Thursday 31 March 2022

Pizza express for lunch

 Flo was very pleased with herself and surprisingly well behaved.

I now have a catch up at 3pm

 I will then be logging off.  Laptop's getting picked up tomorrow.

Flo's off on holiday now

 Next week she's off to a holiday club, the week after she's off to a forest school in the mornings.  I need to find things for us to do in the afternoons.  Arthur is staying at the nursery.  

Last day at work today

 And radio silence.  Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.  I've enjoyed my 9 months here.  It's a nice company with nice people. Plus the work hasn't been too taxing either which is good.  I've then got a couple of weeks off before starting the next one (still waiting on the contract mind...).

30% pay rise too which is nice.  Yes, you're all correct.  I do get paid far too much money!

Wednesday 30 March 2022

House update

New Quooker tap

Posters up

Well done FLo

Flo got Star of the Week yesterday!  Good girl.


First pool night was good fun


The results!  I came last but Wayne got to the final without potting a single black.  I did 2, unfortunately one was a foul and Wayne won.

Stuart lining up for another miss

Wayne was 7 balled in his first outing.  Luckily we didn't make him strip naked and run round the pub

Final shot


Tuesday 29 March 2022

Flo's first school concert

We went to Flo's first concert at the new school yesterday afternoon.  Flo's in the nursery at the moment but next year will be in pre-school, some of the older kids at the back were very impressive.  Not sure what I think about her having to wear a tie at that age.  At least she doesn't have to wear a beret like the other school we looked at!

Sunday 27 March 2022



 Flo playing in the box from my new lawn mower. Best with sound.

I've seen it all

An actuary in a computer game. 

I knew it wouldn't take long

Accidentally put sparkling water on the pasta rather than boiling. It makes the same sound. Doh! Flo didn't seem to notice.

A bit late for Arthur

We were round done friend's last night and fit back an hour after Arthur's usual bed time.

Lambing in Hadlow

Lots of lovely lambs. Delicious!
Mummy forced to go on area cup ride
The lambing box! Flo had to put her arm up to her elbow in this lambing simulator. Nice!
Tractor ride

Best of friends

Our friends Jono and Laura were in London in Friday so asked us if we could walk their dog in the afternoon.
Friends, sort of

Thursday 24 March 2022

Parents meeting

Had our first parents drinks earlier. 2 mins from our house at Verdigris which was handy. I'm not good with meeting be people but the event went well. Met some nice people at Florence's new school.

First attempt at coffee

My cock and balls attempt needs work.

Cold this morning

Bit chilly this morning dropping off Flo at school in shorts and Birkenstocks but soon earned up for this morning's dog walk. Glorious! Long may it last.

I've forgotten I've already played this game

Not much to do at work till my contract ends at the end of the month so downloaded Mass Effect Andromeda. Turns out I've already played it on the play station. I enjoyed it for the few hours I played but prefer to use a mouse and keyboard for an fps. Cost less than a fiver so not bad really.

Quooker installed

The new Quooker, boiling water, chilled filtered and sparkling all from the same tap.

Commuting in style

Our local Victorian Tom Carrardine on his way to work...

Latest purchase

A dice stand

Tuesday 22 March 2022

Contract shenanigans

 My current contract was due to expire at the end of the month so was interviewing for the next.  My current place had verbally offered a 3 month extension but i'd rather the extra security of 6 which is standard.  They weren't able to offer the 6 as they were in the process to recruit the two roles I was covering for.

Anyway, I'd had a second interview at another managing agent doing a similar role (this would have been for 3 months, as they were recruiting too).  I also had a first interview with another managing agent but this time it would have been a 6 month role.  

I agreed to take on the 6 month role and my recruiter managed to get me an additional 30%!  I wanted more as i'm effected by the IR35 rules which really impact the amount of tax I pay but I didn't think I could get that much having not passed any exams.

Anyway, I told my current company this and they were able to match it after all (money and duration) so I was going to stay, just waiting on the contract to get signed off by HR.  Then one morning last week my boss called up to apologise that they withdrew the offer as they were able to get someone in with a much lower notice period than expected and couldn't afford to pay for us both.

I was due to call the new recruiter an hour later and tell him I wouldn't have been able to join the new place.  FFS!  I know it's just business but that could have really hurt financially.  I'm sure I could have got a new role in a month or two but I would have lost out on a lot.  Anyway, this is the shit contractors have to deal with I guess.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No. It's a paraglider

We spotted this on the way home from school yesterday.  Flo'd never seen one before so had to explain what it was.


Monday 21 March 2022

Coffee tuition

 April's main present from me was this Sage bean to cup machine.  On Saturday she had an hours tuition from a local award winning barista.   

With help from David

April's first attempt without David

Birthday party

 Flo and Arthur went to a friend's birthday party on Saturday afternoon, both had a great time.  I asked Flo what the her favourite part was and she said the food.

Wednesday 16 March 2022

Wine tour of Kent

 April turned 40 last Wednesday and decided to treat the Tonbridge lot to a day of wine tasting around some of Kent's wineries.  

Wine flight

Final winery, a little lively



2nd winery with it's own spaniel

Pub lunch

I'll have a glass of Badassiere please?

The Tonbridge Massive


Happy birthday


What a day

The birthday girl and me