. Anyway, it is a goal of mine to get under that level and keep it that way.

To reduce my weight I try to exercise, I’m not tremendously motivated and extremely weak when there is a more fun option available, i.e. pub. By keeping track of both weight and exercise I can easily see if my weight is going up too much or if I’m not exercising enough. I have now combined the two and the results are quite interesting.

My weight actually goes when I exercise (I must be buffing up). Doh! If I correlate the data (going back to January 2009 (when I bought the scales)), I have a positive correlation of 0.10. If I do the same on a monthly basis (count the times I exercise and average my weight) it is even stronger, 0.39.

Should I stop exercising? Should sit on my ass more?


I should probably exercise more, drink less beer, eat less / more healthily.  How very boring.

P.S. This analyis is not scientific


I managed to renew my annual season ticket yesterday on the way home from work.  This is pretty good as i've saved the best part of £400 as the ticket price goes up a day later to £3406.  Bastards!  The whole process did amuse me though.  When the figure of £3046 popped up on the till I sarcastically said "what a bargain", the cockney (Kent) git behind the counter actually laughed.  The cheek of the man.  It did amuse me though.

Wednesday 29 December 2010

Lazy girl

If it wasn't tor the fact that she was super greedy and always wanting food she'd live on here.
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It's a little foggy out there.

The view from my street and of the river Thames from London Bridge.
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And now this starts

7 hours to go and now some sort of alarm has started up in the office.  Neenoor, neenorr, neenorr, neenorr, neenorr, neenorr, neenorr, neenorr, neenorr, neenorr, neenorr, neenorr, neenorr, neenorr, neenorr, neenorr, neenorr, neenorr, neenorr, neenorr, neenorr, neenorr, neenorr, neenorr, neenorr, neenorr, neenorr, neenorr, neenorr, neenorr, neenorr, neenorr, neenorr, neenorr, neenorr, neenorr.

I think it'll drive me insane.

The coldest December on record...

...or at least my records (since 2004).
The average maximum London temperature in December was 2.65 degrees
Celcius the previous low was 6.35. If we look at the average lowest
temperature during December we get -1.03, the next lowest low is a
balmy 2.71 in 2009.
I've also got some historic data going back to 1959. The coldest max
in this period was indeed 2010, however the coldest average min was
back in 1981 -0.6.
I'm the only member of my team in today / tomorrow so expect more of
the same as i've only been in for 30 minutes and am already bored.

Tuesday 28 December 2010


I was toying with the idea of not shaving for work tomorrow seeing as i'll be the only one that's in from my team. I've not shaved since last Thursday morning which isn't unusual but if I continued to not shave till the 4th till the next time I need to go in it would be a record since I started shaving.

Needless to say i'm a wimp so shaved this evening. I reckon I could have had a full Brian Blessed by new years if I'd have kept it up. Wimp.
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Monday 27 December 2010

Pretty sure they have maps in Morocco

Not that that would help, but i'm sure he could have bought a map at a petrol station.


Friday 24 December 2010

Bath time

Biscuit keeping an eye on things whilst I'm having a bath.
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Thursday 23 December 2010


We went to see the Hoff in panto over in Wimbledon on Tuesday. We've both got pretty bad colds (some worse than others) so considered not going but glad we did in the end.

It was pretty funny and everyone joined in. We also stayed over in a swanky Victoria hotel which was nice too.
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Open meat cellar

During a Christmas pub crawl yesterday I spotted this really cool butchers. I dread to think the price of a sausage in there. I'm sure it's worth it though. In the process I took the guys to 4 pubs they'd never been to before. We only got covered in glass once.
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Butt warming

The bloody cats know where to sit. Soaking up all my expensive heat. Doh!
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So clean you could eat your dinner off it

Or at least cook in it. April made me promise to clean the oven before new year so I paid a nice man £45 to do it for me. Spotless!
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We have lift off

April successfully managed to get the car off the drive today so everything is good for driving down (up) tomorrow for Christmas drinks and family seeing. The snow that we were threatened with never materialised so we needn't have bothered anyway.

On another note I picked up the 20 pint barrel of ipa for new years in the Forest of Dean successfully. £25.50, not bad really.
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Hurry up time

1h40mins before 5days holiday.  Hurry up damn you!  I'm in for 2 days next week then another 4 days holiday.

Wednesday 22 December 2010

New spreadsheet

Not being one to rest on my laurels (not even sure what they are) I
have created yet another new spreadsheet, this one tracks the places
that I boycott. I've mentioned on here before about companies that
annoy me get a punishment of me not using their services for a set
period of time. Well, I now track them.

I think it's fair enough, if somewhere I go regularly for tea forgets
to put milk in my tea then they get a punishment of a weeks non use.
The only reason I go there is because out of the two nearby they add
the milk for you, it's about 10p more expensive but I feel this
service (me being lazy) is worth it. If they don't do it they get a
punishment. Anyway this punishment equates to about £6.50 in lost
revenue for the company.

By keeping track of these simple mistakes and minor / major annoyances
I can directly affect where I spend my 'hard' earned cash. I also have
a three strike rule which means I won't use them again in a year. The
spreadsheet will help to keep track of any accounting discrepancies.
"Did the barman not serve me when it was my turn twice or three
times", I will now know the answer.

Companies of the world be warned.

Tuesday 21 December 2010

Christmas Inflation

I've so far spent 36% more on Christmas presents this year. When will it stop?

What are the chances?

I was listening to my favourite podcast on the way to work this
morning and they happened to have a conversation about their favourite
beers. The main host Stu by sheer chance has the same favourite beer
as me! Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Mmm. They are American so I guess
more likey to choose a beer from there but it's quite a long shot.
One of the other hosts perfers Boddingtons... Go figure (as the guys
in the states say).

Sunday 19 December 2010

Snowed in again

I've got tomorrow off though which is a pain.  There's no way I can get the car off so will have to get the train to Sevenoaks and pick up our turkey.  The weather's not good over the next few days either so i'll have to clear the drive tomorrow so there's a chance I can drive home.  That would be annoying.

Friday 17 December 2010

Failed my exam boo

I failed my Aviation and Space exam. Boo! Not by much, but still a
fail. It's not the end of the world but it has annoyed me. I'll have
to consider if I want to continue. I think i'd certainly have to put
in some of my own time in order to be confident of a pass and I really
don't want to do be doing that.

Other reasons for failing...

1) Ages since I did a written exam (nearly 10 years)
2) I booked the exam late so didn't have time for the material to sink in
3) My handwriting is unreadable
4) Didn't study enough (recommended 100 hours, I did around 30, the
previous ones recommended 50 and I did about 25 but passed easily)
5) I'm lazy
6) I'm a dumb ass

It's probably a combination of the above.

Thursday 16 December 2010

Team Christmas Curry today

Should be good as you can't beat a curry but it won't be a boozy one
and I bet we're back at our desks by 2:30. Boo! Sometimes I wish I
was still working for a broker... Hang on a minute. No I don't, I
hated that job!

I really should stop buying myself presents

Yet again I managed to buy myself a Christmas present that April had
already got me / thought about getting me. I was in HMV yesterday to
buy a couple of last minute bits for people and spotted The Pacific on
Blu-ray had recently been released. I don't have sky movies so
couldn't watch it when it was originally shown. Anyway, I showed
April what i'd bought and she's told me to take it back. Doh!
Previous things i've bought that April had already got for me /
thought about getting me include a scarf and a watch.

I might buy myself a Porsche. You never know...

Tuesday 14 December 2010

Did you know?

Did you know?

The Chilean earthquake is likely to have moved the Earth's axis by 2.7
milliarcseconds - about 8 centimetres - and shorted the day by about
1.26 microseconds.

Richard Gross, NASA geophysicist

14th worst in the county

My old junior school has the 14th lowest reading and math scores in the county.  Hardly surprising.

It's out of 202 although 47 of them boycotted the testing.

Gauchos tonight

We're of to another Gauchos tonight, this one's in Farringdon next to Smithfield Market.  Should be great.  Last time I went to one I covered my shirt in molten chorizo fat.  Guess what colour shirt i'm wearing today.  White.  Sorry April.  Or maybe we can get Anne-Marie to clean it...

Book tickets if you can

I'm off to see Doug Stanhope next year.  Just booked tickets for his 2nd April gig at the Hammersmith Apollo.  I've seen him about 3/4 times before with my brother but it's always been at a much smaller venue.  Let's see how he deals with thousands.  I think he's on a UK tour around that time so make sure you book tickets where ever you are.  You won't be disappointed, unless your idea of good comedy is Michael Mcintyre... sorry April.

Saturday 11 December 2010


This is our modified Valentine Warner fried chicken recipe (Stuart April Fried Chicken),

We do pretty much the same recipe but have upped the herb quantities and added seseme seeds and chilli flakes.  Yum, yum!

Lazy girl

Nice and warm on here, she's not roaring it was more of a poorly timed yawn.

Friday 10 December 2010


Just received my Vodafone bill.  £85!!!  Ouch, £40 was for data when I was over in Tenerife.   I switched my phone off roaming and I hardly used any data. Thieving bastards. 

The office party

Christmas party
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That's the decorations done...

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Thursday 9 December 2010

Canteen crisps up 10p

20% increase.  What is the world coming to?  Next thing they'll be doing is making students pay for their education

Saturday 4 December 2010

Elvis and a Chinese

A perfect combination. In case you're wondering, I was trying to sing a low note. We ended up leaving at around 11:30, by that time a few lady were getting very amorous towards him. Let's hope he made it out alive.
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Friday 3 December 2010

Dog tired

Poor tired cat, must be hard doing nothing all day.
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Ice, ice baby

The view from the study.
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Thursday 2 December 2010

Snow woman

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More snow last night
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Wednesday 1 December 2010

Ration shopping

Trip to the shops to pick up food and to buy today paper to prove to the guys at work that it snowed today.
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Look at the delightful snow

Working from home yesterday / today
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